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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Red & White Smackdown

Ha roo, pups! Zim here! Hey, did you see our pal Indy's post the other day? He put some great shots up of him playing with his friend Storm (not our Storm ...a different Storm!) and the look on Indy's face in some of the pictures reminded me of a certain someone around here.

Yep... for readers who know us, you'll know that we all have distinctive perso --- excuse me, dogalities. Storm is the highly intelligent leader, Dave is the lovable lug, Amber is the sweet, innocent one, and I'm the playful, somewhat mischievous guy. I don't want to ruin the image anypup might have ... but we don't always fit into those little "boxes". Take for instance my sweet, innocent sister Am. You may have seen this picture of us:

I can't remember if we've posted it before; it's one of Mom's favorites of us reds. We look totally lovely, don't we? What you may not have seen is the "out-takes". Ha roo roo roo! Check out Miss Innocent in this one:

Am on the left; me on the right!

Doesn't she sort of look like that one shot of Indy? Ha roo roo roo! I told her, "Amber, you're so scary!"

Hee hee hee! Me? Scary? Hee hee hee!

Here's another one:

I'm on the left; Am is on the right!

Aren't we scary?

Ha roo roo roo! Hee hee hee!

We both had a good laugh over that one. I'm not sure ... but I think Amber would be a lot scarier if she'd stop giggling.

Play bows,


  1. Hi Zim!
    You and Amber make me laugh!

  2. You guys are so lucky that you have each other to play with! I have friends at the dogrun, but it would be nice to have a brother or sister to wrestle with. Because that's my favourite game too! You two look great wrestling together like that. Mommy is still cooing over your colour. She loves redheaded huskies.

  3. What great action shots. You reds are something else.

    You'all have a bed? A real bed that you get on? Oh wow, that is so cool!

    I will ask mom if she can post some of me and Missy playing like that too.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  4. We not only look scarey sometimes....we sound scarey too! Our neighbors tell us when we play in the backyard, scenes from Jurassic Park come to mind with all of the growling and snarling they hear. If they only knew!

  5. Zimmie,

    The only thing scarey about both of you Red Heads is how irreistably CUTE the two of you are together :-)

    P. S. To Dave Dave, Re Sibe-tini
    question...Oh yes, that would be Fantastico.......I would love that ;-)

    Frankie Girl

  6. Zim - I totally love you all four! The reasons follow.....

    Zim - cos he is a bit like me - a wee bitty Maverick the Pirate like...aaarrrrh! and a bit funny

    Dave - cos he is a lab sibe.....I am a lab collie, but Dave has poetic genes (oooooh not rhyming "jeans" as in Levis, just poetic genes.......which apparently is a lab trait

    Amber - well who could not love Amber 'cos she tells the best jokes

    and Stormy - just cos she is Stormy and so WONDERFUL and brave and Sibe like.

    There you go, thats my opinion.

    Marvin the Opinionated Lab Collie

    xxxxxxx cross (no Amber I am not "cross" just a "mixed breed".....

    ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. The Human Assistant used to have a book (before I took care of it) with pictures and descriptions of a zillion dog breeds.

    The picture of the Sibes was the only one that showed dogs play-snarking at each other while they were supposed to be posed.

    Funny stuff!

  8. It's funny how people who don't know the Sibe breed always think that is is aggressive. Mom had that problem with dad when they first started dating and dad thought Abby and Samuel were too aggressive with each other. Mom tried to explain that is just how Sibes play, but he wouldn't believe her. Now he gets!


  9. I like the "eat your face" game!

    How do other breeds play?

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  11. Woo-hoo,
    Does your teeth snap when you play like mine & Juneau's do? Us Red Huskies rule!!!! But, other colors are OK, too.

  12. You guys are too funny!


  13. Bwahahahaha! You guys are so funny! Wow, those are good pictures! Amber DOES look like me when she plays like that!

    Mom says I'm good at "flashing the teeth". Amber is too!

  14. oh dog that is some scary stuff right there! wooo! hahaha. you guys make us laugh

  15. Ooooooooo. You are so good at that! Mati is good at that game - and Dad gives her big hugs and kisses when she wants to play that game.... but NOT ME! Sometimes I pretend that game, but Mati's much better!

  16. Oh you 2 have really big teeth. But Amber looks so cute when she's laughing on her back. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  17. Hi Zim!

    that's a great photo of you two!

    playing bitey face! I wish I have somedog to play bitey face too!


  18. Hey Doooooods,
    Dad and I were just talking and we realised that its the AO4 Blogiversary on Sept 6!
    Are you guys doing anything special? Do you think there will be hamburgers left over? Because I can help you with that :-)
    Im sure you already know this, but you guys ROCK!
    Luv C$

  19. Anonymous8:18 AM

    hey guys my mom thought your mom would enjoy this quilt look for the link to see the homeland securty blanket!

  20. Kaos: You mean we don't look scary?

    Louka: Oh, we ARE lucky to have each other! -- and please lick your mom on the nose for us, OK? :)

    Maya Marie: It's the only furniture we're "allowed" on. We'd love to see pix of you and Missy playing!

    Echo: Can you believe some bipeds think we're scary? Ha roo roo roo!

    Frankie Girl: You're so SWEET! I think you're channelling your mom! Ha roo roo roo! I passed your message along to Davy!

    Marvin: "Cross" breed? Ha roo roo roo! Amber loved that one!

    Tucker: I wonder how many times the photographer tried to take a "posed" picture of the Sibes before he gave up?

    Holly: Amber and I LOVE to play like this!

    Tubey: Other breeds don't seem to understand our language, do they?

    Cosmos: Ammy does the "snap, snap" thing before our bedtime snack! But then she takes it very gently!

    Arwen: "Funny" how? (Ha roo roo roo ... have you seen "Goodfellas"?)

    Indy: She DOES, doesn't she?!!? Ha rooooo! :)

    Guinness & Shiloh: "Furrrrrrrr-oscious". I like that! Ha roo roo roo! Me and Am are furrrrrrrr-oscious!

    Joe: If Amber didn't giggle, would you find her scarier? Cuz that's what I tried to tell her!

    Rocky: You're too much of a gentle-dog! Not that Mati isn't ... but she's part Sibe! We have to play like this - it's what we do!

    GG: Amber ALWAYS starts giggling! ALWAYS! :)

    Toffee: Maybe you could come over here and play with me! I love playing with all dogs!

    C$: Thanks for the reminder! You're such a cool guy! We need to think up something special!!!

    Hershey: Interesting link - thanks!

    Play bows, all!