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Friday, July 06, 2007

Weather Woos

Woo, it's me - Dave. Our friends Butchy and Snickers left a comment yesterday and asked if it was really hot here. Yes! Yes, Butchy & Snickers - it's WAY too HOT! I hope you are cooler than we are!

I was looking at our thermometer yesterday evening, and Stormy took a picture of me with it. Woo.

In case you can't read it, the top number is 1942. That's the time. (Quarter of eight in the evening.) The middle number is 78.7 - that's the temp in the kitchen. Kind of warm right then, but the tile floor was cool and the AC was cranking real well. And the bottom number is 101.2. (That would be about 38.5 for those of you who use the "C" kind of temperature.) In the EVENING! In the shade! Too hot, woo guys. Way too hot!

Some of you have also asked if we're caught up in the flooding. We've had a lot of rain, way more than usual, but the flooding in our state is south of us. You're all very kind to ask!!!

It's supposed to be hot again today, so we're planning to do a lot of laying around, kicking back, and basic snoozing. In the air conditioning.

Stay cool, everypup!


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Woo Dave... It has been hot here too, however, we have hit a bit of a cool down with highs around 93, 94 and 95, ha roo! I like that temperature thingy. It is very cool and sleek!!! Stay cool!!!

  2. It's sticky here today too but not nearly 101 degrees! yeow! That's hot! Have mom add some ice to your water - that always makes me happy!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Can you believe that it's only in the 80s in Texas? Probably because it's always raining. It's supposed to be hotter here than in Kansas. I'm not complaining though. I hope you guys survive and stay inside.


  4. I see no point in extremely hot temperatures. Therefore, when I'm President, I will ban them!

  5. You stay cool too Dave. I like to lay right under the fan

    -Kelsey Ann

  6. Wow, it's so hot! I can smell something burning. Teehee.


  7. Whoa Dave! That IS too hot! You need a giant ice machine. I've got a question for you all to work on while you're inside keeping cool. I'd like to know exactly what "catnip" is. And would there be "dognip" as well? If so...do you have any in your garden? Hmmmm.

  8. Hi Dave, it has been hot here but not as hot as yours, we have no sun though just lots and lots of endless bloomin' rain. On and on and on!

    What is it like living in the year 1942 though I wonder?

    oh you know me, Marvin the Confused.xxxxxxxxxxx ;0) love and licks, xxxxx

  9. My Dogness Dave!

    It does sound rather Warm in your Land. I am glad you have a Cool floor. While our Heat is not quite like yours, we do get a bit warm when we Work. At such times, I and my Flock have been Delighted to hop into a Sheep Trough filled with Cool Water. Perhaps your Leader can requisition one for you?


  10. Dave, glad you are keeping cool. It's hot here too, I'm glad we have a tile floor in our room.
    Mom was wondering about you'all and all that water. Gald you'all are safe.

  11. We are so happy that you are not floating away and have a place to lay and be coooool. Greetings from our tile floor...aaaahhhhhh

  12. oh sakes I bet you are hot in that coat!

    maybe you can get a pupper pool!


  13. that sounds like the weather HERE!!! sooo hot! we hope you guys stay cool!

  14. Hey, Ao4! We are hot, too, Arooo! We got sprayed with the hose today. Stay cool, buds! Hope we can meet up sometime!

  15. Holy Cow Dog, and I thought it was hot HERE!! We were in the 90's today and going to be mid 90's this weekend. Luckily for us, the humans keep our house at about 69 degrees, so we are nice and cool. Plus, the human woman hates to be hot so she likes it cool too. Must be cuz she is from MN that she hates the heat so much!

    Stay cool everydog!!


  16. Sitka: Are you spending time in your pool?

    Maggie: Woooo, we love ice cubes!

    Steve: It's been just too hot! I do a lot of relaxing in the house!

    Tubey: I sure hope you win the election!

    Kelsey Ann: I like to lay on top of the AC duct vent. that could explain why it gets so hot in here, couldn't it? Woo.

    Precious: I think it's ME! Ha wooooo!

    Echo: That's a great question! We'll be sure to answer it SOON!

    Marvin: Lots of rain? You're not in southeast Kansas, are you? Or in Texas? Woo.
    1942. Hmm. You're blowing my mind, pup!

    Woo, Tansy! We're really thankful to have a nice air-conditioned house. AND cool floors with vents on them!
    That "sheep trough" thing sounds fun! I'll have to ask about that!

    Maya Marie: Woo are very sweet!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Tile floors are SO nice and cool, aren't they!?!?

    Ricky: Our coats actually help keep us insulated against the heat! (And the cold, in Winter!)

    Joe Stains: Are you and the Tan-man finding stuff to do inside?

    Princess, Tank & Isaac: How long does it take woo guys to dry after you're sprayed? Your coats have got to be thicker than ours!!!

    Hollybollyboo: Your house is set at 69 degrees? Can I come over? Our downstairs in cool, but the main level gets warm in the late afternoon!