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Monday, July 16, 2007

Watermelon Slushies!

Woo, everypuppy! It's me, Dave! Did you read our dear friend Sitka's blog the other day? She mentioned that in her Time Capsule, she'd put the blueprints for Sonic Drive-Ins, so they could build one in the future if they didn't have them! I started thinking about Sonic and what all they have there.

I perused the menu and saw that they have Watermelon Slushies! WATERMELON! I LOVE watermelon! It's been SO hot here ... and we in the Ao4 thought Watermelon Slushies would be a great way to cool down. We thought long and hard on them, sending Siberian Mind-Meld Messages to Mom and Dad. Before we knew it, Dad said that on his way home from golf, he'd stop by and grab some Slushies!!! Oh, PUP!

Here are some great pix of me and Stormy, enjoying our Slushies! (Amber and Zim got some, too, of course. We just didn't get any good photos of them.) I worked on Mom.

Excuse me, Mom. Is that a Watermelon Slushie? You KNOW I love watermelon! It's so hot ... and that Slushie looks so cool! Just a little taste for your Davy-doggie?

She gave me some on the lid! This was my first taste. I can't even beGIN to tell you how good it was! You have to get your bipeds to go to Sonic and get one! Or - here's a recipe!

In this next picture, I was holding the lid down with my footy-foot while I licked it off.

Mom was afraid I'd eat the plastic (honestly ... how does she come up with these things?), so she got a plate for me and put more Slushie on it!

Oh, YEAH! Thanks, Mom!

Here's how Stormy's experience went! She worked the ol' Siberian Mind Meld Message to the MAX!

Look into my eyes. Yes ... here I am ... right over the rim of your Slushie cup. You've had enough of yours ... haven't you?

Very good. Yes ... yes, that's it. A little lower ....


She's really good, isn't she? And the SLUSHIES were incredibly good! Head to your local Sonic Drive-In, everypup - or make your own! But whatever you do, make sure you get to try a Watermelon Slushie!


PS: Mental note to Mom and Dad ... the Farmer's Market is Wednesday and I'm SURE they'll have watermelons! (I sure hope this works again!)


  1. Wow...watermelon slushies sure sound good. Mom and Dad wish that there was a Sonic near us to go visit, especially since Sitka gets to go EVERY Friday, but no such luck.

    We DO have a Froots, though, which is primarily a slushie place...and I LOVE the Tropical Toucan! It has mangos in it!


  2. Hi AO4,
    I have put you in
    my pals list if you
    wanted to add me to yours
    That would be cool.
    And speaking of cool
    those slushies look yummy.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  3. Ooooo oooo you guys are SO lucky! Mom never gives us anything like that she only lets us lick drips if there are any! Madie tries to use Puppy Mind Control but it never works...unless it's Papa...heeheehee
    I do my best at Mind Control too and look reeeeeeeeally cute, wag my tail and maybe even give a little whine noise to let them know I'd like some!

  4. you know if you guys hop in the car with them, Sonic will give you guys biscuits!!! we got some at sonic before!!

  5. YUMMMMMMMM how refreshing is this in the summertime!! I've got to get mom to make this for us! Thanks for the recipe guys! I love all the pictures of you guys enjoying your slushie!

    Love ya lots,

  6. Oh you'all really know how to get humas to share their treats. And from Sonic. The "look" is just perfect. Those eyes.
    My mom let me try watermelon over the weekend. I liked it!
    And yes, the bowl is a great noise maker. I'm glad you'all do that too! See mom, I'm not the only one that likes to make noise.
    Husky kisses.

  7. Hey Dave--I love watermelon too!! We don't have Sonic in MI, though.

    I posted a new picture of Hamish just for Amber (well, it's of me and Hamish).

    See ya

  8. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Woo Dave! Wait until Holly sees these photos!!! I am super happy that your dad stopped and got Watermelon Slushies for you and the rest of the pack. I have to say the photo of Stormy drinking from the cup is priceless! I really love it, I guess because I get to drink out of glasses here, eat off forks and the nice china like you did, Dave!


  9. Oh Dave and Stormy, those be-wootiful pleading eyes would have had my mom melting! You are so lucky to have gotten such a cool treat! I'll have to see if my human can whip something like that up! It sure looked awesome!


