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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's My Zim-aversary!

Hey, pups! It's me - Zim! And today is my Zim-aversary! Ha rooooooo! Six years ago today, I came home to my fur-ever home! Ha rooooo!

Amber has blogged a little bit about my arrival into the pack, and so has Stormy. In fact, Stormy posted some pix of how messed up I was when I got here. I'd rather not go into all of that today. Today is a day to celebrate! Look, I already got a cool present:

Wowzers! A coffee cup! For me?

It's my very own Starbuck's coffee mug! I wonder what's in it! Is it this, perhaps??!!??

No! Even better!

Check this out, everypup! Instead of having cappuccino in it, which I love but am not allowed to have, it's got COOKIES in it! Here I am, sampling one:

Yum! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Who wants to come over and celebrate with us?

Cookies for everypup!

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Oh my sweet handsome man! Happy Zim-aversary!!! I am on my way... if I don't find the car keys, I will take Tia's jet, ha roooo!!!! I LOVE the Starbucks mug. I hope you have an awesome day and get LOTS of loves from the entire pack!
    Hugs and kisses,

  2. Oh, I do! Those look like great cookies. I hope you have a great Zim-aversary. I will see if I can get a treat in celebration!


  3. Happy Zimaversary!!!! I'll be over in a little while!!!

  4. Zim - Happy Anniversay !!!
    Your present is soooo sweet from your Mom and Dad. We would love to come over and celebrate. Mom is making cheesy cookies as we speak and we can bring some with us.
    Have A Wonderful Day !!!!
    Husky Hugs and Kisses

  5. OOOOOOOO!!!! Happy Zim-aversary! I want to come on over and have some cookies with you, but my Mom says it's too far for a walk like that today. Bummer!! Lots of love!!


  6. Happy Zimiversary!!!! Woo Hoo! You and my Mom would get along great because she LOVES Starbucks!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Happy Zim-aversary! I'm on my way!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Hi-Woo Zim,
    I saw that it was your Zim-aversary on Sitka's blawg. Have a great day! Wish I could stop by to party wif ya but I don't think Pittsburgh is near where you live!?!?
    Many more,

  9. Happy Zim-aversary!!!! Yummy cookies! We'd love to come help you celebrate, as we told Sitka, maybe if we chew on some ruby slippers like you did they will take us to visit you in Kansas? Maybe we could chew them and say "There's no place like Zimmy's"! Do you think it'll work?
    China & Madie

  10. Oh Sweet Zimmie HAPPY ZIMM-aversary!!!!!

    That looks so good. Enjoy your cookies and we will have a Peach fresh off the tree for you today!
    I hope you like Peaches!? We do!

    Did you get and email from Frankie about Our trip to Starbucks?

    Luv and Happy Day for you kisses,
    Frankie and Maddie

  11. Hey roo guys! This just in from my pals K & Kali in Mexico City!
    hey zimmie
    it's us, k and kali
    we hope you have a great day.
    you got cookies, how great is that.
    we will help you celebrate with chewies now.
    we hope your mama can put this in your blog

    Isn't that cool? They got CHEWIES! 'Cuz it's my Zimaversary! Ha ROOOO!
    Back to the celebration - more later!
    Play bows,

  12. Yay! Happy Zim-aversary!! What time does the party start??? I'll be there ASAP.


  13. Happy Zimaversary Zim! What a great event to celebrate! I would love to share cookies to mark this very special day. I'm on my way!

  14. Harrrrrr Matey Zim The Pirate
    Happy Zim Aversary
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  15. Oh, we sure wish we could be there to celabrate with you Zimmy. It's stinky that we live sooooo far away! Someday Mom & Dad will go to Kansas again and we will tag along, then we'll have to have one big pawty!!!
    In the mean time, mom says she'll have that coffee for ya

  16. Hey Zim! Happy Zim-aversary! You sure are a lucky girl to have landed with the perfect family.

    Mom says Colorado is right next door to Kansas so I'll be right over, OK?

    Play bows,

  17. Happy Zim-aversary. Cookies are a great treat.

  18. OOOO OOOO, me me me. Is ther enough to go around? Happy Adoption Anniversary Day! It's great when you find your furever home!

    -The Kapp Pack

  19. Happy Zimaversary!!!!
    I'm on my way, I'll bring Bandit with me! Oh, and we'll bring the Buffett tunes!!

    Cheeseburger in Paradise to you!


  20. We'd love to celebrate with you Zimmy! Happy Zim-aversray! Cookies, let them all have cookies! We had to go back and read your story. You truely are a miricale pup! You are one lucky dog to have such great sibe sibs and humans in your pack. Best wishes and many more years with your family. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  21. I want to come over! Happy Zimaversary!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  22. I LOVE that last picture of you, you look so handsome!

    Congratulations on your Zimaversary! Some people call it "Gotcha Day". Those cookies look great! I hope you had a great day!

    Indy and family

  23. Oh Zimmie, you have such a wonderful home, with such awesome humans!! You are certainly very lucky to have found such a great place to call your furever home! Happy Zimaversary to you!!! Those cookies sure look good. It's very nice of your mom and dad to get them just for you!


