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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

About Our Bipeds ...

Ha roo, puppers - it's me, Stormy. Our friend MayaMarie tagged us to tell you about our Mom and Dad. We really like how she and Sitka and some of our other fellow bloggers did this like an interview, so we thought we'd try that tack. I'll be conducting the interview, but Amber, Zim and Dave will help, if needed. My words will be in red (my power color), Mom's in black. Amber is green, Zim is blue, and the Deeeve is in purple. Ready?

OK, let's get started with some basics. Other than your real names, which are Mom and Dad, what are your and Dad's biped-type of names?

--- and ---.

Really? That's not what I hear you call each other! It's usually stuff like "Honey" and ...



Enough, please.

OK, since you said "please". Now ... look into my eyes and tell me all your secrets.

You already know all my secrets, Stormy. I tell you everything.

Oh, yeah. So, tell me a little bit about yourself. You know, for the readers. Where were you born?

Well, like your dad, my dad was in the Army, too. We moved around a great deal. I was born between moves.


Yes. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA - where my grandparents lived!

Cool! What about Dad?

He was born in Lorain, Ohio.

How long was Dad in the Army?

27 years!

Wow! Dad's so cool! Ha roo roo roo! Hey, Mom! Chase me! Chase me, Mom!

Hey, Zimmie! What are you doing? Are you playing with Mom!?! Where's my toy? I wanna play, too! I've gotta hand her my toy ...

Hey, Dave, let's play! C'mon! Chase me, Dave!

Knock it off, you two. I'm trying to conduct an interview.

We're just having some fun, Stormy! Mom, here's my toy! Here's my toy! Here's my toy!

Davy, darlin' ... I'm doing something with Stormy right now ...

Hey, Mom! Chase me!


Amber! Would you please get these two to give me some space!?!?!

Boys! Please! Boys!?!

Amber, seriously. If you don't get them to back off, I will.

Boys! In the living room, NOW! RRrrrrrrroooo!

Stormy, your girl puppy has great herding skills. And is a master at communication.

Thank roo. I'm very proud of her. I trained her myself, you know!

And you've done an outstanding job. The boys still need some work. I love them dearly, but ... you know.

Yes, I DO know! Speaking of training, do you and Dad have any formal schooling?

We're not Road Scholars like you, Stormy, but yes. I have a Bachelor's degree from Penn State; your dad has a Bachelor's from John Carroll University and a Master's from Boston University.

Wow. What does Dad do now?

He teaches college courses on-line.

Cool! That gives him more time with US! We love it when he runs us or we go on long family walks! And he has more time to golf and watch movies and read and stuff!


And what do you do now?

You know, Storm - housework, gardening, cooking...

Ooooh, yes, we love it when you cook!

You're a very good helper. You're always there to make sure the cheese is OK!

What can I say? The Siberian Husky IS a Working Breed, you know! Ha roo roo roo! And I know Zim helps you with the vacuuming and making beds and with the dishes!

Yes, he does. And Dave helps me with any color choices I have to make in my quilts or decorating ...

Guide Dog for the Color Blind! He's really talented in that whole color realm!

Yes, he is. And Amber is a GREAT security guard! She's so protective of all of us!

Yeah. I'm really proud of my girl puppy! And my boy puppy. And ... um ... Dave.

I know you love him, Stormy.

Hey! I keep your secrets! How about keeping mine!?!?

Gotcha covered, sweetie.

Well, thanks for the interview, Mom. Any last thoughts for our readers before I close?

Thank you, Stormy. Yes. Just a plea to my fellow bipeds. Here in our town, they allow fireworks and firecrackers to be set off starting a few days prior to the 4th of July - and on the Fourth itself. Please remember how sensitive our furry friends are to these LOUD cracks and bangs! Please keep your pets protected from the noise - preferably in the house! When you take them outside, please be extra careful with leashes! The loud noises can scare pups and kitties, and in their fright, they will often run off! Please take care so that won't happen!

Thanks, Mom. As somepup who doesn't really care for those loud, sharp noises myself, I appreciate you reminding everyone. Safety first!

Well, that's it for today, readers! Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about our bipeds. I'm off to get some work done.

Tail wags,


  1. You sure are lucky to have such a nice family! And I especially like the upside down photo!

  2. Great interview Stormy! I'm really impressed that you could keep your focus with all of the distractions. At least Amber helped you out by herding the "distractions" away!


  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    i am so humbled and excited that i inadvertantly started a tag game! yeah! its been cool to see how far my game went! i loved learning about your mom and dad! here's a question...do they have any non-fur babies? i like all your different personalities and the "interview" showed that very well!

  4. Wow, that was like battlefront interviewing, Stormy! Maybe that will be part of your next mission? I see you have imbedded yourself quite well, haroo!

  5. You'all are just too much! Stormy you did a good job keeping your cool during the interruption. And to find out how much all of you help around the house. You have a stay at home dogmom too! We are such lucky pups.

