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Friday, July 13, 2007

Time Capsule!

Ha roo, pupper-oohs! Zim here! Is everypup staying cool? Here's something you can think about while you're laying on the air conditioning vent or lounging by the pool!

Our sweet and bee-roo-tiful Beagle babe friends Jazz and Dixie tagged us in a fun, new game! They and their mom went on a cool walk with Fei and her mom and they stopped to pose on a buried time capsule! They wondered what was in it and offered up their list of what they'd put in one! Then, the game! They said, "If you doggies/Girl Girl were going to make a time capsule to be opened some time in the future what would you put in there for the doggies/hamsters of the future? Name five important things that you would include and then pass it on to five other friends." Wowzers, how FUN! We've been thinking long and hard on this! That's me on the right, thinking.

All four of us kicked this around. Dave thought we should include watermelon seeds, so pups of the future could have watermelons. Then I said we should put COFFEE BEANS in there, so they could have cappuccinos! Then, when Amber realized this time capsule would be buried for 50 years, she thought we should round up every brush and comb in our house and bury those! (Not that she's trying to avoid getting brushed or anything ... ha roo roo roo!) Then Stormy told us we needed to knock it off and get serious.

Knock it off and get to work on our list, Siberpups!

I play bowed to her and said, "Yes, Stormy!" That's really all you can do in that situation. You know, if you've already learned the hard way. Like I have.

Without furthur ado, here's our list!

2. a 6' leash. Those items are our ticket to all kinds of wonderful adventures and FUN!

3. Good neighbor bags. Like the collar and lead, without those, we don't go anywhere!

Me, Dad and Amber, with items 1-3. Too bad we can't put snow in the time capsule!

4. A brochure from our vet's, so people will know how to take care of pups in the future! They'd learn all about proper nutrition, medical treatments (to include how to treat for fleas & ticks, guard against heartworm and all KINDS of great stuff!), and training tips.

5. TOYS! We want puppies of the future to see all of our cool toys like Nylabones, Kongs, and our real dinosaur bones! We want pups of the future to have fun indoor activities, too! Here's Dave with the stash he has in the inner room of the Quilt Studio.

No wonder Amber can't find the ones she was looking for! Ha roo roo roo!

That's our list! We tag Marvin, the bee-roo-tiful Sitka, MayaMarie, Marley, and Steve & Kat.

THIS JUST IN! Remember Xia, the puppy Dave posted about a couple days ago? She's out of surgery! It went well and she'll be home tomorrow! Please keep her and her foster family in your thoughts and prayers! You can follow her progress on her dogster page! Thank roo so much to all the great bipeds at Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue AND to Xia's vets and her foster family!!! We wish her a speedy and uneventful recovery!

Play bows!


  1. Zimmie!

    Those are great items for a time capsule! Dave looks perplexed at ALL those great toys just begging to be played with too!

    Thank you for the Rocker Girl Noms.
    We will be posting on our blog with that either today or tomorrow!

    Oh and we got our new Limited Slip Collars, well not new, we never had any of these before, we LOVE them. Mom is trying to break Maddie from using my neck as her new pull toy, saying something about she wants them to stay looking pretty. I got a RED one and Maddies is the Purple kind.

    We are praying for Xia too!

    Frankie Girl

  2. good news on the surgery! You guys put together a great time capsule, but won't you miss your toys! ;)

  3. Oooo exciting...both about the capsule AND Xia! Big woos all around!


  4. Oooo yeah the toys are the most important thing to add to a time capsule!!!!

  5. Those are good items.

  6. Great items! I like the toy items the best!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Anonymous5:00 PM

    oh Zimmie.. great idea! I still think you should have put coffee beans in there!!! You know I love coffee too!!! yumm!

  8. Great list! Those leashes and collars are very important, especially for Sibes! I sure wish we could keep snow, cuz there may not be any in 50 years the way things are going!

    Excellent news about Xia! Hard part will be keeping her calm for recovery!


  9. You guys are so cool! - Thats why I gave you a special award - check my blog for details!

    Luv C$

  10. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for playing along. Four heads are definately better than two! You guys came up with some great ideas. We forgot to let you know, but Dave's recommended Zoom Groom is fantastic!Mum found it in a small pet shop here! We go crazy and jump all over mum when she shows it to us.Its like a massage. We think it should be the only brush of the future!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Meaningful time capsule there. I wonder who would find it 50 years from now?


  12. hmmmm... that time capsule thing is very cool. We need to ponder one of those. Oh, and mom gave us bananas thanks to you all! Yummy!!!! She makes us work for them, but they are worth it!

  13. hmmmm... i think i wud put an electrified acorn in the time capsule just in case the evil skwerrels dig it up and sneak it open early so they will get wut is coming to them! tee hee!

    luv ivy

  14. Zim, you look so great with your scraf. You'all have some good stuff to put in the time capsule. But did Dave include any of the toys?
    We made a box with a few things, but when Mom said something about burrying it in the back yard for the future, I emptied it real quick.
    This was a fun tag.

  15. Thanks, everypup, for the prayers for Xia!

    Frankie & Madie: Oh, cool! I can't wait to see pix of you two in your new collars!!!

    Joe Stains: Hmm... we'll see how many Davy really contributes!

    Marley: The time capsule is cool, isn't it?

    Madie: Dogs of the future need to see our cool stuff!

    Peanut: Thank roo!

    Maggie: Thank roo! Same with Dave!

    Sitka: Mmmm... coffee! I wonder if Sonic makes any frozen treats with coffee!?!?

    Holly: Keeping a Sibe, especially a young one, calm is going to be a REAL challenge!
    Snow .... lovely snow!

    Charlie the Big Dog! Or should I roo "C$"? How cool! Thank roo!

    Jazz & Dixie: This was a GREAT idea you came up with us! We really had to put some thought into our list!
    Dave is REALLY happy your mom found a Zoom Groom! Those things aren't as bad as regular brushes, are they? Like you said, they give a nice massage!

    Precious! Good question - I never thought about that!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Did you LOVE the bananas!?!?! We always have to sit for ours and take them nice and all. We don't get them until we sit. That's why I, as Drill SGT, have to line everypup up first!

    Ivy: An electrified acorn!?!? Ha roo roo roo! That's a great idea! You're really smart!

    Maya Marie: Thank roo! I loved that scarf! Unfortunately, an unfortunate ripping incident occurred that I don't know ANYTHING about. It's no longer with us. I need a new one!
    Glad you had fun with this!

    Play bows,

  16. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Zim... Sonic doesn't make coffee flavored stuff, I don't think... but STARBUCKS does. I went with Mom and Dad today. Mom only let me have some of the whip cream from her mocha frappichino ;( I was hoping for the coffee chocolate part, ha roo!

  17. Sitka: We have a special celebration coming up this week - maybe Mom and Dad will take me to Starbuck's!
    Play bows,