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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Staying Cool, Sibe Style

Woo, everypuppy, it's me - Dave! You know, us Sibes are really good at staying cool. We in the Ao4 have been spending most of our time in the air conditioned house, getting our exercise in the wee hours of the morning. I like to lay on the AC vents to stay cool, Zim likes the downstairs tub, Amber likes the cool tile floor in the Library and having ice cubes, and Storm likes Dad's office downstairs or the tile floor in the kitchen.

We were talking about how our fellow Sibes manage to stay cool - and my thoughts turned to one of the coolest Siberians we know - Frankie of Southern California. Frankie posted some "old" pictures the other day on her blog - and the first one reminded me of a picture she sent me a couple years ago. It is the quintessential cool Sibe picture! (Yes, Stormy taught me the word "quintessential"!) It's Haik-Woo #14:

Dave's haik-woo 14

She is sooooooo cool!



  1. Dave - do you know that was one of my favourite Haik-Woos of all your Haik-Woos I think! I just adore the picture of Frankie there. I remember it well.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

    ps it is quite cool here, although we have sun.....

  2. Frankie is one of the most be-wootiful Sibes I've every seen! I admit to having a sibercrush on her!

  3. Frankie looks totally cool! I wish I had a giant pool like that!!


  4. Whoa! She's bewooooootiful! I think I might like to meet her. Do you suppose there's room for me on her float?

  5. I so need a bigger pool and a good Sibe-tini! It's too hot to do anything here!

  6. What a lucky and cool sibe! I'm gonna have to get myself a pool...

  7. We remember that photo too! Dad says he even has it among the Patriotic AO4 pictures in his cube at work! He esp likes Zim with his Camo cover on!

    Stay cool like Frankie!

    Rocky and Mati

  8. that is our fav Haik-woo too. And Frankie grrl is so pretty with her Sibe-tini. We think she & Shiloh are related, cuz they look so much alike. He loves his ice cubes too. Maybe he'd like a Sibe-tini?

  9. That looks so refreshing! I need a pool with a raft and a nice cold drink too!


  10. Cannonball time! I think Frankie needs to get a little wet. :) She sure looks comfy and cool. I'd love to join her.

  11. Marvin: Mine, too! I love this picture - Frankie is so sophisticated!

    Tubey: Isn't she soooo bee-woo-tiful!!!

    Kat: She can float on her raft and not get her feety-feet wet! That's the best part!

    Echo: Isn't she though? Sigh....

    Kaos: I think she's got lots of ice cubes in her Sibe-tini. Doesn't that sound GREAT?!?!?

    Louka: Isn't she totally COOL!?!? Zim said when he gets an ocean for us to have here, we could use a raft like that!

    Rocky & Mati: Isn't it a GREAT picture!?! Frankie is so photogenic!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I'll bet Shiloh would LOVE a Sibe-tini! They're loaded with ice!

    Holly: If I could float around like that without getting my feety-feet wet, I think I'd like it! maybe. If my mom was with me.

    Amici: Woo! You sound like Zimmie! :)


  12. Aaaaahhhhhhh...I feel cooler just looking at that picture.

    Nice Haik-Woo Dave.


  13. Hey Pupper-roooos,

    Thank you for all the nice things you said.....Can you all come over for a round of Sibetini's today?
    I can start pouring as soon as I get the go from you all!
    Can you imagine all us doggies floaten' around in the pool with some declicious libation! Now THAT would be a picture worth a Million! And I can even serve up some little snacks poolside.
    See you there!
    Frankie Girl

  14. That is so what I would love to be doing right now!

    -Kelsey Ann

  15. that is one great haikwoo, you are so talented. If I had a cool raft I MIGHT go in a pool, but I doubt it.

  16. Anonymous2:40 PM

    This is a great photo of Frankie and an awesome haik-woo!!!

  17. Sherman: Thank woo. Frankie is one COOL Sibe; you can't help but feel cooler looking at her!

    Frankie: Did you say "snacks"!?!? I'll be right over! Wonder how long it will take me to run to California!?!

    Kelsey Ann: It looks VERY relaxing, doesn't it?

    Joe: If I could do it without getting my feety-feel wet, I might give it a go. If my mom was right beside me. Maybe.

    Sitka: Thank woo! Isn't Frankie the coooooooolest?!?!?