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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Salute - Harley's Mom!

This week our Sunday Salute goes out to our extremely good friend Harley's mom - Kathryn! You may know Harley as Dave's twin brother of a different mother! We've told you a lot about Harley before, about him and his sisters and how Harley is hiking in the Hike N Howl to help raise money for the MaPaw Siberian Husky rescue! We've never really talked about his mom, though - and she's a biped worth getting to know!!!

Kathryn and Harley

That's from a couple years ago, and it's one of our most favorite pictures!

Kathryn has a full-time job as mom to an adorable biped toddler and Harley, Flora & Juno, and as a wife to her hubby! PLUS she works at the Lehigh Valley Hospital full-time, too. (That's like a vet hospital for bipeds!) She's an incredibly talented artist - check out some of the gorgeous things she's done for us! Here are some metal masks she painted to look like us:

The girls, Dave, and Zim

We use them as curtain holders! It's fun to see if people notice!

Can you see them up there?!!?

We have other works of art by Kathryn and treasure each one! She is one VERY talented lady! She also is a wonderful volunteer for MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, helping homeless Siberians find their fur-ever homes!

And guess what else?!? She has just launched a new blog for Haicooo: Little Poems for Children, a lovely book she and her father collaborated on! (Kathryn's "Haicooo" is what inspired Dave to start writing his Haik-woo!) In Kathryn's own words, "Haicooo are little haiku poems just for children! All haicooo poems have an accompanying drawing of a sweet animal to help develop a child's love of nature, art and poetry. It has long been my philosophy that a child who learns to love animals and treat them with kindness will be a child who shows empathy for other children as well. I also believe that they will grow into more caring and responsible adults. We can all learn a lot from animals as well as children!" That sounds like a great lesson for older bipeds, too! Our favorite Haicooo is about Frosty!

Click on the book for more information...

...and don't forget to check out her new blog! All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. to help care for newborn babies who require special care and their families.

Kathryn, we know we've only scratched the tip of the iceberg, but for all you do - as a mom & wife, in your work at the hospital, volunteering for MaPaw, as an incredibly gifted artist, ... and so generously donating proceeds from "Haicooo" to the NICU ...... we salute you!!!

The Army of Four


  1. Kathryn is some lovely lady.

    I am saluting her too in bonnie Scotland.

    Love and licks Marvin xxxxxx

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Wow Harley's mom sounds super fun! Boy is she talented. Those masks totally rock!! Yet again, another perfect Sunday Salute!

  3. Hooray for awesome bipeds & talented artists.

  4. What a wonderful salute, to a very worthy human! She sure is busy, but does some wonderful things! I like her Frosty haicoo too. It remined mom of when she got Shula!


  5. wow what a talented lady! The Haicoo book is cute.
    Nice Sunday Salute.
    Jazz and Dixie

  6. Whooohoo, Harleys got a great mom, those masks are BEAWOOOTIFUL.
    I've seen visited your blog a couple of times, our dad was in the Army and loves your PackName. Hope sometime you'll get a chance to come visit us on our site. We're an army of 4, too, but mom says more like a horde or stampede than an army, armies are supposed to follow orders and march in step. Stupid humom, what does she know? Let me know if it's okay and I'll add a link to you on our page. Hope to see y'all soon!
    Bama & The River Hill Pack

  7. Woooo! A Salute indeed! Sibe-Mom, Biped-Mom, Artist, Wife, volunteer, fund raiser, writer, working FT, Blogger, Dlogger assistant (DogLog), and ohmagosh so much more.... And I have such new respect for Harley -- is it me or is there something funny about that picture??? Harley looks sooooo much larger than Mom! Pssst; Harley - you ever need something - you can call me, I know a guy in NJ (biped guy) that can take care of anything *wink* *wink*. (Of course I want to stay on Harley's good side after seeing his -ah-hmmm- respectful size, but I still mean it..hehehe)

    Dad said something he wanted me to pass along to you: Ahrooo???? The metal masks. Were they there last October-ish time frame when he LEFT ME HERE to go visit the AO4? He can't recall if there were there and he remarked or if he just thinks that after seeing the DLog. He has memory like a steel sieve. Geeeezzz

    Ciao for now, Love Rocky

  8. Way to go, Katheriine!! You must be quite a lady!
    And what a beautiful tribute.

    Great job, guys!!

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  9. Kathryn is great! Her inner beauty shines brightly!


  10. Woh... Harley's mom sure is talented. Those mask looks pawsome..

    ~ Girl girl

  11. Wow, Harley's mom sounds super busy. It sounds like she is a great person.

  12. Very cool salute!
    Sorry I've been quiet for a bit. I'm back to blogging now.

  13. Hi everysibe...Harley here...Mom said thanks so much for all of the kind words...she is feeling a little shy! Oh, BTW, Rockford...mom lived for many, many years in New Jersey...so she may know that guy too! WOL! And, yes, I am big...just got clocked in at 100 pounds...hey maybe I should move to NJ...wadda ya tink?

    Woos to everysibe!

  14. Marvin: She's REALLY a great biped, isn't she?

    Sitka: Fun, and talented, and really, really NICE!

    Guinness & Shiloh: YEAH!

    Holly: Isn't Harley's mom great!?!?!

    Jazz & Dixie: Her poetry inspired mine! She is very talented!

    Bama: We left you a couple comments but haven't seen them show up yet! We'd be honored if you'd link up with us - and we'd like to add yours, too! Thank woo!

    Rocky: I think your dad did say something nice about the masks! Mostly I remember hugging him and his friend!
    Harley is me - super-sized! He's VERY tall!

    Koobie: Thank woo! She's an awesome biped!

    Precious: Woo. You really have a bea-woo-tiful way with words!!!

    Girl Girl: Yes, she IS!

    Amici: She's so cool!

    Sasha: Thank woo! And glad you're back! We missed you!

    Harley: Please give your mom a really big hug from all of us, OK?
    100 pounds!?!? I feel petite at 60 now ... even though I'm the biggest member of the Ao4!

    Luv to everypup,