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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Woo, it's me - Dave! One of Mom's quilting buddies sent her this puzzle because it reminded her of ME, her favorite Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Pour yourself a Sibe-Tini, click on the puzzle, then kick back and see how fast you can solve this!

Click to Mix and Solve

Have fun, everypuppy!



  1. Dave,
    That is a beautfiul doggies Puzzle.
    And the nose is so so black! Mine was black when I was a puppers, not any longer. I invited every puppy to come over on my comment in the Sibetini post.
    Can you guys come today? Or the weekend maybe?
    Frankie Girl

  2. Hi Army of Four! Thanks for visiting my blog! Marvin & I are look alikes...except he's a boy & I'm a girl! You guys need to stay cool in this crazy heat! I wish it was winter!
    Love & Licks,

  3. What a fun puzzle! I wish I was whereever that dog in the puzzle is at. Did you see all that snow? I bet it would feel so great!!


  4. Haroo, Dave! you are much more handsome that the puzzle puppy. Do you help mom make her handbags too?

  5. That was very cool! What a beautiful picture! I think you are WAY cuter though. That doggie lacks your cute freckles!


  6. That was fun! He is a handsome Husky, but he has no freckles.

  7. Woo-hoo! I loved solving that puzzle!! It took me a while b/c my paws are too big for this mouse, but I finally did it! How cool!


  8. Thanks Dave! Is that dog is wearing colored contak lenses? ::sadly shakes head:: We had some rain. I hope it comes your way!

  9. Fun puzzle Dave. Thanks for sharing. Hope you'all are keeping cool!
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. We love puzzles but we're so slow! It took us 6 minutes and 33 seconds but we had fun! Thank you!

    Love ya lots,

  11. That was awesome...what a brain teaser!!!!

    -Kelsey Ann

  12. What a puzzle! I had Dad help me, but the nails on my paws are too large and the mouse buttons don't work well for me which is why its so hard for me to blog. It's very snazzy though!

    Dad said we would have to go back to regular puzzles! I helped Dad put together a 1000 piece Cape Cod Massachusetts puzzle! I helped with every piece! -Rocky

  13. Hi Guys,
    Mum and Dad were away this week down south and left us at the pet hotel so we couldn't blog. Anyway as soon as we got back we jumped on the computer and checked out the posts we missed. The puzzle was definately cool - wonder if we could do it with our own pics? We also really liked the lovely picture of "The Redheads". The out takes told us a lot too. Luckily for digital photos hey - mum often finds it hard to take good pics of us as we move around alot. She was very happy of that one of us in the park though.
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. That is such a fun puzzle.. But my little paws are pretty slow at solving it. :(

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Woooo is that puzzle hard to do without thumbs! Next time, I'll let mom try! Thanks for posting it!


  16. Frnakie: I have a snow nose now. I can't remember if I ever had a solid black nose! Me and Zimmie are getting our canteens ready and some snacks gathered, then we're going to walk to California! How long do you think it will take us?

    Randi: Our mom had a friend in high school named Randi! She was fun and silly - are you fun and silly?
    I am ready for Winter, too!!!

    Steve: Amber always knows when it's going to snow. I asked her if we could have some this weekend and she just shook her head and giggled at me. Does Kat ever do that to you?

    Guinness & Shiloh: Thank woo! :) Oh... I do help choose the fabrics for the handbags - unless she's making them for the Bernina Shoppe. I don't go in there with her, but the Labs who work there help her. We'll have to post some handbag pix soon!

    Holly: Thank woo for saying I'm way cuter. I think that guy's pretty handsome, though - he's a MODEL!

    Magnum: We should make our own freckle-nosed Sibe puzzle! Woo!

    Marley: I had my mom do the mouse and I told her where to put the pieces! She's better with mice than I am. Unless it's the OTHER kind of mice! Woo.

    Tucker: Still no rain here! Places all around us got pounded, but we got none. We NEED it badly!

    Maya Marie: We're sure spending lots of time in the house! The Quilt Studio and the rooms downstairs are the coolest, so we go down there whenever we have the chance!

    Maggie: Puzzles are fun, aren't they!?!?

    Kelsey: Glad you had fun!

    Rocky: I bet your dad couldn't have made that big one without your help! Did you tell him where to put each piece!!??

    Jazz & Dixie: If it wasn't for digital photos, my mom says she'd hardly have any good pix of us!
    If you subscribe to the JigZone site, you can do your own picture as a puzzle!

    Girl Girl: As long as you have fun, it doesn't matter how long it takes!

    Harley: I had my mom help me with the mouse. Woo.