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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Storm or Squash - You Decide!

Woo, everypup. It's me, Dave! Guess what we got the other evening?

One of these:

Here's another look:

And some of these:

Guess which we liked better?

Mmm... squash!

A big Ao4 thanks to Sitka for giving Mom the idea to let us try squash!


PS: Yes ... most bipeds seek shelter during storms with a small "s"; our Mom goes out on the deck to take photos.


  1. Well I would be quite happy to be "squashed" up with you Four if the horrible storm came over the house!

    Your Mama is crazy like mine, taking photos of every blooming thing!

    Your storm looks soooooooo scary, but the squash looks nice and tasty.

    love and squashed licks, Marv xxxx

  2. You'all had grilled squash! Yummy.

    Your Mom took some good photos. She sure is brave out there in the weather.

    Thanks for the vote. Even if I don't win that's okay, just being nominated is an honor.

    Husky Hugs. MayaMarie

  3. Squash...Yummie...at The Black Dog Inn, we all like squash except for Perrin. Mommy calls him a picky butt. Marley likes it soo much that he runs out and picks it from the garden himself!

  4. Wow, that looks yummy. You should woo at your mom until she goes inside to safety! What would you do with out her!!


  5. I would have been hiding in the closet during that storm. Mom just picked us some zucchini, I will have to get her to grill us some. Your's looks yummy.

    -Kelsey Ann

  6. Wow- your mom is so much braver than mine! My mom hides in the bedroom (and truth be told I am there with her!) when she hears or sees thunder and lightning. I have never had grilled squash. What do you put on it while you are grilling? My dad does the annual burning of the meat thing so maybe I could get him to grill some squash.

    Mom wants to thank you for the link to the Drs catalog. She got the dogs, cats and wild bird ones. I caught dad looking at the dog one for a harness. He is worried that I will go flying some time when I am in the backseat.

    I can recommend Sonic. Mom and dad get cranberry slushes after the bark park on Sundays. Sometimes they get the breakfast burrito and because mom still doesn't have very much appetite, I get about half. Yummmm.

    It's too bad you guys don't live closer. Dave is such a good color guide. My mom is color blind and uses dad when she goes to buy beads. I don't know much about colors or I would try to help her pick colors when she is working on her jewelry.


  7. Woo-hoo,
    My mommy said that those clouds your mommy took pictures of look om-i-nous! We are spose to get 'chance of thunderstorms' all week in PGH. I do not like thunder noise. Stay dry!

  8. Our mom tried to give us squash too. Only Samuel liked it. But yours looks much better. Grilled? Maybe I would like it that way instead of raw.

    We need some rain, but can do without nasty storms (with a small 's'). Way too dry here.


  9. Definitely the squash...it looked yummy. That sky looks very scawie...better be careful and tell your silly Mom to get inside so she doesn't get all lighted up!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  10. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Oh squashers... Dave, it is the best isn't it!!! Your mom made them so pretty with those grill marks!!! Ha roo!


  11. That looks like one nasty storm! Your squash looks very yummy! Mom made portabello mushrooms on the grill tonight and they were good. Your squash and our mushrooms would go good together!

    Love ya lots,

  12. wow, awesome pictures. The ones of the storm are great and the one of the squash looks like it bame out of a magazine.

  13. Whoa! Those are scarey looking clouds! You're Mom is brave. Squash...hmmmm.....now that my tummy is better maybe I'll have to mention that to Mom.

  14. After the vet trip tonight, Daddy got us water ice at Rita's! It's like a slushie - mango!!!! and custard too!!! yum yum yum!!!

  15. I hope you don't have one of those tornado thingies. My dad grew up in Oklahoma and he said they are really pretty in the sky but when they touch down they are really scary!

  16. Oooh! We've never tried squash but we love veggies so we'll have to ask Momma to get us some.

    Sounds like a good snack for the blogathon this weekend.

    Belly rubs,
    Tasha & Eva

  17. Wow, awesome storm!

  18. Ahhh.. that looked like a nasty storm! Stay dry!

  19. Ooh, that looks good. I'll add it to the human's shopping list. Thankfully they stopped and got us liverwurst yesterday, or the claw would've come out.

  20. Marvin: Mom should take fewer pictures and give us more SNACKS!

    Maya Marie: Mom says thanks for the nice words about her storm photos. Siberianly speaking, I like the picture of me eating squash better! Woo.

    Black Dog Inn pups! Thanks for coming by! We're all "good eaters" here!

    Steve: This is further proof that our bipeds shouldn't be allowed outside without us having them on a leash!!! Stormy wooed at her the time there was a tornado right there so she'd go downstairs. She STILL went out and took a picture first! (shaking my head) Bipeds!

    Kelsey Ann: Storm said storms don't bother her as much during daylight hours as they do at night. Are you like that, too? Me, I can sleep through anything.

    C-K-C! Mom put olive oil, a little Kosher salt, and fresh chopped basil on the squash (yellow and zucchini) (and eggplant, too!). Then she laid a sprig of her purple basil we're helping her grow over top of it while it cooked, to help infuse the flavor. It was YUMMY!
    I would love to help your mom pick out beads! My mom does some jewelry work, too. She worries about dropping beads and having me eat them, though, so I'm not as involved with that as I am with quilting!
    Great to hear from you! Hug your mom for all of us!

    Cosmos: I don't mind storms at all... I just don't like getting my feety-feet wet in the grass afterwards! Hope you're OK!

    Holly: Everything tastes better from the grill!
    We go between having flood problems to being in a drought. Crazy Kansas!

    Ruby: Sometimes we wonder about Mom ....

    Sitka: We really owe you a BIG one for that idea! We LOVE the squashers!

    Maggie: Mom is very anti-mushrooms. That could explain why I've never had any.

    Copper: Thank roo! Out of the magazine and into my MOUTH! Ha woooooo! I wish I could have shared with all of you!

    Echo: I hope you shake that bug off soon, little Bug!
    Mom started college as a meteorology major - can you tell? She says if it wasn't for that third Calculus class, she could get paid for talking about the storms!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Mmmmmmmango slushie! That sounds GREAT!

    Boomer: No twisters with that storm! WHEW!

    Tasha & Eva: I hope she lets you have some! It's GREAT!

    Cubby: Mom was fascinated by it.

    Huskee Boy: Sadly, I eventually had to go potty, and got my feety-feet wet after the storm. Wooooo, I don't like that!

    Sasha: Grilled squashers are worth clawing for, too. Really!


  21. My Dogness, Dave! I believe we have had a Coincidence! My People made squash with stripes, but we did not eat any. And, we had a Loud Storm yesterday. My People were Gone to Work; I wisely went to the Basement. My heart person would have been with me, not taking Photographs of the Storm!


  22. Dear Miss Tansy: What a coincidence with the squash and storm! You don't think one causes the other, do you? Hmmm....

  23. I don't think its ever rained squash here, let alone grilled squash. That's quite an impressive storm you had. Next time I hope it rains hamburger, that's tasty too.