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Monday, July 30, 2007

Cartoon Characters

Woo, everypuppy, it's me - Dave! A while ago, our good buddy Echo blogged about what cartoon character he was most like. It got us to thinking ... what cartoon characters are we in the Ao4 most like?

Zim left Echo a comment that Mom and Dad say he walks like the Pink Panther. Well, it's true ... he has that cool-cat saunter...


...but he's also my pal. We play together all the time and find cool stuff to do. So I think me and Zimmie are more like Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling.

Hokey and Ding with their friend Huckleberry Hound

Me and Zim

The girls are a little harder. If Lassie had her own cartoon show, that would be who would play Amber in the cartoon of our lives. She's beautiful, strong, smart, protective, loyal, brave ... all that stuff! But if it has to be a cartoon character ...



It's true. She's also soooooo sweet and innocent! No offense, Am!

As for Stormy .... I'm not even going to SAY who Zimmie just said she sort of looks like. And sproings across the yard like. No way, no how. Not going to say it. (Of course, to tap into my and Zimmie's thoughts, you could follow those hyperlinks ... just don't tell Stormy!) Personality-wise, we've got to go with Bugs Bunny. Really. Confident, smart, a glint of mischief in the eyes ...



Yep. Gotta be Bugs! Not the other cartoon star we were thinking about.

So what about the rest of you? If a cartoon was made of your life, what cartoon character would play you?

Dave (AKA Hokey)


  1. Hi there Hokey Dave!

    I will have to give this one some Marvin thought, not too hot on the old cartoons.

    Think all your choices seem very appropriate though!

    love from Marvin xxxxxx (about to go out into the garden and lay under the bushes to think long and hard zzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. well, I am quite a quick thinker.....just come up with the most appropriate one for me.

    "Road Runner" as I am pretty fast!

    ha ha ha! This game has sure cheered me up.

  3. That was SO great Dave! And Bambi is perfect for Amber. The rest fit so well too. I love these thinking games.

  4. Marvin (Road Runner): Ha woo, that's a good one! Zim could also be the Wiley Coyote ... but I thought that would be type-casting.
    We're really glad you're going to keep blogging! Woooooo!

    Echo: This was a really fun game! Thank woo for thinking of it!


  5. Wow...
    That's pretty fun to think about. I'm not sure who I'd be...I'll have to think about that.

    I love your selections...especially Stormy's!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. Hm, I'll have to think about this. Good game, Echo..

  7. Mitch and I will be Yogi and Boo Boo Bear always stealing picnic baskets!

    Love ya lots,

  8. I am going to have to think about this one for a bit, what a good game!

  9. hhmmmmmm... we are pondering this one for a bit.....

  10. Very FUNNY, David. You will pay for this. I read your hyperlinks!

  11. Oh, that's all too funny!! I love your characters! Espcially Stormy's "other" one that wasn't posted! I can definitely see the resemblence there! But don't tell her!

    I don't think you're Hokey Dave, I think you are Handsome!


  12. Kat says I would be Dopey of the Seven Dwarves. I don't think that's very nice!


  13. Oh everyone is such a cute cartoon character. Amber makes such a sweet bambi

    ~ girl girl

  14. i liked the other stormy cartoon character - but it wuz probably a little too mean to post on the bloggy. now we will all hold our noses and snicker at the screen wenever storms writes a post!

    if i were a cartoon character i wud want to be bullwinkle so i cud keep a close eye on that trubble-maker rocky.

  15. Woo! Woo! Could I be Balto? I'm brave and loyal and determined and....


    Mommy says that I'm more like Peter Pan. All the never growing up and always wanting to play business. Well it's not my fault that she doesn't want to play 24/7 with me!

  16. ha-wooooo! what a fun game! hmmmmmm... I think I would be snoopy or tramp- not because they happen to be dogs too! but because Im calm, COOL, and collected, and no body tells me what to do! Im independent and quite mischeivious. but Im also a really nice guy! :)

  17. Oh and Stormy, don't worry about the comparison that Dave made. That other character is really cool! I mean look at him, he's omnipresent! Being everywhere at once is really cool! Oh and I met him in real life too and I wanted to go say hello, but for some reason mommy objected. He looked really nice, though.

  18. Hi Dave,
    We'll have a think about this great question and let you know soon ok.
    Jazz and Dixie

  19. Hey Stormy, Bugs is Mum's favorite! Stewy and I are Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo,,, not sure about OZzy?


  20. Ruby: This IS fun, isn't it? And ... uh ... you mean Stormy and Bugs Bunny, right? Woo.

    Sasha: It took me a lot of thinking! Echo came up with a GREAT game!

    Maggie: Woo, that's a good one! Good luck snagging the "pic-a-nic baskets!" Wooooo!

    Joe: Don't forget Tanner, too!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I'm anxious to hear your cartoon matches!

    Stormy: Umm... I... umm... I'm just KIDDING! Me and Zimmie were JUST kidding around - honest.

    Holly: Have you ever watched Hokey and Ding? They have all KINDS of fun! Woooo!
    Thanks for sticking up for me with Stormy!

    Steve: That isn't nice at ALL! Maybe she's just Grumpy! Woo.

    Girl Girl: Amber is VERY much like Bambi! Really.

    Ivy: I LOVE Bullwinkle! But wasn't Rocky the Flying Squirrel his FRIEND!?!?

    Louka: Those are both good choices!

    Royale: You sound kinda like Zimmie! He could be Snoopy, too! Do you daydream a lot?

    Jazz and Dixie: I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Nugget: We love Bugs, too! (and the other guy .... you know ... in the hyperlinks....)


  21. Louka: You are VERY sweet, and I love intelligent Siberians who use words like "omnipresent". Thank roo!
    Oh... we had a baby one live in our yard one Spring. I wanted to adopt him, but Mom and Dad had some man come catch him and release him out in the country instead. No fair! I'll have to post pictures of him!

    Tail wags,