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Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Catalogue

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I hope everypup is staying cool! We've been doing most of our exercise early in the morning to beat the heat, then we find fun things to do in the house. Are you finding things to do inside?

We got our new Drs. Foster and Smith catalogue the other day, and I spent some quiet time paging through it. Look at the cover, everypup!! Look at the adorable little Boston Terrier puppies!

Aren't they just so adorable!?!?

I was daydreaming about who they might look like the most. Maybe one of them is Ruby Bleu when she was a puppy!?! Or maybe Joe Stains and Tanner! Or how about Bruin? What do you think, everypuppy!!??

Stay cool!



  1. Hi Amber...
    I had no idea I was so famous!!! Wow how cool is that...me, a cover girl - hee, hee, hee! Better not go and get a big head over this since it really isn't me hee, hee, hee!!!

    I like to look at catalogs too...stay cool!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. We get their catalogue too! They always have cute covers! My favorite section is the toy section!

    Love ya lots,

  3. I don't see a Doofus dot on either of those two cuties so it can't be tanner, but I was always into modeling ;) We have been staying inside and having lots of fun barking at each other and I think Mom really likes that.

  4. Ruby: You're certainly PRETTY enough to be a Cover Girl! My brothers say so! :)

    Maggie: YES! The toys and the TREATS!

    Joey: Has Tanner always had his cute little dot?
    I'll bet your mom appreciates very MUCH you two playing bark games in the house! Does she say things like, "Thank you! THANK YOU!"? Our mom does when we get real rowdy. That must mean she wants us to keep it up!


  5. dear Amber,

    We are at our cation' home in AZ,
    where temps have been from 126 to current 120 days, only cooling to 90 at night time! My Mom says I am completely bonkers, I like to lay on the hot rocks in our backyard in mid day for about 5 minutes..... she says I am gonna fry my head. She won't let me stay that long, I only get about a minute of that in. She wonders and is almost certain this is NOT typical Sibe behavior!?????
    I DUNNO, I think it just feels good.

    We have a baby Boston Terror pup as a neighbor here. She is the cutest and mom loves to hold her.
    She has the best smile, grins from ear to ear. Her name is Miss B.
    Miss B is so so so cute. She has an older bro Boston named Buckshot. My Mom trys to outrun his :french kiss:, he is slurper fast, she loses alot, but for some reason finds this such fun.
    Shhh and she thinks I am crazy for nappping on hot rocks in triple digits!
    You 4 stay cool Ammie!


  6. Hi Amber - We got our catalog too! There's lots of good stuff in there. Mom has been eyeing some of those beds. She said if we're good doggies maybe Santa Paws will bring a couple. She's sure he shops there.

  7. The catalogues are nice, but goin to the store with mommy is much more fun!

  8. Now if Amber was on the front cover, we would consider purchasing from the catalogue

  9. Our humans were talking the other day about ordering us some new chew sticks from that same catalog!!

    I think those two cute Bostons look a lot like Joey and Tanner!


  10. We loved that catalog cover too!! I thought it might be Ruby and Tanner!


  11. oooooh I definitely think those adorable pups are Joe and Tanner! Although Tanner has a spot where his brain is? Do one of those pups in the picture have a spot on their head? If so, it's Tanner!

    love from Marvin in Sunny Scotland (at long last!!!!!)


  12. Hi Guys,
    Firstly a big thanks to Zim for the cake!! It was indeed very yummy. Actually its been a cake kinda weekend for us (check our blog) That catalogue looks cute.
    It sure is hot where you are. Is it humid or dry heat?
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Oh Amber,
    I enjoy looking through those too!!! I can't believe that Ruby is on the cover, wow!!!

  14. Frankie: Zim likes to lay in the sun, too! You two are sun-bunnies!
    Hee hee hee! I get way too hot!
    Your neighbors' terriers sound really cute! Maybe it's THEM on the cover of the catalogue!

    Echo: They used to have an "indestructable" bed - and the picture showed a Siberian puppy trying to chew it up! Hee hee hee! Is that "type casting"?

    Guinness & Shiloh! You are SO sweet!!! Oooh, I wish I could go shopping in a store like that! We don't have any here right now - but I've heard we might get a PetsMart!

    HollY: Maybe they'll see this post and it will remind them! I hope you get some!!!

    Dory: Isn't it adorable!?!?!

    Hi Marvin! I didn't see a dot on anypup's head - but maybe it's the camera angle!

    Jazz & Dixie: YEA! You got CAKE! That is SO wonderful! Your cakes look so pretty!
    We have humid heat here. It used to be dry heat, when Mom lived near here as a biped puppy, but now there are man-made lakes and stuff, so it gets really THICK. How hot is it in Tokyo?

    Sitka: Isn't it FUN to look through the catalogue? All the pups are SO cute and the toys and treats are wonderful! Unfortunately, they also have some pages of torture items - brushes, combs, shampoos, etc. YUCK!


  15. We got the same catalog yesterday! Mom helped me pick out a bed that I like and she says will match the decorations in the house. I think she's going to order it for me (and one for Steve) since it's part of the RED HOT SALE!


  16. Anonymous11:27 PM

    They sure are some cute puppies! Mom says they do kinda look like me when I was way little. That had to be about a thousand years ago!

  17. It's hot here too! Today it's supposed to be 99! I am laying in my crate to keep cool. Mom made me some homemade biscuits with beef broth, AND she made me a beef broth popsicle! I loved it, so she said she will make some more for me!

  18. Kat: How FUN! I hope you get a nice, comfy bed! Steve, too!

    Bruin: I'll bet you were an adorable puppy - 'cause you're so cute NOW! :)

    Indy: Mmmm, home made treats and beef broth pup-sickles?!?! That sounds even better than ice cubes!!!