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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cowboy Hat

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! I thought we could all do with a really funny story today. It involves a cowboy and since Dave is from Texas, I thought he'd really like it.

Are you ready to hear it? OK! A cowboy goes to the doctor and says he hears music when he wears his hat. It's driving him crazy, as he has no idea where it's coming from! The doctor takes the cowboy's hat off and goes into another room, then comes back and puts the hat back on the cowboy. "Do you hear any music now?" The cowboy says, "Nope, what did you do?!!?" And the doctor says ..........

Are you ready for this?

The doctor says, "I took the 'band' out."

Hee hee hee! Get it? He "took the band out..."
Yeah, Ammy. Good one!

Have a happy day, everypuppy!



  1. Wow Amber you are on a roll today!!! First the comment on my blog and now this! You are such a silly girl and I LOVE THAT!!!

    Have a great day! Lots of Licks, Ruby

    P(ee)S: Did Dave laugh? He didn't look like he laughed!

  2. Hehehe that's funny. Thanks for the joke Amber!


  3. ba-DUM-pum! Har har har! Good one Amber!

    Tail wags,

  4. Ha woooo! That's funny stuff!

  5. Yuk, yuk, yuk! You guys are always such great comic relief!


  6. Amber, where do you come up with these great jokes? I see that you and Dave are lying on the tile. I love sleeping on tile!!


  7. Amber! really now! You wouldn't catch the Rockstar telling jokes like that....ohhhhh, what did the quilt tell the bed? ... I've got you covered! ...ahhh.. oh right. sorry.

  8. Good joke you two. You'all are toooo funny.

    We have to think on the cartoon characters. All of yours were good.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  9. Well there's a heehaw knee slapper for ya!! Good one Amber!!!


  10. Oh Amber! You just crack me up! Where do you hear these funny stories?? You should take your show on the road. Maybe your Mom will be your manager.

  11. now I am not implying ANYTHING here but the Doofus REALLY liked this joke. ahem.

  12. OMG you guys are too funny! Thanks for the giggle!

    Love ya lots,

  13. he he he. Nice to drop by and have a good little chuckle. Good pics to go with the post too.
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S still thinking about the cartoon characters and will post soon about them.

  14. He-he-woo-hoo, Amber, that's a funny joke! I am going to hafta show it to my daddy. And if it is OK, can my mommy email the joke around to her horsey friends? Let her know.
    P.S. I have you added to my dawg blawgs & friends sites. Hope ya do the same wif my blog site.

  15. Oh No Amber, you need professional help!

    Nugget & the boys

  16. Amber, you are such a funny puppy! hahahaharooooo

  17. Amber,
    Thanks, we really needed that. We can always depend on the AO4 for a good joke.


  18. Heeheeheehee! That was a good one!

  19. Heee, that's funny Amber.. :)
    I see Dave laughing there too

    ~ girl girl

  20. Look at you two....having great laugh huh??

  21. Amber! That was soooooooooooo funny, I bet you can hear me laughing in Scotland way over there in Kansas!

    I love your jokes!

    Lovely pics too!

    love and happy licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  22. ooo!

    that brightens my day!


  23. Hey Amber! Get Dave to take a peek on my Blog today, I have posted the video of the Bagpipes especially for him! The rest of you, keep your ears covered!!!!!!!!

    love and musical licks, Marv xxxxxx

  24. Very very funny!

  25. Ruby: Being silly is fun! :) I like making people and puppies happy with my jokes; Davy thought it was VERY funny!

    Precious: Thank roo! :)

    Ginger: Hee hee hee!

    Fargo: I almost left you a message letting you know about my joke - since you are a cowboy!

    Sherman: Thank roo!

    Cubby: But "bad" in a "good" way, right?!!?

    China and Madie: Hee hee hee!

    Steve: One of mom's quilting friends sent that one - isn't it great!?!? We ALL love to cool off on the tile floor! It feels good, doesn't it?

    Rocky: "I've got you covered!"!!??!! Hee hee hee! Oh, that's a good one, Rocky! I really like that! :)

    Maya Marie: I'm glad you liked my joke!

    Holly: Dave and I like to tell each other things - I tell him my jokes and he tells me about his life in Texas and when he was on the road! I should post a picture of that, too!

    Echo: Tubey's roommate Fargo and I were going to go on the road together - he's so FUNNY! Road to Siberia
    You can see our plan there!

    Joey: So ... you're saying Tanner likes good jokes?

    Maggie: I hope it made you and Mitch smile!

    Jazz & Dixie: I start laughing every time I think about it! :)

    Cosmos: We added your link - thank roo for adding ours!
    I hope your mom WILL share that with other people - I love making people happy!!!

    Nugget: Oh, come on ... you laughed, didn't you? ;)

    Guinness & Shiloh: Hee hee hee!

    Tasha & Eva: A sense of humor can help get you through hard times!

    Louka: "I took the band out." Hee hee hee!

    Girl Girl: We were both laughing - did you laugh, too!?!?

    Ben Ben: We couldn't help ourselves!

    Marvin: I hope it made you laugh! Make sure you share it with Jeannie!

    Toffee: Yea! Brightening days is what I LOVE to do!!!

    Kaos: Thank roo! :)

    Love to everypuppy,

  26. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Oh Amber.. you are TOO Much! Great joke!