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Monday, July 09, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XIX - Catnip & Dognip!

Woo, everypup. It's me - Dave! Our good buddy Echo asked a great question the other day! He wrote, "I've got a question for you all to work on while you're inside keeping cool. I'd like to know exactly what 'catnip' is. And would there be 'dognip' as well? If so...do you have any in your garden? Hmmmm." What a great question! I went to our gardening expert, Zim, for some help with this one!

Contrary to what I thought when I first heard the word, "catnip" does not have anything to do with trying to take a small bite out of one of our feline foe. (Ha woo woo woo!) In fact, it's a plant that's a member of the mint family! According to Wikipedia, "Most of the species are herbaceous perennial plants, but some are annuals. They have sturdy stems with opposite heart-shaped, green to grayish-green leaves." Two out of three cats surveyed reported feeling a narcotic-like effect from it. Woo. The plants even contain a substance that is reported to be an effective mosquito repellent!

Zim and I couldn't find any information about the possibility of "dognip", but there were some snarky comments about "it's bound to be something stinky". That's not real helpful! Zim said he thought he had spotted some mint on our deck, growing near his beloved basil plants. (He's helping Mom grow Sweet Basil and a special Purple colored one this year!) We thought we'd check it out and see if it did anything for us!

Hey, Dave! Come check this out! Mom put some mint next to my basil plants!

Oh... yeah! Spearmint AND Chocolate Mint! Yum!

Really? Lemme try! Ooooh, this Chocolate Mint really DOES taste chocolaty!

Mmmm... the dried Basil leaves that fell off are tasty, too!

Echo, I hope that answers your question about "catnip"! And as per "dognip", technically there is no such plant, but Zim and I highly recommend Chocolate Mint. Or Sweet Basil! YUM! Wasn't it nice of our mom to put the crocks up on these stands so they'd be at snacking level?



  1. My mom is just loving your posting today! She loves all of the herbs, especially basil! Will you be making home made tomatoe sauce soon?

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hey our Mom says she grew Chocolate Mint before! She loved it too!
    China & Madie

  3. You guys have the coolest Mom. She has special pots for you'all with all those goodies. Our's is not a very good plant grower. We asked her to get a squash plant, and she killed it, so now she has to buy it. Oh well.
    What about dragonflys? Do you guys know any info on those green things with the large wings? We have so many here. Some of them fly into the kitchen window. It's very annoying.

  4. Thanks for clarifying that Dave. I knew I could count on you guys to get the right information! I was pretty certain there wasn't any such thing as dognip but I wanted to be sure. Mom said she saw the neighbor's cat roll around with glee shen she got some of that catnip stuff so I figured I might be interested in some dognip.

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Hummmm Dave.. mom has never heard of the chocolate mint before. She must look into it! Ohhh, and I LOVE Basil!! Humm.. I love good smelling herbs anyways :)

  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Woo Stormy and Amber... I have given you an award... check out my blog to see what it is :)

  7. What great information! My human cooks with Basil all the time. I'll have to tell her to let us sample some. The mint sure sounds tasty! Maybe I can have her buy some of those plants for us too. And think of how sweet our breath will smell then!!


  8. Thanks for the info on that. My mom plants a garden too, but it's not where we can peruse through it.

    -Kelsey Ann

  9. Hi Guys,
    Mum is drooling on the keyboard here! She loves chocolate and was very interested in the chocolate mint you have. Mum hasn't seen it here but may have to make some inquiries. She grows herbs on our balcony for dad's cooking. We too pick up the basil, pineapple sage and mint leaves that drop off whenever we are out there. The mint is especially good for freshening one's breath!
    Jazz and Dixie

  10. mmm you guys are lucky! She said she wants to put out a parsley plant for us to nibble because it will make our breath smell better. I think mine smells just fine.

  11. You've got to check out the basil pictures on our bloggy, Dave. We have regular basil, purple basil, and mom found this really cool lime basil that is very yummy too! She plants basil near her tomatoes & in pots. I see lots of sauce in our future!

    Catnip would actually help put your humans to sleep if they made tea from it. It relaxes them like chamamile. Not sure what it would do to the doggy tho. Mom is really into her herbs. Guinness remembers that Scottie cat luved her nip toys!

  12. Stormy and Amber, I nominated you. Check my blog for more information!

  13. So is chocolate mint safe??? I mean chocolate is a no-no, but is this minty stuff ok, if so I'm all over that!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  14. Awww, all I ever know about herbs is parsley. You guys are so smart to know everything!


  15. I wonder if there are hamsternip too? The Chocolate Mint looks really yummy..

    ~ girl girl

  16. Maggie: Zim LOVES basil, too! Home made tomato sauce sounds like a GREAT idea!

    China & Madie: It's really tasty!

    Maya Marie: We're still working on that dragonfly question! We'll get to it - we promise!
    Our Mom wasn't a good grower at first, but kept trying. Tell your mom not to give up!

    Echo: No sweat, buddy! You should give mint or basil a try!

    Sitka: Your mom should look for it - it's very tasty!
    You and Zim BOTH love basil! Maybe you're Italian Huskies? Ha woooooooo!

    Holly: I didn't think about the breath issue! You're really smart!

    Kelsey Ann: Maybe your mom will plant some herbs for you!?!

    Jazz & Dixie: Stormy said to tell your mom the Latin name is Mentha piperita species. Maybe that will help! It's really yummy!
    Pineapple sage sounds good! I've never tried that!

    Joe Stains: Breath aside, parsley might taste good!

    Guinness & Shiloh! Cool-looking herbs! Your purple basil looks different than ours - I'll have to take a close-up to show you!

    Sasha: You're so nice! The girls say "thank roo!"

    Ruby: Stormy said the bad thing in chocolate is "theobromine" and she doesn't think the chocolate mint has any in it! Sounds like it's safe to me!

    Precious: Parsley sounds good to me!

    Girl Girl: Hamsternip? Hmm... I don't think so, but since you're an honorary HAMSTERBERIAN, you're with US! Give mint or basil a try!


  17. Sitka: Thank ROOO from me and Ammy for the Rockin' Girl Bloggers award! Thanx, Sasha, too! Ha rooooo!
    Tail wags,