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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Hiding Place

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber! I've discovered a really good, new hiding place! I don't think Mom will ever be able to find me here! It's really great and I think that when Mom gets the evil FURminator or brush or comb out (since I'm still blowing my fluffy coat!) she won't be able to find me!

Really! I think I can relax! She'll never find me here!

Keep this mind if you need to hide from the brushes!



  1. Ammy you are so smart! They've threatened to furminate me too! The movers are packing up our stuff and Mom tells me not to bark and growl at them...humf! And Madie just wants to play with them...crazy puppy! Hope your hiding place works perfect for you!

  2. Oohh!! I should try that. Dad has been plucking me because I have loose fur on my tush. I need to hide.


  3. Hints for hiding places are good. I hate when mommy plucks what she says is loose fur off of me. Woo ouch, it still smarts.

  4. Ammie, that is the bestest hiding place ever! I prefer behind the lazy boy, because my humans can't get there. But they can still see me there....you are totally camoflauged! You are so smart!

    Please stop by my blog, I have a problem with my dumb people, and Amici told me that they're going on a honeymoon, which sounds totally stupid to me...check out the comments section. This is a serious case of needing the A04!


  5. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Oh Amber... the brush is so evil! I am glad that you found a new hiding place. It looks like that place may keep you hidden from the parents!

  6. Amber you are so clever! She'll never find you there. Surely she'll give up and chase one of the others instead.

  7. Hey! Are you hiding because you heard my dad may be coming your way soon? He may be working out there any day now. Give us a shout if he can meet you!

  8. I think you need to repost those pictures with an arrow... I couldn't find you.


  9. That's the perfect spot! I'll have to find a place as good for when mommy decides to bathe me. And I think that she's considering buying a furminator! Is there any way to make her not do it?

  10. Good hiding skills! I tagged you come to my blog to find out more!

    -Kapp Pack

  11. that is a good spot you have there! I am so glad I don't have to get brushed often!

  12. Amber, that is such a great hiding place and it looks comfy too. Can I come hide with you?

    ~ girl girl

  13. Where you even in those pics, Ammie? Couldn't hardly make you out. That looked laike a very nasty storm that came through the other day. Glad to see the bunnies haven't eaten your magic bean stalks! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  14. oh cool! i need an army blankie to hind behind too. i cud use it wenever my peepol get the evil nail cutters out.

  15. If you're outside, hide behind the grass. That works too. I try that when I'm stalking Ray Charles or Isis.
    Inside, that's a good idea.

  16. Amber -

    Thanks for the tip - I hate those hair brushes!!Have a great weekend - Dory

  17. China: Our mom agrees - she says especially not to growl at the guys packing breakable stuff! Have a safe move!

    Steve: My mom is a pluck-a-holic!

    Cosmos: It's MY fur! That's how I feel about it!

    Marley: It took me a lot of hard work to come up with this hiding spot!
    Maybe your mom and dad will take you WITH them on their honeymoon!

    Sitka: I think it may work!

    Echo: I hope so! I've GOT to stop coming when she calls me!

    Newfies: That would be so cool!!!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy: Hee hee hee!

    Meeshka! Shhh! I'm right here. Just don't tell the evil brush lady, AKA my mom!

    Louka: OH, the FURminator is so evil! It takes out ALL of our lush undercoat. I don't know how to stop your mom. If I did, I would have stopped MINE!

    Kapp Pack: Thanks for the tag!! And for the compliment on my hidy spot!

    Joe Stains: Brushes are EVIL!

    Girl Girl! Yes, I think there is room for you to hide with me!

    Tasha & Eva: REally! I really AM in the pictures! Wow, I must have hidden really well!
    Those bunnies are driving my mom crazy! And yet, she won't let us at them!
    It was an OK storm, since it came during daylight. Storm with a capital "S" doesn't like the ones at night time!

    Ivy: Ooooh, the nail trimmers are evil, too! I only have to have my dews trimmed, but I don't like it!!!

    Sasha! Hide behind the grass! I never would have thought of that! Thank roo!

    Dory: I hope you try it and it works for you!