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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Somebunny's in the Garden Again!

Woo, everypuppy! It's me, Davy! I was out helping Mom in the garden the other day, checking things out, watering, stuff like that. Here I am down at the bottom of the yard, inspecting the Crape Myrtle. You can see the pretty white blooms on the Rose of Sharon, or Althea, too. (Speaking of whom... does anypup know how Althea is doing?)

Then we went over to the south side of the yard. Mom tried to get me to pose on the retaining wall, but something caught my eye over underneath the Smoke Tree! I knew right away ... there was somebunny hiding in there!

I couldn't pose, I could only stare into the tree. Then I just couldn't take it anymore; I launched into action!

Come on out! I know you're in there!

Sadly, by the time I ran in there, he was gone. I followed his scent along the path up to the top of the yard.

I got to pick out those pavers, if anypuppy is wondering. As Guide Dog for the Color Blind, I'm not limited to the Quilt Studio!

I tracked him from there ... into the Red Prince Weigela.

Come out of there, you ... you ... you BUNNY, you!

Where'd he go?

Was somepuppy looking for me?

That bun-bun's got some nerve coming in here! I stared at him and he ran through the fence into the neighbor's yard. I sure showed HIM who's in charge around here!

You know what I thought about then! Zimmie's bean stalks! Woo, I had to go make sure they were OK!!!

Whew! They're OK!

Fortunately, they looked fine. Mom said she had just doused them with more Bunny-Be-Gone a few days ago. I made sure to tell Zim. He really worries about having an escape route for when we go after the Giant!

Somebunny better stay OUT of our yard!



  1. You guys have the most beautiful yard! Does your mom ever sleep?

    Love ya lots,

  2. Dave - you'll NEVER guess who my Mom saw on our front sidewalk! A BUNNY! She thought of you right away. We think he's living in our bushes. She's wondering what he's gonna eat out there and she's hoping it's not her flowers.

  3. Oh Dave, you did a great job tracking that bunny and chasing him away from your yard! Too bad you couldn't have him for a snack!


  4. Your mom sure does have a green thumb. We're glad all the flowers & beans are okay. What are those bunnies thinkin???? Too bad he got away from you. But you showed him!

  5. you need to buy some bunny cook books and place them strategically throughout the yard!!! maybe THEN it will get the hint!!!

    your yard looks so nice!

  6. Can your Mom come garden at our house? The items that the bunnies missed on our salad bar look like an ad for what not to do.


  7. Super yard Dave! Dad says he has seen the yard on his visit and he wants my yard (the yard belongs to Mati and I of course) to look like yours! Hmmm, we'll have to work on that.

    Your good at finding those Bunnies. I think we need help. I've lost Ducky. Maybe you can help? Let me know!

    Sorry we missed your blog from yesterday and Bart the Bat. We love Bats here. We could feed an Army of them (sorry, no pun intended). Can you ask Bart to send some relatives to the Washington DC area?

    Thanks and Take Care!

    Love Rocky

  8. Goo job helping your mom. I love when we have visitors.


  9. You've got such a cool yard. I wish I had a cool yard. We don't even have a real yard. Then maybe I could also lure unsuspecting bunnies into my yard to hunt them. I once caught a bunny in the country, but I didn't eat it because I find that bunny tastes yucky. Even when Mommy gives me bunny leftovers from her plate. Eeeeew. So maybe it's a good thing you didn't catch it.

    By the way, you're a really good seeing eye dog for the colour-blind! I always love your choices!

  10. Oh... so the bunny went away already? Did the bunny say hi to you??

    ~ Girl girl

  11. Cute little bunny, too bad the bunny is trespassing. :) I'm glad you just scared him off (my Mom likes bunnies). Good luck guarding your yard and keeping it safe. :)

  12. We see youve been busy again entertaining another of your yard guests! Its no wonder - that little bunny probably thought he was in heaven in such a beautiful garden! Mum updated our blog last weekend and we lost our trooper patch but never fear mum found the email from you guys and has finally sorted it all out. We are seriously thinking about getting her a "Blogging for Idiots/Dummies" book.
    jazz and dixie

  13. Hey Davey,

    we have bunnies too!!! I can't believe they dare come in dog yards. what are they thinking? Oh, wait, maybe they just have really little brains....

    See ya

    p.s. Hamish sends sloppy licks to Amber--what do you think about those silly red dogs....?

  14. The other day, we saw a bunny on our morning walk. Kat and I tried to get it, but Dad is a big anchor. Ulee was just prancing around. She wasn't paying attention and just likes to be outside walking.


  15. Maggie: You are so sweet! Thank woo! Mom says if she could train the bunnies to eat the weeds instead of her plants she could get a little more sleep.

    Echo: Really!?!? Wow! Those guys are everywhere! If it starts eating anything, remember the Liquid Fence!

    Holly: For some reason, Mom didn't WANT me to snack on him. I don't quite get that!

    Guinness & Shiloh: That bunny WASN'T thinking! Woo.

    Joe Stains: GREAT IDEA! You're very smart. Does that Ina Garten-davida baby lady on TV have bunny recipes in her books? I like her.
    And my mom says "thank you".

    T & E: My mom can't come but we can send the BUNNIES!!!

    Rocky: Thank woo! Your dad is such a nice guy. I gave him hugs while he was here; I hope that's OK.
    Mom says she wants to hang onto our bats, but she'd be happy to send you our bunnies!

    Canyon: I love to be wherever my mom is.

    Louka: Thank roo for your compliments! I work VERY hard as my mom's GDFTCB. It's nice to have my choices appreciated!

    GG: Yes, the bunny went off to eat our neighbor's plants. I think I showed HIM who rules around here!

    Amici: My mom doesn't like that the bunnies are eating everything, but still thinks they're "cute" and doesn't want us to hurt them. Same with Stormy. Go figure.

    Jazz & Dixie: You are SO sweet! Your compliments on the yard/gardens made my mom feel really good. Woo.
    I'm glad you got your Trooper patch back! If you find your mom a copy of "Blogging for Idiots/Dummies", mine could probably use a copy, too. :)

    Pippin: We keep staring at them, telling them to go away! but they don't listen! Are sheep this hard to manage?
    Those red heads. You've got to love them, don't you? Woo. Ammy blushed when I delivered Hamish's message and kept saying "oooh, he's so handsome." Kids.


  16. Steve: You guys are the BEST for fostering Ulee. She is really pretty. Is she fun to play with - or isn't she comfy enough to play yet?


  17. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Good Job Dave! I am glad you got that bunny out of your yard. I am also glad that you checked on Zimmie's bean stalks ;)

  18. Sitka: Stormy, Am, Zim and I take good care of each other; checking Zim's beanstalks is part of it! Woo.

  19. I go crazy when I see a bunny! We haven't seen one this year, lucky for mom!

  20. Hey Dave,
    Maggie is right your yard is very
    And you sure showed the bunny
    who is the boss.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  21. Cubby: They're all OVER the place here. Maybe yours moved up here?

    Texas: Thank woo for the compliments on the gardens! And yeah! I stared right AT that bunny and told him to LEAVE OUR YARD! I showed HIM who's boss!