  6. Wowee, what a great interview, Stormy. You should be on TV! Animal Planet, watch out!!


  7. Great interview. Your mom and dad sound cool.

  8. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Woo Stormy...
    Tia and I enjoyed learning more about your mom and dad! I am very impressed how you managed to interview your mom and keep the rest of the crew in line. Tia says that she knows how you feel because she is always having to keep order in our house too!

  9. Stormy that was an awesome interview of your biped Mom!!! And thanks to her for reminding everyone about those evil fireworks. They are way too loud for me...I don't really like them.

    Have a happy 4th! Lots of Licks, Ruby

  10. oooooh I am liking these interviews! We just love finding out stuff about everyone's hooooomans.

    Stormy - Your parents are soooooo clever too.

    My Mama stays home tooooooooooo and does "all the important things"......which is the best job in the world, well that is what I always bark.

    Stormy, You all have a lovely family, and best wishes for your celebrations tomorrow, 4th July!

    Hope you all have a lovely, lovely, day!

    From all of us here in the UK! To our American pals!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  11. Great interview Stormy! Does Davy interrupt a lot if someone else is getting attention? I do that ALL the time!

    Thanks for the fireworks reminders. Our humans always make sure we have the TV's or radio's on so we don't get too scared.


  12. Ha! Zim & Dave sound like my kind of pups - always ready to play no matter WHAT is going on!

  13. Good job Stormy! I know how hard it is to get any work done when none of the others want to cooperate. :::: insert Mom rolling eyes here:::

  14. Great interview Stormy. You asked some good questions especially with all the commotion going on. Neat to hear that your Dad was in our neck of the woods (New England) when he earned his Masters. Woo Woo!

  15. It was a great interview, Stormy. Your dad teaches on-line? That is so cool. You showed your alpha power really well too.


  16. Stormy, you sure did a great interview and you got Amber to control the boys really well. :)

    ~ girl girl

  17. Wow,my head is spinning from that interview.....Stormy you need to keep your pack in line a little better....lol :-P

    -Kelsey Ann

  18. wowie! your house is crazy but not as crazy as turbo's crew!

  19. Wow Stormy, what a great Job! I personally think I have ADD... I don't know if I would have been able to complete that interview with a couple playful pups around!

  20. Tubey: Thank roo! That's my favorite relaxing position!

    Kat: I really have my paws full sometimes! But yes, Amber is a HUGE help to me!

    Hershey: You came up with a GREAT idea! It was fun!
    No biped puppies here, though we do love them!

    Guinness & Shiloh: It's always challenging to focus with the boys around. They're just having fun, though!

    MayaMarie! We are VERY lucky pups, indeed!

    Marley: Well, we ARE on DWB-TV! That's even BETTER! HA roo!

    Peanut: Thank roo!

    Sitka & Tia: Thank roo. Amber does a lot to help me keep the order - and is a bit gentler about it!

    Ruby: Thank roo! And I'm not a fan of all the fireworks & firecrackers, either! Rescue Remedy does a great job of soothing me, though!

    Marvin: Thank roo! Mom wasn't always a stay-at-home mom, but we sure are glad she is now! Ha roo!
    And thank roo for the good wishes for the Fourth!

    Holly: The TV does help a bit, doesn't it?! We'll have to remember that!
    Yes, Davy always HAS to horn in! He doesn't mean anything bad by it, he just wants to be at the party, not left out. He loves to bring a toy with him - if one of us is doing something with Mom or Dad or if someone comes to the house - he always goes and gets something as a present. It's sort of a RETRIEVER thing. Ha roo roo roo!

    Ginger: You look like such a sweet, playful pup! You'd love playing with any of us - we're always up for fun!

    Echo: Ha roo roo roo! I just KNOW you're a hard=worker!!!

    Amici: Thank roo! It's hard to stay focused sometimes!

    Precious: Thank rooooo! It's not easy being in charge, you know!

    Girl Girl: Thank roo! And Ammy says, "Thank roo", too. She's really such a help to me!

    Kelsey Ann: It's like that a lot here. HA roo roo roo!

    Ivy: The Tube Wolf has 2 pups up on us! I think that explains a lot!

    Rocky: Thank roo. That's why I've trained Amber to be sort of my XO (Executive Officer). She's a great asset!

    Tail wags,

  21. Super interview! Your people sound really nice and it's cool they get to spend so much time with you guys!

    Happy Independence Day!

    Thrawn & The Brat Pack

  22. what a wonderful interview you did, much better than Tanner and I. Your mom and dad are very interesting, not as interesting as you guys, though.

  23. Hey Thrawn! Thank roo! We LOVE having our bipeds around!

    Joey! Thank roo, but I think you and Tanner did a great job!

    Tail wags,

  24. What? You call that at interview? No questions about the unfair expensive anti-husky trash can? No hard hitting questions about the evil Dyson? Did you shine a light in her face and make her confess to buying these things all to keep your oppressed?