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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amber's Garden P-update

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Mom wanted to take a few shots of some of the garden things the other day and asked me to come with her. Unusual, as Zim usually does the garden pictures with her! She said something about "somebunny" has already eaten enough of the plants, she didn't need Zim eating any more. Hmmm... I wonder who she meant?

Oh, yes. I remember now. Hee hee hee.

We took a quick picture by the mailbox...

...but I couldn't concentrate on looking at the camera. The bunny saw me and crossed the street TOWARD us! Those silly bunnies are getting mighty bold!

We decided to go out back, instead. We saw a picture on Guinness & Shiloh's blog of their Purple Basil, and it looks different than ours! Here's a close up of ours:

I think our leaf-edges are curlier or more jagged!

When I came in, Dad was getting out a new golf towel. (For those of you who may not remember, I decided golf makes me sick (and you can follow this hyperlink to read why!) - but Dad sure seems to enjoy himself! Anyroo.... look at this towel!

Oh, no! Their meeting in Pittsburgh is over, but now they're all over the country! I wonder if we're in danger!?! I wonder if Ivy knows about this?! She'll know what to do! Besides... she knows someone who knows someone who knows Super Ivy! Yikes, what does this all mean?!

Well, SGT Zim is howling at us that we need to line up for daily Banana Formation, so I need to go!

Alright, Ao4! Everypuppy fall in! Banana Formation!

Have a great day, everypuppy, and stay cool!



  1. Banana formation? We got a new banana toy and mom made us banana muffins. You should check out our post called Banana Mutts!

    -Sky and Canyon

  2. Sky & Canyon! Ooooh, those muffins look WONDERFUL and the toy is so CUTE! We get 4 slices each of bananas every day - we love them! I'm going to ask Mom to make us some muffins, too! Yum!

  3. bananananananananananananananan!

  4. Bananas are so yummy. I got in trouble the other day for digging the banana peel out of the trash. I think that was unfair because I wasn't the one who left the pantry door open and left the trash accessible.


  5. Wow, you dad is a big golfer and lives in Kansas - I wonder if he knows my dad's uncle who lives in Kansas, and plays a lot of golf too?

  6. You all look so cool in Banana Formation!
    Hooooooooah!!! Bananas!
    China & Madie

  7. Love the Bannana Formation! That is so cool.
    You sure have a lot of bunnies coming by your yard. I think they like all your Mom's pretty plants.

  8. Banana formation - wowee! I think all of us troopers need to come over to your base for a big ol' banana party!! Woo!


  9. My Mom can send you the recipe....it's people friendly too. Don't tell anybody but she actually made them for the people on the house.

  10. I love the banana formation picture! Here's something odd - I used to love bananas and now I really don't care for them that much any more. Does this happen to any of you at any time?

    Love ya lots,

  11. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Oh Banana Formation? I will be right over for the afternoon lineup, ha rooo!!!

    Amber... you looked beautiful by the mailbox. I like the pretty flowers in the built up pot!!!


  12. We think Amber looks especialy pretty in the flowerpot picture too.

    Mom thinks that maybe your purple basil is a bit more mature, but she took a closer look at ours and it looks the same. When she changes batteries in her camera (again, sigh) she'll get a more close up pic for you, and that awesome lime basil too!

    She's upset tho, cuz the july bugs are eating her sage!

  13. Wow Amber. You have very brave bunnies! Maybe you need a "Scarebunny" for your yard. I'm glad you were okay after you tastetested that golf ball. Mom said she once had a dog that ate a bunch of crayons. Those piles were very colorful! HARRROOOROOO!

  14. I could keep those bunnies away! Yummmmmmmm!

    Such a pretty picture of Ammy by the mailbox! And I LOVE the banana formation. I really need to get my humans to let us try them. Mom did buy us a squash, cuz she saw how much Sitka liked hers, but she hasn't let us try it yet.


  15. dang that bunny better be smart and stay away from you guys! your basil is pretty, mom loves purple!

  16. holy bold bunnies, Ao4! i hope they cross the street rite into one of your mouths!

    those skwerrels are gettin crazier and crazier every day. i am sure they are plottin' sumthin!

  17. Oh that bunny sure is getting bold... How many banana did you doggies get?

    ~ girl girl

  18. Hel-woo,
    I heard my daddy say that there are horsey-eating bunnies cuz his horse spooked when they went near one on a trail ride in South Park in Pittsburgh. They must have big teeth!?!? You mentioned my new home town. My family aren't into the golf sport. One of the people who work with my mommy worked at that golf meet.

  19. I've neer had a banana! Mom doesn't like them so we don't buy them. If there's a special banana formation I am so going to tell her not to be so greedy when she's buying food. She can't buy just what she likes!

  20. Hi Amber! Exactly how are your bananas forming? Mine are usually formed in a pleasing,yellow and curving manner......

    Or have I, Marvin, got the wrong end of the banana, yet again!!!!! ;0)

    love and confused licks, Marv xxxxxxxx

  21. Bananas! We love bananas.too! Gotta have 'em!! Those evil bunnies have done a real number on mom & dad's plants around the house, too. They are eating stuff this year that they have never touched before. It must be because it has been so dry here. Let's hope those hope those evil squirrels stay put and don't take over! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  22. Tubey: Dave can hear a banana being peeled three rooms away!

    Steve: Hmm. If your mom or dad threw it away, that means they didn't want it. Doesn't that mean it's fair game?

    Boomer: Umm... oh, yes, he knows him! :) Hee hee hee!

    China & Madie: SGT Zim is REALLY good at lining us up, isn't he!?!?

    MayaMarie: My mom says the bunnies like her plants TOO much!

    Marley: That would be so FUN!

    Kelsey Ann: We'd love the recipe! Thank roo!

    Maggie: Thank roo! Lose interest in bananas? Hmm... no, we LOVE bananas! I hope that doesn't happen to us!

    Sitka: Come on over! :) And thank roo!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Thank roo! Maybe that explains the basil difference! Has your mom made anything from yours yet? Our mom made pesto out of the sweet basil a few nights ago!
    Your July bugs are eating the sage??! That's not NICE!

    Echo: Oh, that golfing really made me sick! I'm lucky I didn't play the whole 18 holes and eat the entire thing! Mom and Dad are REALLY careful about those balls now - no more golfing for Siberians!
    And I've volunteered to be the "scarebunny" myself, but Mom won't let me! :)

    Holly: Thank roo! Oh, and we MUST try the yellow squash, too! Sitka looked totally enraptured by it!

    Joe Stains: The bunnies don't seem real smart - especially the babies!
    Wait 'til Zim's magic bean stalks grow up and get the purple beans on them - your mom will LOVE those!

    Ivy: I just don't trust those squirrels! They're plotting SOMEthing, that's for SURE!

    Girl Girl: We each get four slices a day! We love our bananas!

    Cosmos: Oh, that must have been a SCARY bunny!
    My mom has been to South Park a lot when she was a biped puppy! It made her smile when you mentioned it!

    Kaos: We really like them and they're good for us! I hope your mom will let you try them!

    Marvin: Hee hee hee! Oh, you make me laugh! Wait until you hear my new joke! I'm posting it next week!

    Tasha & Eva: I'm glad you get to have bananas, too! They're so GOOD!
    There are bunnies EVERYWHERE this year! We thought it was because the coyotes aren't coming around as much, but we aren't sure. They sure have a population explosion, though, and are eating everything in sight!!!