  10. *GASP* I saw a watermelon in our fridge...I think! It's the big green thing right? I'm gonna use "the look" to have mom make me a slushie right now! It's so hot here, she just HAS to make one for me!

  11. That looks so refreshing on such a hot day! Did I mention I love fans and air conditioning....maybe if I beg really nice mom will give me some icey cream tonight!

    -Kelsey Ann

  12. Wow, those look very yummy. Dad likes to give us ice cream, but we've never had slushies. Shiloh likes to chew on ice cubes, but that slushy stuff sounds even better. Guinness has the best eyes for the mind meld act. Her eyes look as if all of the awful things in the world are happening if you don't give her what she wants. Works every time! Now, to work on Mango Water Ice for us! (water ice is a slushy)

  13. Oh my dog! Watermelon slushies!! We also love watermelon so we will get onto mum about that one. Shouldn't be hard - now with both of us using our big brown eyes we can get anything! We loved the pics of you enjoying your slushies - such contented faces!
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S. We felt the tremor fom yesterdays earthquake here in Tokyo but everything here is ok. Up north though there is a lot of damage and many people have lost their homes. A big nuclear plant up there leaked a bit but they are saying that radition levels are not dangerous. We still get scared everytime we feel a tremor.

  14. Good job on the mind control - I'm impressed. OK, I'm sending her out tonight to get us one and we'll report back.


  15. Yummylicious! It looks like it is the best remedy for a super hot day! I'll have to get my hooman to try the recipe since we don't have Sonic over here. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Hello Dave! Wow, those slushie thingys looked so good, I am working my Marvin Mind Meld on Jeannie now after seeing them! Yum!

    ps I am back but only part time, we still have one Visitor who is proving hard to budge!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  17. Oh.. that looks so yummy. Just nice for hot hot day

    ~ girl girl

  18. Mars Bar: They're incredible! "Froots" sounds like a fun place - do they have watermelon-flavored slushies?

    Texas: Thanks - we added you! Woo. Oh, these slushies are GREAT! You'll have to remember them for when it gets hot "Down Under" where you live!

    China: Actually, except for our bananas, we hardly ever get people food. We just got to taste these - and oh, were they GOOD!

    Joe: Sitka's Sonic gives her free ice cream! Me and Zim are trying to get the car keys so we can go anytime we want to. Maybe if we mention you & Sitka, we'll get biscuits AND ice cream!!!

    Maggie: I sure hope you get to try these - they're so COOL and YUMMY!

    Maya Marie: Isn't watermelon GREAT?!?!? It's my FAVORITE treat!

    Pippin! Watermelon is sooooo cool and yummy, isn't it? Maybe one of your people would try the recipe out and make you a slushie!
    That is a WONDERFUL picture of you! And Hamish, too!

    Sitka, if it hadn't been for your mention of Sonic, we never would have gotten to try the WATERMELON slushie! Thank woooooo!

    Holly: No one can resist us! Wooooooo! I hope you get to try a slushie! You'll love them!

    Ginger! YES! The big green thing has some cold, sweet, juicy red WATERMELON hiding inside! Oh, I hope your mom slices it up and let's you have some! You'll LOVE it!

    Kelsey Ann: It's important for us Sibes to stay COOL! These slushies helped out a lot!

    Guinness & Shiloh: That mango ice sounds good! I hope you two can talk your bipeds into getting you some!

    Jazz & Dixie: Your big, brown eyes could talk our mom into ANYthing! Woo! I hope you get to try this!
    We are glad to hear you're OK after the earthquakes! That has to be scary!!!

    Thrawn: I hope it works!!!

    Precious: I hope you get to try it - it's VERY refreshing!

    Marv-man! Wow, we've missed you! Your mom needs to buy you your own computer, so you can blog even when you have guests over! Thanks for checking in!

    Girl Girl! It was JUST what we needed to help cool off!

    Luv and watermelon wishes,

  19. Oh DRAT! We don't have a Sonic here. This is so not a good week. First Mom's puter....now this. I need a vacation.

  20. Echo: If you can't have a vacation, you should at LEAST have a watermelon!