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Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged - 5 Favorite Books!

Ha roo and tail wags! It's me - Stormy! Our dear friend Sitka tagged us in a great game! We have to list our top 5 favorite books! How fun! We love books, as do Mom and Dad.

Sitka, your list was cool! Thanks for mentioning that there's a story (and a picture!) about me in the book It's a Sibe Thing... You Wouldn't Understand! Were you really looking through it in that picture? Did you see pages 97 & 102? Yes, that's my brothers doing zoomies and wrestling! Ha roo roo roo! We're all so very proud of them.

Here's our list!

#1. As a tribute to our great-sisters who came before us, our first choice is a book they just ripped through, so to speak/roo. It was about Nikita Khrushchev. That's pretty much all we know of it, as the book doesn't appear to be in Dad's Soviet Studies collection any more. Mom has mentioned something about them just devouring the book ... so it must have been good!

#2. Both Dave and Amber pick On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid Rugass. Amber is a MASTER at these "calming signals", as we have posted before, and uses them quite effectively to keep the peace around here. Dave, on the other paw, says it's a book worth sinking your teeth into. If you know what he means.

Dave endorses "Calming Signals" as a book worth sinking your teeth into!

#3. Like Sitka's feline sister Tia, Zim is quite the legal scholar. The "good Samaritan" who found him running loose and took him in for a while was a lawyer. While he was at work all day, he tried crating Zim. Tried. Zim was scared and bored, so he busted out of the crate every chance he got; he then amused himself with the guy's collection of law books. You know, spent some quality time with them. This interest in the law books could well be part of the reason the lawyer sent Zim to the doggie slammer.

#4. Zim also loves the Robert Heinlein book Starship Troopers! Not only did he get his name from the book, but while he was in the slammer, Mom came to visit him every day until he could be adopted. She read out loud to him to pass the time and to help soothe him - and she read from Starship Troopers! Here's Amber, deciding if she'd like to get a small taste of it.

Amber... getting ready to do some reading?

#5. Lastly, I love ALL books, so it's hard to decide. I'm going to go with a new one in Dad's collection. It's called Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty. It is about true American heroes. I heartily recommend adding this book to your library and reading about these remarkable patriots!

May God bless them all!

So... what's on your Summer reading list?

Tail wags,


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Woo Storms! What a great list that you provided to all of us! That last one looks like a good christmas gift for my granddadders, who is retired Army. Ha roo! Hummm page 97 and 102.. I must check that out at once! And yes, I was trying my best to look through the book in my photo. I could not seem to get past the first page without assistance from mom!

  2. Those all sound like great books! I especially like the one Dave was getting his teeth into!! I think we have a few like that around here. Including some of mom's school books!


  3. What good books you'all read and Dave looks so smart with his reading glasses.

  4. Mommy is loving everyone's book choices - she's such a sibrarian, we mean librarian.

  5. Nice one Dave!! hee hee hee 'sinking your teeth' into-woo!


  6. Woh.. Dave look so cute wearing glasses to read the book. Good list of books you doggies have there.

    ~ girl girl

  7. Dave, mom thinks you look like a real sibrarian, we mean librarian, in your glasses. Can you give the "Librarian Look" too?

  8. ooooh we liked this tag game.....it was started we think by our new friend in England, Blue.....check out her Blog....it is on our Paw Pals.

    She is not having a very good time at the moment 'cos she lives in the middle of England and they are havin' real horrible floods with all the torrential rain.

    She is a good blogging pal, so check out her blog and wish her good luck, cos she will have to be swimming out from her house real soon!

    love and wet licks, Marvin xxxxx]

    ps we put our fave books on Blue's comments section a few days back!

    I am like Dave - it is the lab in me, books you can get your darn teeth into!

  9. Sitka: Thank roo! Your granddad would LOVE that book! It's really wonderful!

    Holly: How are you supposed to digest the knowledge in the books without doing just a wee bit of damage?

    Maya Marie: Dave just doesn't see great up close. We think the reading glasses might help.

    Guinness & Shiloh: "sibrarian"??!!?? Ha roo roo roo! I've got to tell Amber that one. She'll LOVE it!
    I'm going to have to ask Dave if he can do the "Librarian" look!

    Tofu: Dave's such a lug! :) I mean that in the nicest way possible!

    Girl Girl: That's Dave's "distinguished look". You like it? :)

    Marvin: We heard about the massive flooding - sorry to hear Blue is caught up in it. We'll be by to wish her well!

    Tail wags,