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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Salute - Buddy & Dusty!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes to our friends Buddy and Dusty of Harrow, Ontario, in Canada! How appropriate that we salute them today, as it is Canada Day! Happy day to all of our "neighbors to the North"!

Here are our salutees! That's Buddy on the left and Dusty on the right.

Buddy is a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix and is about a year and a half old; Dusty is a ten year old Lab. Buddy has lived with his bipeds, Judy and Ted, since February of 2006; Dusty actually owns their daughter, but spends a lot of time visiting Buddy! As you can see, they are fast friends - here they are, guarding the house from squirrels!!!

Did you see that, Buddy? SQUIRREL!

Should we get up?

Not yet. Let's think it through first.

After that hard work, they had to take a nap.

Buddy was starting to slip, but Dusty was right there to protect him!

Don't worry, little fella! I've got you!

They're really VERY good nappers!

Buddy even helps his dad nap - always going the extra mile to help his bipeds!

Hey, Dad. Can I pull the quilt up for you?

If that's not being helpful, we don't know what is! I think all of us should try this!

Dusty is afraid of storms (note that's with a small "s"!) and rain but loves to swim. She enjoys playing with a ball or Frisbee. Buddy likes to jump and loves going for car or truck rides. Here he is, on his way to Dusty's house!

Let's go, Mom!

He also told us that he and his mom have been meeting a friend to go walking in the morning! He said his mom's friend calls when she's ready, and they walk over to meet her. Now he knows when the phone rings in the morning, it's time for FUN! He likes to do leaps of joy - about chest high! Wow, what an athlete!!! No wonder he needs all those cat naps! Roo - speaking of which ...

Here he is with his friend Trouble, the cat. Unfortunately, Trouble is no longer with them; Buddy still misses him!

He has another cat friend named Callie. Here is Callie enjoying a lovely hole that Buddy dug.

All sorts of interesting theories come to mind about what Buddy was REALLY doing, putting Callie in the hole like that. His mom was reading his emails, so he didn't give us the actual scoop. Amber thought perhaps he was planting Callie to grow a Pussy Willow tree. (Hee hee hee!) ...Or Cat Tails. ...Or Cats Claw. (Yeah... we get it, Am. Editor's note to self: More supervision when Amber writes the Sunday Salute.)

Here is Buddy's adorable profile!

Squirrel? Do I hear a squirrel?

Always working - whether it's keeping the house safe from squirrels, keeping each other company during power naps (and doing the same for Buddy's dad!), going on walkies, or doing some gardening - for all you do, we salute you, Buddy and Dusty!

The Army of Four


  1. Oh my goodness! Those 2 pictures of Buddy and Dusty sleeping together on the rust colored sofa are too cute!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Lovely Sunday Salute Guys! And wonderful pictures.

    love and licks from Tired But Happy and "Safe" in Scotland ;0(

    Will begin blogging and catching up tomorrow in between unpacking!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

    and your Friend Jeannie xxxxxxxx Hugs

  3. Happy Canada Day! When I was younger we went to a camp in the summer that bordered Canada (lake did anyway). We used to have to sing the National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem each morning.

    Amici hasn't been to Canada. Maybe some day. We (Alan and I) love Quebec.

  4. buddy is such a HANDSOME looking dog!! Well so is Dusty! Thanks for this salute Mom loves both of these guys!

  5. Anonymous7:58 PM

    OH, I loved getting to know Buddy and Dusty. I love the photo of them sleeping together on the sofa. How sweet. I sometimes lay into my mom's tummy like that.

    Happy Canada Day!

  6. Thoose are some very sweet pictures and you look like the very bestest of buddies. Misty especially appreciates the snuggly picture wiff da dad. She tries that, but cuz she's so big, it doesn't work as well.

  7. Awww! Mom says the cuteness factor of this pair is way off the scale! What great buds they are.

  8. What a wonderful salute! I love the pics! They looks like such great friends. I especially like the couch napping picture...how sweet!


  9. Buddy and Dusty are such cute doggies. :)

    ~ girl girl

  10. Hi guys,
    These two pups sure love each other by the look of all those great photos. Nice Sunday Salute!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. We couldn't think of a more deserving salute than these pups. They set the bar high for proper napping. Good job AO4 for bringing them to our attention.

    The FleasGang

  12. Maggie: We thought so, too! They're ADORABLE!

    Marvin: We're so glad you're BACK! And SAFE! Hug your mom and daddy for us, OK?

    Hi Lee! Our mom and dad have both been to Canada, but we Sibes haven't.

    Joey: Aren't they both just totally adorable!?!?!

    Sitka: They are so snuggly!

    Guinness, Shiloh & Misty: We are so happy to salute these adorable boys!

    Echo: It IS, isn't it!?!? WAY off the scale!

    Holly: Aren't they cute!!??!

    Girl Girl: I agree 100%!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo - aren't they just so CUTE?!?!?

    Hi Fleas Gang! They DO set the bar high, don't they? I think I'm going to go practice now. Ha roo roo roo!