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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Rock!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Storms! A big thank roo to our gal-pals Sitka and Sasha for nominating Amber and me as Rockin' Girl Bloggers! Ha roooooo!

This is totally cool, and it was quite thoughtful of Sitka and Sasha to give us the nod! We're supposed to nominate seven other rockin' girl bloggers - so here goes. This isn't easy, because all of our blogging buddies ROCK! We nominate Pippin & Tansy, Frankie & Maddie, China & Madie, Mati, Jazz & Dixie, Summer (of Team Husky), and Dakota!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Mom took this picture of Amber and me, then played around with it a bit.

Me and Ammy

Not bad, is it? Don't I look proud? I had just heard about our Rockin' Girl Blogger award.

As a side note, Mom had to take about 152 pictures of us before she even came up with this one. We were ... a tad bit less than cooperative. Just because. In the vast majority of the pix, if Amber looked good, I didn't - and vice versa. It kept the cookies flowing, though, until Mom finally gave up. We scored about 15 cookies throughout the process, for those who might be wondering! Ha rooooo!

Here's a pretty one of Amber:

Doesn't she look lovely? I was looking at a bug on the front porch, so Mom cropped me out.

Here I am, posing nicely on the bed:

Amber wouldn't look at the camera, so she got cropped out. You can still see her hip and tail. The lighting is off, but Mom really liked my "look" here. That's my "take as many pictures as you like; Amber still won't look at you - keep the cookies coming, please" pose. It was quite enjoyable!

That's all for today. Many thanks to Sitka and Sasha. And to ALL the female bloggers out there - and the guys, too - you ROCK! In fact, we'd like to present this to our brothers, Zim and Dave.


Tail wags,


  1. Very COOL!!!!!!!!! You girls really ROCK! We're not sure we can pick 7 more since you named everyone we would think of too! We'll try and get Mom to take a rockin' photo of us!
    China & Madie

  2. CONGRATS Stormy, to both you and Amber! You two definitely ARE rockin' girl bloggers!

    And two paws up to you for nominating your brothers for rockin' guy bloggers...us boy pups need recognition too! :)


  3. Congrats you so rock

  4. Congratulations girls! You earned that cool award. And now that you're both "rockin girls", your Mom needs to be informed that she will need to contact your manager to arrange for photo ops.

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    WOO WOO Storms and Amber. You both are awesome!!! I love what you did for Zim and Dave! Storms, I bet you created it because you are so talented!!!

    I love the photos and the fact that you received lots of cookies!!!!


  6. Hey Stormy and Amber! Congratulations! And thanks to all of you in the Ao4 for commenting on my blog & making me feel so welcome!
    I loved your blog entry yesterday about herbs. Mom also grows herbs & has a Ginger-scented Geranium - for ME!!! Someone or somecritter has been eating all the basil leaves though, wasn't me...honest!

  7. Great pics! You are both so very lovely, and I always love reading your blog! I was going to nominate you too, but saw that Sitka already had. It's so hard to pick when there are SO MANY great bloggers!

    Kudos for coming up with the guy rockin bloggers! There are LOTS of them too!


  8. You gals are rockin' and beautiful too! I especially LOVE that shot of you on the bed Stormy, the expression on you face is priceless. I like that you awarded your bros' too! I think I can come up with some rockin boys myself!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. Congratulations on being Rockin' girl bloggers! Isn't it just so cool! And I see there is now a Rockin' guy bloggers honor award too! There are sure a lots of them!

    Love ya lots,

  10. congrats to you girls for the award and for being difficult for picture time!

  11. Congratulations Stormy and Amber! I agree, you rock!!


  12. Rockin WWWWOOOOOOO's all around!

  13. Congratulations! I'm glad you made an award for rockin' guy bloggers!

    Amber looks so pretty in that pic, I love her big smile! I like the picture of the two of you, it looks like a painting!

  14. Woohoo! You four rock! Are you all gonna rock the house down?


  15. Congrats! Welcome to the rockin' girls club!

  16. Contratulations to you girls! Se agree the guys should get an award too. And you have really cool brothers.

  17. Hey Ao4! Rock on! Great way to earn cookies! We have chocolate miny and basil growing on our hillside. We like the strawberries better!

  18. Hi AO4,
    We are not sure yet how much the surgery will cost. Based on another puppy's leg surgery (that was not as complicated as Xia's will be) we are estimating about $3,000, but we should know more after her appt. with the specialist tomorrow. I will update my blog once we know, so check back.

    Thanks for anything you can do! You can also help by forwarding the info about her story to other dog lovers!

    Thanks so much!

  19. China & Madie: You girls deserve it! WE love reading your blog!

    Marley: Thank roo, you sweet pup!

    Peanut: Thank roo! You do, too!

    Echo: Thanx and ha roo roo roo! When we want to... we can be HIGHLY uncooperative! :)

    Sitka: Thank roo! And yes, I did make that badge! I think all hard work should be recognized and rewarded! Ha roooooo!

    Ginger! Thank roo! Ginger-scented geraniums?!? We've never heard of those - they sound intriguing; we'll have to get mom to look into them!
    Hmm... do you have rabbits where you live? They're eating EVERYTHING around here!

    Holly: Thank roo so much! It's hard to decide, isn't it? It's nice that so many pups are writing great blogs!

    Ruby: thank roo! Amber and I had a great time being uncooperative. Ha roooooo!

    Maggie: thank roo - and it IS pretty cool!

    Joe: Thank roo - and being difficult for the pix was our pleasure. It got us more cookies!

    Kat : Thank roo! and so do YOU!

    Guinness & Shiloh: YEAH!

    Indy: Thanks! And we were glad to do an award for the guys!!!
    Thanks for the compliments on the pix! I'll be sure to let Ammy know what you wrote! :)

    Precious: YEAH! We ARE rockin' the house down!

    Kapp Pack: Thank roo!

    Maya Marie: Thanx! and we agree - we DO have cool brothers!

    Newfs of Hazard! Ha rooooo! We had some strawberries in our quiet thinking spot garden. What the bunnies and birds didn't eat, Zim did. HA roo roo roo! He said they'd have been great paired with the chocolate mint!

    Indy: Gotcha covered, pal!!!

    Tail wags, all,