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Monday, August 13, 2007

What Did the Fish Say ....

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I hope everypuppy had a very happy weekend and stayed as cool as they could and had FUN!

Our dad had to go to a conference on Friday. He brought home all kinds of pens and pads of paper and stuff that the different colleges gave to the instructors. Pratt Community College gave him this cute little paper fan; he thought I'd like it because of the pun on it:

"Dam Proud to be a Beaver Fan." Hee hee hee! And it's printed ON a fan, which makes it even punnier, so to roo. It reminded me of another great joke! This one just happens to be the most favorite pun of one of my non-fur cousins, Becca, who lives in a land far, far away!

Are you ready for this one?

What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?


Hee hee hee! Oh, that just tickles me! Have a happy day, everypuppy!



  1. Oh Amber, you tell such funny jokes!! I like the Beaver fan!!


  2. Cute fan - I would rip it up, I love to rip paper!

  3. You are so clever. I do not think I am quick enough to pun. I agree with Indy, the fan looks tasty.

  4. You're joke is hilarious Amber. I like the beaver fan, too. I could really use that right now. It's way over 100 degrees here!

  5. You're a cutie-pie, Amber! Reds rule! I'm with Indy and Magnum - rip, rip, rip. If the Human Assistant turned his back on it for 10 seconds, it would be Sibe shredder fodder.

    (Who's yer fodder, baby? ::wink::)

  6. hehehehe. we love the jokes and so studious looking holding that fan!

  7. You look so serious holding your fan - no one would know that you are the punniest sibe! haroo!

  8. Ha Roo Ammie! I wonder if beaver tastes like the possum Sky caught? Or would it taste more like fish since it lives partly in water?

    -Kelsey Ann

  9. ooooo! i am a big beaver fan too. i luv those giant skwerrels that swim in the water. on the second day after i adopted my peepol i wuz going for a walk wif my lindsay and i saw a beaver and chased him right into a creek! my lindsay wuz yelling and upset cuz she thot i cuddent swim. silly lindsay! i wuz born to swim!

  10. Hee hee Amber, you always tell funny jokes. I like the beaver fan. Does it make you cool?

    ~ Girl girl

  11. woo, haha that was a great one!!! we love free stuff :)

  12. Hey Amber,
    You are sooo funny.
    And I also agree with
    indy I love to rip papper.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  13. LOL.. Amber, is funny.. that fan look great to bite.. can i bite it!

    Golden Rossi

  14. Oh Amber...you're too much! How nice of your Dad to be so thoughtful and bring you home a punny present. I can tell he appreciates your skill.

  15. Amber, that's a funny one. Is the fan cooling you off?


  16. Thank roo everypup - I'm glad you liked my joke! :)

    Holly: Wasn't it sweet of my dad to give it to me??

    Indy: I'm not a big ripper. I don't know why.

    Magnum: I'm more into wood products.

    Kaos: Thank roo. I didn't feel any cooler holding the fan; it might be broken. It's been over 100 here, too.

    Tucker: "Who's your fodder"?? Hee hee hee! Good one!

    Rocky: I was trying to figure out why it wasn't making me cooler!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I DO look very serious there, don't I? :)

    Kelsey: Hee hee hee! I'm not sure! I've never seen a beaver in real life. I did have a mole once ... but had it removed. So to speak. :)

    Ivy: You're such the fierce hunter! And right from the start, you protected your Lindsay! What a super pup you are!!!

    Cubby: Hee hee hee!

    Girl Girl: It's supposed to cool me off, but I think it was broken. It didn't do anything for me!

    Joe: You're always so sweet about my jokes! :) Free is always nice!!!

    Texas: I don't rip things up. Unless I'm playing. I just liked holding this.

    Rossi: Mom said if we bite it, it won't work as a fan any more. That's funny, because I don't think it works NOW!

    Echo: I have the sweetest daddy, don't I? I really like this. I just wish I could make it work!!!

    Steve: Do you know how to make this thing work? Because I can't get it to do ANYTHING!

    Love to everypuppy - and I'm so glad you liked my joke!

  17. oooh so sorry Amber I just realised I missed another of your jokes there!

    That one was very funny!

    love and licks from "Cross" Marvin xxxxx