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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Show Of Support For the Hike N Howlers!

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! As many of you know, the big Hike N Howl 2007 is coming up! It's THIS SATURDAY!!! We sure wish we could be there, but it would seem a little something called "being about 1200 miles away" is getting in our way. Hrumph! We want to show our support anyway, as we are so proud of all the participants! Three rescue groups getting together for a wonderful day of fun and fund-raising!

We sent a donation out to one of our most favorite hikers, we bought some really nice Hike N Howl tee shirts for Mom and Dad, and the other day, we posed for a bunch of pictures with our daddy who was wearing one of the very pretty shirts! We thought these pictures would show all our friends who are hiking that we are with you in spirit! We love each and every one of you and are so proud of you and your bipeds for doing all you do to help Sibes and other Northern Breeds in need!!!

Stormy said we should break the pictures up over the course of the next two days, as Mom took a BUNCH! I think Mom said something about "not the most cooperative pack of Siberians". Hmmm. I'm really not sure who she's talking about. I hope these pix inspire all the hikers!

Here is the first one! The front row is Dave and Zim, and Stormy in a play bow. Daddy and I are in the back row.

I'll just stand here quietly next to you, Dad!

Dave and Zim wouldn't stop playing around - can you see the look on Stormy's face in this next one? She's ready to pounce! Me? I'm looking for Oswald.

Then... since Zim and Dad did not stop huskying around, Stormy had to step in.

GOTCHA, you little Siber-pup!

She's really such a very good leader! This next picture is a nice one of Dad. And we're all holding still. Notice he's shortened our leashes. Hee hee hee. Here's the picture and what everypup/one was saying!

I didn't start anything, Stormy!
Yeah, right! I've got 'em all settled down now, Dad!
Look at your mom and smile!
I think I see Oswald, you guys!
I really want to play....

We'll post more pictures of all of us with Dad tomorrow! We're so excited about the Hike N Howl!!! We're with you all in spirit!


PS: Guess what Mom's making right now?

Mmmm... burger buns!

You should smell our house! OH! She also made Koobie's "Pizza Soup" last night! (Look in the comment section here for the recipe!) Mom and Dad really liked it! Thank you, Koobuss!


  1. How cool, thanks for the inspiration, support, and thinking of us! You guys are the best!

  2. Wow, thanks for the support and the cool pictures!

  3. Thanks, Ao4, I will think of you guys when I am hiking. Maybe you can take your mom and dad for walkies while they are wearing their new t-shirts. It would be your own mini Hike N Howl!

  4. Indy: No .... YOU'RE the best! :)

    Sasha: It's the very least we could do!!

    Magnum: We will! Saturday is a special day here - and we have cause to CELEBRATE!


  5. Cutie Amber, it's good that you could keep your mind on the important thing while everydoggy else was goofing around!

  6. You guys are the bestest! I sure wish you could come and visit us. Maybe if you started wooing about it now, you'd wear Mom and Dad down by next year's event! I could ask the speedy FedEx guy to give me an estimate on how much it would cost to Fed Ex you all here. WOO! Homemade burger buns! You can use them to make Mom's Ham & Cheese Bunwiches.....that would be in the official MaPaw Cookbook!

  7. I know how you feel! I sure wish I could be there too! Those lucky dogs out east have all the fun!

    I love all the pics! Part of the Siberian requirements are that you aren't suppose to cooperate in the group photo's!

    At least YOU were being good!


  8. Mom can barely get a good picture with just the 2 of us I cannot imagine 4!! what is in those burger buns?!!!

  9. These are some great pictures! You'all have a really pretty lawn. So green. Did you see Oswald?

    How were the buns? They look yummy.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. I've never had burger buns but they look yummy.
    Stormy sure is a good leader to gather all 4 of you to take the group photo

    ~ Girl girl

  11. I'd like 2 of those buns please...slathed with hot butter, thank you very much.

    Those are great pictures. Looks like you're all ready for the hike!


  12. What a great cause - we will be thinking of all those hikers and howlers. The photos are great. We can really see each of your personalities in those action shots.
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S. Mum doesn't have any coriander growing on the balcony.

  13. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Woo Hoo! Hike N Howl!!! I wish I could go. I love all of the photos of you all! Zimmie...you are so cute upside down! Amber, you were being the perfect lady and hanging back with your dad!!! I can't wait to see more photos.

    So burger buns huh? They sound YUMMY!!!


  14. So glad you like the pizza soup. Mom was wondering how it went.

    Loved the pictures of the four of you.

    Hope the Hike N Howl goes well.

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  15. Tucker: I JUST don't trust that bunny! I think he's trying to join our family!

    Echo: Our mailman is afraid of "dogs" (???) but the FedEx guys like us! Maybe that IS the best way to get out there!
    We need to get Mom one of those cookbooks!

    Holly: Hee hee hee! We're all about not cooperating at the same time! :)
    We should have a mid-west Hike N Howl!

    Joe: Mom says we're a real challenge. I wonder what that means!?
    The buns didn't have anything in them... but later on, they had burgers and CHEESE and tomatoes and stuff. Or do you mean like how do you make them? Mom and Zim say they're easy but oh, so YUMMY! Let us know if you'd like the recipe!

    Maya Marie: I didn't see Oswald THAT time, but I just KNOW he was under the Mugho pine looking at us! I just KNOW it!
    The buns were very delicious, according to Mom and Dad. Unfortunately for us, we're not allowed to try them, we just enjoy the fragrance. They have onions in them! :(

    GG: Stormy is the BESTEST leader in the world!

    Sherman: Mmmm... butter! Another treat we dream of having one day!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo! Stormy says that's why these kind of group photos are better than if we were doing that "cooperating" thing.
    What all does your mom grow?

    Sitka: Thank roo! Zimmie is always about having fun -- unless he's really tired! :) I just can't let go of the fact that Oswald is out there somewhere!!!

    Koobie: Mom and Dad had the soup again last night! This time, she put some chopped black olives and a big spoonful of salsa right on top of it! And crushed tortilla chips! Dave tried to sniff it and Mom said, "It's not yo soup, Dave!" hee hee hee! Not yo soup ...nacho soup ... hee hee hee!