  24. Happy Zim-aversary to you Zim. You look so handsome now. What a nice gift. Can I come celebrate with you? Woo~

    ~ girl girl

  25. Happy Zim-aversary Zimmie!!!!!!!!

    As you know I am in the process of walking to Kansas, so I should be with you in about a zillllion years, so save a cookie for me!

    Your Starbucks mug looks fandabidozi and the cookies inside it!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

  26. Happy Zimaversary, looks like you had a fab day!

    Oscar x

  27. Hi there Zim,
    Happy Zim-aversary!! We have noticed that you are very generous with your food. We loved the cake you sent and would love to pop over for coffee and cookies. Oh if only we could... Anyway we are there in spirit and will toast you with a cookie or too after dinner!
    Have a great day!
    Jazz and Dixie

  28. Happy Zim aversary! Starbucks is yummy (well at least my Mom says so) but cookies are the best! 6 years....that is great! Hope you have a happy, fun day!

  29. Hey Zim, we'll totally invade your party! Haroo! Get it? Invade? Zim? Invader Zim?

    Okay so we're not as funny as Amber.

  30. Ooh, happy Zim-aversary! We all had an extra treat yesterday to celebrate. We got a chicken jerky!!

  31. Hey Zim,
    I'm soooo there.
    What time?
    I hope you have a FANTASTIC

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  32. Sitka: Tia has her own jet?!? Wow, cats never cease to amaze me! Thank roo for the cool post on your blog!

    Steve: Did your mom or dad give you guys treats to help celebrate!?!? I hope so!

    Tubey: Don't get distracted by the bunnies!!!

    Maya Marie: CHEESY cookies!?!? Wowzers, those sound great!

    Marley: I hope you got to celebrate in absentia (wherever that is!).

    Ruby: I was hoping I could GO to Starbuck's, but a mug full of cookies is even BETTER!

    Maggie: Like I told Tubey, don't get distracted by the bunnies on your way over - those guys are EVERYwhere!

    Cosmos: Thanks for coming by the blog! I asked Stormy and she said Pittsburgh with an "h" on the end is way on the east side of the park from here. Pittsburg without the "h" is closer - it's here in Kansas - but it's still a long car ride away!

    China & Madie: Ha roo roo roo! That's a great idea, girls!

    Frankie & Maddie: Peaches!! YUM! I love peaches! We did get your email and will write you back shortly!

    K & Kali: Ha rooooo! Chewies sound cool!

    Lola: The party is all day, every day! :) Come on OVER!

    Echo: Cool! I'll look for you - and will ask mom if we can have cake!

    Cap'n Maverick: HARR! Thank ye!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Mmmm... coffee! It would be SO cool to meet you if you get to come to KS!

    Ginger: COOL! Come on over! (I'm a boy, by the way. I know it's hard to know without doing sniffies!)

    Peanut: I love cookies!

    Kapp Pack: I didn't even really care about doing ANYTHING until I got here and got well! I love my furever home!

    Dakota & Bandit! Cool! Cheeseburgers ... mmmmmm!

    Tasha & Eva: I've come a long, long way! Life is great now!

    Joe Stains: COOL! It wouldn't be a party without you! Bring the Tan-man, too!

    Indy: Thank roo! Mom was really surprised that it turned out so well! maybe if she gave me more cookies, she'd have more good pix of me! Ha roo roo roo!

    Holly: This is the place I was meant to be! Storm taught me rules, Amber taught me love, and I didn't even know how to play until Davy got here!

    Girl Girl: I can't imagine a party without you! Come on over!

    Marvin: I keep looking for you - I guess a zillion years hasn't passed yet!

    Oscar: It WAS a fab day!

    Jazz & Dixie! I do share well. I'd even share a cappuccino with you - if I was allowed to have one! :)

    Amici: Yes! I've been here 6 years now! I was about a year and a half old when I got here, so mom says I'm 7 1/2 years old, going on 8 months. What does that mean? Ha roo roo roo!

    Nanook & Pooka! Ha roo! That was a good one! I like it!

    Sasha: Chicken jerky?!? That sounds great! Can you stick a piece in your D drive and send me some?

    Texas: Come on over ANY time!

    Thanks to EVERYPUP (which includes Girl Girl, since she's a hamsterberian!) for the great Zim-aversary wishes!
    Play bows,

  33. Happy Zim-aversary!!! Those cookies look yummy!!

  34. Sorry we are late for the Zim-aversary. We are so glad you found such a fantastic fur-ever home! We don't think it would be the same if it was the Army of Three.

  35. Crap! I'm so far behind on blogs I missed your Zim-aversary!

    I'm so sorry I didn't wish you a happy Zim-aversary on the very day of your Zim-aversary, but since we don't use calendars, I declare that every day the sun comes up, we celebrate Zim-aversary!


  36. Kaos: Thank roo! And they were GREAT!!!

    Butchy & Snickers: Thank roo! Our mom is way behind, too - and she doesn't have a good excuse!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy: Thanx, Dachsies! We were the Ao3 before Dave got here, and it wasn't as much fun!

    Meeshka! Thank roo! You declared that "every day the sun comes up, we celebrate Zim-aversary!"!!!! How COOL! That is INCREDIBLE! Thanx, Meeshka!

    Play bows,

  37. Happy Zimaversary! (late - sorry)