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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Guess Who's Back?

Ha roo, puppers! It's me - Stormy! Guess who's back? It's Mom's favorite bug-eating machine, Bart the Bat! Yeah, Zimmie told you about him back in May. We knew he was out there, and Mom was finally able to get a good picture of him. With my help, of course.

Can't see him, Mom! Get closer!

Nope... can't see him. Not yet!

This is the same woman who goes out on the deck to take pictures of massive thunder storms, tornadoes, and the like. C'mon, Mom -- get up close and personal with Bart!

She finally got up on a chair and took this photo:

YEAH! There he is! Hi, Bart!

Mom did pretty good with that one. In other news, here are two S(s)torm pictures she took yesterday:

storm with a small "s", brewing up trouble

Me - Storm with a capital "S", checking out the sweet potato vines by the mailbox

I wasn't brewing up trouble, at the time. Ha roo roo roo.

Stay cool, pups!

Tail wags,
Storm (and uh... wing flaps from Bart!)


  1. Oh I remember Bart! Send my regards. Mom doesn't appreciate bats. She said last weekend at the horse show one tried to eat her. I think she's exagerating a bit. ::rolling eyes::

  2. Hey Stormy, you are so calm with Bart around. I would've been going bonkers... oh well prolly my size deficiency acting up again :p

    Love your adventures, don't cause too much trouble hehehhehehhee


  3. I wish we had some of Bart's friends here. We have tons of stupid mosquitos!

  4. Your mom is brave to get that close to Bart! My mom use to get them in their house in MN when she lived there as a kid. They use to fly all around at night at eat the icky squitos there. I'm sure Bart is helping with the nasty bugs for you too!

    Cool storm pics! Both big and little "s"!!


  5. Bart is a cutie pie!

    Hey Stormy, can your mom post some more of her storm pictures, say maybe ones of tornadoes?

  6. Storms, You guys got alot going on there right now! Phew
    Bart the Bat.....Scarey!
    Does any of the A04 wanna get the lil guy? You know lil' critter wise and all????

    That storm (notice we of course us the smallest (s) :-)....it looks like a whopper! Wow you really are in Kansas....and the sweet tater vines are really pretty, Maddie would chomp really quick on ones of those vines.
    Wing Flaps back atcha Storms,
    Frankie Girl

  7. So are you going to keep Bart around? I don't think I'd like bats...well, maybe I could chase one...ok I think I might like them now.

    The small s storms look scawie!!! Be careful!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. Stormy, are you pushing over the planter with the mailbox? ::big Husky grin::

  9. YUK! We're not bat lovers here although we do have to say that if they stay outside we like them a whole lot better than when they come inside the house!

    Love ya lots,

  10. Oooooh, a batty-bat. mommy loves them. Of course, she hasn't had to deal with infestations like at her aunt and uncle's cottage where there are thousands in the walls...

    That storm looks scary! (the one with the small s, of course. You just look like an elegant husky) I don't like small-s storms much, especially if it's thunder. I only like them if someone's close by and I get a nice den to make sure that I'm safe in. Are you guys afraid of thunder? Not that I'm afraid, per se, but you know, all that noise hurts my ears... ((Mommy's note: and that's why you wake me up whining for me to hide you in the closet...))

  11. Who needs Bart to eat bugs when they have me? Well, I guess your mom doesn't have me, so she needs Bart.


  12. Hey Zimmie,
    Your instructions worked! We added the flashing GoodSearch to our sidebar. Maybe it'll catch pups' eye so they'll use it.


    p.s. I think Eva has a crush on you since you're so smart.

  13. OOOO, my mom would be so freaked out!!! Your mom is so brave.


  14. bart has visited our house and mommy would not let him stay. she's such a grrrrl

  15. Wow a bat!! You guys have some wonderful creatures around your home. So many of which we have never seen!
    Jazz and Dixie

  16. does bart like baseball? there was a bat flying around inside the baseball stadium last night!!

  17. that was brave of your mom to get up close and personal with Bart.

    my mom would be going nuts if she saw that one and won't go outside..

    didja check your plants? maybe they are being watched too by the evil wabbits!


  18. Hey Stormy.. nice name u have there!.. this is my first visit to you through Marvin's blog..

    oh wow.. bart at your house?.. that is so cool.. i haven't seen one.. but i see one.. i sure jump chasing for it...

    Golden Rossi

    P/s : Do drop by at my blog sometime..

  19. Your bat is almost as bad as our Possum. Hope you can make a tasty lunch out of him too.


  20. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Wow Stormy! That is a cool photo of Bart! Did you ask him if Bats really turn into vampires???

  21. Echo: We're so glad he's back; I'll give him your best! We're pretty sure he was here last weekend, so I don't think he's the one who attacked your mom. HA roo roo roo!

    Tofu: Bart's cool. All he does during the day is hang around and sleep. Not unlike a certain brother of mine I could mention.

    Tubey: Mom wants Bart to invite his bat-friends over!

    Holly: Stick a camera in Mom's hand and you never know what she'll do!
    Glad you like the S/storm pix!

    Boomer: Sure! We'll put more pix up in a day or two!

    Frankie! Maddie! Great to hear from you girls! Hope all is well; I think Mom owes your mom an email!
    We don't mess with Bart; he's napping. We respect that in a fellow. :)
    I checked the vines for sweet potatoes, but sadly there don't seem to be any involved. What a cruel hoax!
    That storm cost me and Mom a night's sleep!

    Ruby: Bart is welcome to live here as long as he'd like! He eats thousands of mosquitoes daily!!!

    Tucker! Great to hear from you! Me? Get into mischief? I'm above that sort of thing. I might goad Zim into doing things ... ha roo roo roo!

    Maggie: At Ft. Riley they got INSIDE our house. Mom didn't seem as enamoured with them back then.

    Louka! Bats are cool! storms with a small "s" are not cool! Dave, Zim and Amber don't give them a second thought. I am very uncomfortable during them.

    Kat: Zim is a great bug-catcher, too, but Bart makes QUICK work of them! He's cool!
    Having said that, you're welcome here any time. :)

    Tasha & Eva: Glad it worked for you! Thanks for helping MaPaw!
    I'll pass the message along to Zimmie -- especially about EVA! :)

    Sky: Bart just hangs out - your mom would get used to him!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Really? Wow, Bart and his ilk eat so many bugs, though! They're really helpful!

    Jazz & Dixie: Isn't he cool? I'm glad Mom was able to get a half-decent picture of him!

    Joe: I think he was flying around here all night; that must have been some other bat at the baseball stadium. Amber said it was a baseball bat. Ha roo roo roo! oh, she kills me with these jokes! Ha roo roo roo!

    Toffee: I was covering Mom's back, so she wasn't in any real danger.
    The bunnies DO try to eat those plants, but Mom put that stinky Liquid Fence on them to keep them away!

    Rossi: Thanks for coming by! We'll come over to your blog for a visit!

    Sherman: Bart is up too high; we can't get him. Besides, I don't want anypuppy hurting an innocent, fuzzy thing!

    Sitka: Isn't he cool? I'll try to ask him, but he's usually asleep when I see him!

    Tail wags, all!

  22. I remember him, too! I'd be so freaked out. Your mom is so brave.

  23. I love this post, Stormy!

  24. Tierre: You wouldn't be scared if I had your back! Really!

    Cubby: Isn't Bart cool!?!?

    Tail wags,