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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Salute - Mango!

Our Sunday Salute this week goes to our friend Mango the cat! You may remember us mentioning Mango way back in January when she helped us get Zim into his cool under-cover disguise. You can click here for a reminder! Mango is one cool, hard-working cat, who deserves her very own Sunday Salute!

Here are a few pix of her hard at work:

Oh, sure, sure. It looks like she's napping, but no! We're pretty sure she is holding up the sides of her mom's sewing cabinet or desk. Really. Here she is again, supervising her friend Cedar, who is trying to spell her so she can get some rest.

OK, Cedar ... stretch this paw out a little further ...

Mango lives out in the country, somewhere in rural Oregon. Her mom told us the cool story of how she adopted them! Her family had lost their other cats (they lived happy, good lives to the ripe old age of 17!) and after lunch one day, they walked down to the animal shelter. There were oodles of little kitties there! The kitty who would become Mango was front and center in her cage, giving Nate (the family's teenage biped) the eye, cooing at him, and showing him her lovely hair. The lady let Nate hold her and they fell in love. Mango was 9 months old; she's about 5 years old now. Mango's former owner had to put Mango up for adoption because he was moving to a smaller house -- Mango's "new" dad is a home inspector who had just done an inspection for that very house weeks before! Sounds like this adoption was meant to BE!

We asked Mango what her hobbies are. She told us she likes to "sleep, eat, sleep, eat, cuddle, sleep, and eat." Hmm. Is there any wonder why some bipeds call Siberian Huskies the "missing link" between cats and dogs? She'd fit in VERY well around here! She views herself as the Queen of the house - though her mom claims differently. Mango said that for the sake of peace, she lets her mom think she is the Queen and that Mango is the Princess. I think we all know better, don't we?

Do I need to get up?

Mango likes to hunt mice, moles, and birds. (How are you with bunnies, Mango? And can you come over?) Her mom told us, "At night, you can see her swatting at moths as they fly by." Wow, she's always hard at work! Here she is, protecting their garden!

My work here is done...

She told us she doesn't like catnip, even though her "Queen" grew a huge catnip bush. She turns her nose up at it and walks away. As Dave reported a while ago, two out of three cats like catnip -- Mango must be the "one" who doesn't! Mighty nice of her mom to grow her some, though.

Mango is an indoor/outdoor cat, and lets it be known where she would like to be. She has mastered the screen door and comes and goes when she wants to, provided the sliding door is open. Pretty smart, Mango!

She is very feminine and prefers not to play unless she feels like it. Very Siberian, if you ask us! Ha roo roo roo! She loves to have her furry tummy rubbed and will stretch out her arms for the full effect.

You may rub my tummy now

Allegedly, this sweet, mellow cat has recently terrorized her Vet hospital. Mango's mom told us, "They said she has been the WORST cat ever to be in their services. She hissed and whacked them and would have chewed their hands off if they came closer." When her mom came to pick her up, she was so mellow, they thought she was a different cat all together. Ha roo roo roo! Good one, Mango! Anything to keep the bipeds guessing!

Mango, for all you do - holding up furniture, coaching Cedar on how to do the same, hunting to keep the homestead and gardens safe, and much, much more ... we salute you!

The Army of Four

PS: Mango just sent us an update. She said she's read about how we like the AC vents, and thought we should see this:

Ha roo roo roo! We just might have a cat in a Sibe suit here! :) Oh ... and Mango, Dave wants to know if that's a Hancock's of Paducah CATalogue you've got there?!?


  1. This kitty has one tough life! Wonderful pictures!

    Love ya lots,

  2. those are terrrific pictures and one very special kitty. Guinness says Mango and our long lost kitty, Scottie, would have been good friends cuz they are so much alike. Guinness misses her kitty, even if she did swat at her ears all of the time.

  3. We are glad Mango found such a great family but ... the guy was moving into a smaller house and it was too small for a cat? Mango is much better off!

  4. wow.....I dont like Cats although I know they taste like chicken.....

    But Mango seems a cool dude. and wears a Lab suit,

    so okay by me!

    love and sad licks, Marv xxxxxx

  5. Wow, a kitty after my own heart. Eat, sleep, cuddle, eat, and sleep some more! That kitty sure has it made!


  6. Mango looks like a BIG kitty. Good to hear that she found a great home.


  7. I like the name Mango! He is VERY fluffy...wonder if he is related to Meeshka?

  8. What a happy ending for Mango...check out our blog to see what treats we had last night....we got the idea from the Ao4.

    -Kelsey Ann

  9. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Woo Mango! What a great Salute to you! Sitka and I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I love your belly up photo.


  10. oh man a CAT? I guess this cat is ok, but still, a CAT?!

  11. My mom used to have a cat with orange coloring when she was little...it was her favorite cat. Mango sure is beautiful and looks SO HUGGABLE!

  12. Well if you must live with a cat she looks like a good one. However, I would not want to experience her "wack" Yikes!


  13. Mango sure is a cute fluffy cat. I want to rub her tummy. You think she'll like me?

    ~ girl girl

  14. That cat looks like Isis. She sleeps like that too!

  15. Mango looks purrrfect to me.


  16. Maggie: She's a cool cat, isn't she?

    Guinness & Shiloh: Scottie sounds like a great friend! Guinness, you must miss her a lot!

    Roxie & the boys: That's what we thought, too! Mango was MEANT to be where she is now!

    Marvin: Do NOT hurt the kitty! Storm will kick your butt! Storm says "no hurting kitties!" We always listen to her. ALWAYS. It's best that way.

    Holly: She sounds VERY Siberian, doesn't she? Very "Mal", too!

    T & E: She's fluffy! Ha roooo!

    Indy: Maybe she's Meeshka in a cat suit! Ha roo roo roo!

    Kelsey Ann: You got SQUASH! That's so cool - isn't it GREAT?!!?

    Tia: I thought you and Sitka would like our salute! Isn't Mango COOL!!??!!

    Joe: But she's a COOL cat. (You should have seen Amber and Dave staring at the screen while we wrote our Salute! Storm and I had to do most of it ourselves!)

    Amici: There is an orange cat around here who has tried to follow us home on our walks! I'd love to adopt him, as would Storm. But Am and Dave feel a bit differently about the whole thing. :( I'd love to have a kitty friend!

    Nugget: I think you'd have to tow the line around her, don't you?

    Girl Girl: I think Mango might mistake you for a mouse ... so meeting her might not be a good idea! I could guard you, though!

    Sasha: Like Isis? Ha roo roo roo!

    Wilbur: Yeah, she's cool, isn't she?

    Play bows!

  17. wow that mango is a whole lot fo cuddley snugly cat...seh looks like my biped sisters cat...but he isnt cuddley at all...he looks soft and cuddley but my momsaid he has an attitude problem...oh well...way to go Mango