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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tagged by the Kapp Pack!

Ha roo, everypup! Storm here. We were tagged in a new tag game by our friends over at the Kapp Pack! Thanks, guys!

Before we get started, we wanted to share the news story at this link with everypup. It's about one of our canine heroes, serving in Iraq!

On to the tag game!

Where is your favorite place to sleep??

Stormy: I have lots of favorite places to sleep. Sometimes it's right in the middle of everything and everypup, and sometimes I like my space. It just depends!

Me, Stormy, napping in the breakfast room. On the AC vent!

Amber: I like to sleep where I can watch over everyone else in the pack!

Zim: Pretty much anywhere. I like my own space, though.

Dave: Anywhere, just so long as I can touch my mom or dad. Or am half on top of them.

Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats??

Stormy: We're Siberians; we don't do tricks. We do have to sit before we get treats, though. Just to keep us orderly and polite! If asked nicely, Amber, Zim and I will give 5 (or 4, in Zim's case), or will lay down. That's about it.

Amber: What's a trick?

Zim: Stormy said we shouldn't do tricks.

Dave: I won't even lay down on "command". Or do that "gimme 5" thing. It helps counter Storm's claims that I'm really a Lab in a Sibe suit!

If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would you do and with whom??

Stormy: I'll answer for all of us, as I think this is a very favorite thing we agree on. All members of the Ao4 and both bipeds are together, doing this:

Left to right: Amber, Dave, me (Stormy) and Zim

What is your favorite toy??

Storm: I generally only play with toys when it's backyard fun time with Mom. I love playing with my cool arctic camo toy or Mr. Greenie or other squishie toys!

Amber: Whatever Dave has!

Zim: Dave.

Dave: Kong-on-a-Rope! Or Zimmie.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change??

Stormy: First let me say that even though we in the Ao4 had rough starts in life, we're all really happy now. I'd love to erase those years for all of us, but that's over and done with. If I could change one thing now .... I'd have puppies! Lots and lots of puppies!

Amber: I agree with what Stormy said about being happy. It's really, really important to me that EVERYONE is happy. So I guess if I could change any one thing, it would be to have the power to make everypuppy and everyone happy. Just so they're happy. Mom says I already do, with the gentle wag of my tail ....

Zim: Ditto what the girls said about the past and being happy now .... plus I'd like to erase coffee from the Forbidden Foods List so I could have cappuccino!

Dave: I like what everypuppy else said. As per changing something now ... probably more time with my mom.

That was cool! Thanks again to Kelsey Ann, Canyon & Sky for tagging us! We're going to tag our friends Marvin, Jazz & Dixie, and Ginger.

Tail wags, all!


  1. Wow, I love your answers.....Echo's pack had really good answers too. Have a great weekend!

    -Kelsey Ann

  2. Hey you'all. All of you had some really good answers.
    I love the vent on the floor. We don't have that here in the south, our vents are in the ceiling and you have to find the spot it hits on the floor. Ohhh to have a vent to lie on. Wow!
    I really like the snow picture. That had to be so much fun!
    Husky Hugs. MayaMarie

  3. Ooh, floor vents are the best!

  4. Hi guys,
    we've been off line again!! This computer stuff is getting a bit annoying. I think its time mum got a new comp. that can keep up with our blogging needs. We are having trouble posting pics at the moment. We want to play the new game you've tagged us for and will get onto that this weekend all being well with the technology! We liked your answers which let us know a little more about our favourite sibes.
    Jazz and Dixie

  5. We love that picture of the 4 of you - you are all so pleasing to look at!!! Bewootiful. We love your answers too. Every puppy should be happy, darn it!

  6. I second erasing coffee of the forbidden foods list!!! YUM!

  7. Thanks for the Tag Game you guys! I will get on it as soon as I can get to the computer - perhaps push a guest out of the way!

    Can you go over to Oscar The Airedale's Blog and leave him some Get Well Wishes, he is very poorly at the moment. I know you will as you are such kind and loving Sibes!

    Much love from Marvin xxxx check out my post today for Oscar's link.

  8. Happiness is an important one! Mom says Sibes are always smiling so that must mean we are always happy. We couldn't see that news story though. Darn!

  9. oh Jeannie has those wet things running down her face....Oscar has passed over the Rainbow Bridge....

  10. G'day Ao4,

    I like all of your answers. Come and visit soon!

    xxx Asta down under

  11. Kelsey Ann: Thank roo! I love reading everypup's answers!

    Maya Marie: Our vents are on the ceiling downstairs, so we can't lay on them down there. I think if you had a downstairs where you live, it would be called "an indoor swimming pool" -- if you know what I mean! Ha roo roo roo!

    Sasha: Usually Dave hogs them, but I got this one before he could!

    Jazz & Dixie: We hope you are able to get your computer problems cleared up! That can be so frustrating!!! We always love reading about you two!!! And you have some of the BEST photos!

    Guinness & Shiloh! The thing that gets Amber the most upset is if someone isn't happy!

    Madie: You and Zim are silly puppies!!! :) I mean that in the nicest way possible!

    Marvin: Take your time getting to the tag game - we want it to be fun for you!
    We left a message for Oscar's family earlier ... so very, very SAD!

    Echo: Thanks for the heads up on the news article. I squared it away, so it should work now!

    Asta: Great to see you! We'll come by!

    Tail wags,