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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Storm on the Deck!

Ha roo roo roo! Not that kind of storm - me! Storm with a capital "S"! Ha roo roo roo!

Usually the boys or Amber show you around our gardens, but I thought I'd show you one of my favorite areas. It's these pots of purple fountain grass down on the lower deck. I was going to do a nice pose by them ...

Hey ... what's that up there?

...but they tickled me!

Ha roo roo roo! These tickle!

They made me laugh and smile!

I really do think they're nice. Dave thinks they're a good splash of color, Zim checks them for any cool bugs that might try to hide in them, and Amber ... basically Amber says they make Mom happy (the bunnies can't get to them!) so she likes them, too. Amber's pretty sweet like that.

In other news, you can see in that last picture how nicely my coat is coming in! There is still a big difference between my shave-y spots from my surgery and the rest of my fur, but I've got nice coverage now! Ha roo!

Also - Echo, thanks for the heads up that the link about the news story on yesterday's post wasn't working! I went back in and fixed it! It should be good to go now!

Tail wags,


  1. Aroo woo woo, A04! I don't see a place to email you on your blog. There's an email for us on our blog off to the right. Princess is in Pink, The boys are in blue. I'll send you a PM on dogster about how we can meet up. The dates aren't finalized but I suspect dad'll be there July 31 -

  2. On Stormy, Love the pictures. You are so happy and smiling by your tickeling plant.
    You made our day with that happy face! And yes, your coat does look good.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  3. You look so pretty in those pictures, Stormy! They made me smile.


  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Oh your fur is growing back in nicely!!! I love the second photo of you.. ok, I love ALL of the photos of you. You are so photogenic!

  5. Nice gardens, Storm--our humans like to have gardens too.

    Right now, though, we are sooooo sad about our friend Oscar the Airedale. I can't believe he's gone to the Bridge. Maybe we can all do a group ha-roo/woo woo to help him along his way

    Pippin and friends

  6. Is purple tickle grass tasty?

  7. Oh Stormy.....you make anything look nice! Thank Woo for fixing that link. It's a GREAT story!
    P.S. Guess what's coming on Monday? The Ahhhhning! That means Adrill might be dropping by!

  8. Great pics Stormy! You do look very happy and smiley!

    Sorry I have been away for a while. Mom was having some serious medical issues, but is back to being ok now so I can read blogs again. I'm trying to keep up with Meeshka, Steve and Kat, and Tucker on blogathon. I hope I can make it all night long!


  9. Lovely posing there Stormy. Those pictures could go in your portfolio! We were finally able to get our post up about the questions you guys asked.
    jazz and dixie

  10. You mom sure knows how to grow thm lovely plants.. mom is sooo jealous.. she likes plants but has a black thumb.. hehehehe! plus we can't have a garden here too..

    Like your laugh.. looks very ticklish!


  11. Newfies: Gotcha covered! I hope we can meet your dad!

    Maya Marie: Thank roo! :)

    Kat: Thank ROO, too! :)

    Sitka: You are SO sweet! I don't have my outter coat yet, but I've got lots of fuzzy undercoat!

    Pippin: Thank roo - Mom sure spends a lot of time doing the gardening - time she COULD spend with US!
    We are sad about Oscar, too!

    Magnum: I've never tried it, but Zim has. He said he doesn't care for it, but found a Cicada hiding in there the other day, so he always checks the pots!

    Echo: It's a cool story, isn't it!?!?
    Oh, wow! If Adrill shows up, please tell him "ha roo" from all of us! Little Zim sure misses him!

    Holly: Thank roo! We WERE getting worried about you! Is your mom OK? That sounds scary!!! Please lean into her for me, OK?

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo, girls! Wow, I love your answers - and the pretty pictures!

    Toffee: Thanx! Mom has come a long way with her gardening since we moved here. This is the first place she's lived where she's had a successful garden!

    Tail wags,

  12. Stormy, we were tickled about you tickle pictures. You are so cute! My mommy wants your mom to come and help with our garden so we can have a pretty back yard like yours. Our mom can grow vegiies, but the prtty stuff doesn't seem to do so well.

  13. Stormy, we just love your smile! We wish dachsies and huskies could play together for real but it probably isn't a good idea. We are big and tough and we might hurt you guys.

    Thank you for fixing the link to the story. It was a good one that the rest of the news will never bother to share with us.

  14. Wooo, Storm,
    I love your tickle pictures! I like plant tickles too. You look stunning in your pictures!


  15. you sure do look like you enjoy those plants!! I wish it was cool enough outside that we could hang out on our porch but its too hot!

  16. Those pictures are the cutest!

  17. Guinness & Shiloh: Thank roo! :) And our mom can't really grow veggies, so she and your mom would be a good team!

    Dachsies: Thank roo! It would be fun to play together, but with you guys being tough cow-dog wrastlers and all... you know. Things could get out of paw.
    It's a great news story, isn't it?

    Star: Thank roo! Those fluffy things really tickled! Ha roo roo roo!

    Joe: We only go out there in the early mornings now, otherwise it's WAY too hot!

    Cubby! Why thank roo! Thank roo very much!

    Tail wags,