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Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Freckle-Nosed Siber-Boy!

Tail wags and happy Friday, everypup! It's me - Stormy. Have you visited our good friend Kelsey Ann's blog lately!??! She, Sky, Canyon and their bipeds are fostering a little puppy named Rocky. You really need to go look at his pictures.

Our bipeds sometimes wonder what Zim, Dave and I looked like as wee puppies, since we were already full-grown when we were adopted. The more we look at Rocky, the more we think that's what Dave looked like! And it would then follow that Rocky also looks like what Dave's twin brother of a different mother Harley looked like, too!

That started me to thinking ...

...is the world being taken over by freckle-nosed Siber-boys? At the time, I thought the following old photo was one Mom "doctored up" with PhotoSuite. Now I'm not too sure!

Invasion of the pickle-nosed Sibes! Scary thought, isn't it?

Seriously, though - ALL the best to little Rocky! And mega-thanks to MaPaw for taking the wee lad into rescue, to all the transporters for getting him into foster care, and to the Kapp Pack for fostering. Word of warning - Dave was "a foster" here, too. Ha roo roo roo!

Tail wags,


  1. Stormy! We love the Invasion Picture, that is soooooo funny! But a wee bit scary the way they are all looking the same!

    We will pop over to Kelsey Ann's blog a bit later on this evening (we are in our evening now!) we love the pickle nose sibes very much!

    And yes, my Dad is at the British Golf Open for the day today, the weather is looking good and he says he is getting "hospitality", I didn't realise there was a hospital at the Golf Open as well, how odd are these hoooooomans eh?

    He is obviously staying overnight in the Hospitality, 'cos he told us he would not be back until the morning. It is all such a worry to me, Marvin The Confused.

    love and licks from Sunny (yay!) Scotland xxxxxxxx Marv xxxxxx

  2. I can definitely see how that could be what Dave looked like as a puppy!!! What an adorable baby! And I can see failure written all over him. A definite failure would have happened at MY house. My human was oohhhing and aaahhhing all over the place!


  3. Our Mom wouldn't mind one bit if she where invaded by Freckle Nosed Siber-boys!!!!!

    Matter of fact, shhhhh be very very quiet, she and dad have been
    puppy, B/W, blue eyed Boy-Sibe looking around. But shhhh they don't know we know. Can you say Little Brother? ;-)

    I got my paws crossed.....We will see.

    Frankie Girl

  4. Freckle faced Sibes unite! I too have freckles on my mug, as does my currently eau-de-skunk Mama - Sissy. We think AO5 sounds even better than AO4 by the way.

  5. What a wonderful invasion that would be! So many, and with all those freckles. I will be waiting in my window to see them come by.
    I checked our the new pup at Kesley Ann's. So cute.

  6. wow i hope you guys come march in my area or do a parade or something!

  7. Thanks for the link! We're having lots of fun with Rocky but boy is he tiring us out!

    -Kelsey Ann

  8. Ummm... what is so scary about an invasion of freckle-nose boys? We are fluffing cute.

  9. Louka, again.

    I'm a freckle-nosed husky too! Except my freckles are on the skin but still show through the white fur. Can I help Dave invade? My mommy and auntie often wonder what I looked like as a puppy too, since I was a little over a year old when mommy adopted me in december. My auntie thinks I look a bit like Dave, actually, except with black rings around my eyes.

    You asked before if I have a blog and sadly I do not. My mommy's been considering getting me one, though. She says that if she was typing my entries out for me, maybe she'd talk about me less because sometimes, people think I'm all she talks about. Which is kind of true, but who can blame her?

    I love your blog by the way. So just know that you have at least one canadian fan.


  10. Dave, is the world turning upside down at the mere thought of the invasion? hee hee
    Hey, mom said she noticed your very subtle blue spot in your eye - very cool effect

  11. Marvin: A whole PACK of Daves! Can you imagine?!?! YIKES!

    Holly: Rocky is TOTALLY cute, isn't he?

    Frankie: For real!?!? Oh, ha rooo, how exciting! But a invasion of a bunch of Daves?

    Echo: I forgot that you and your mama Sissy have freckles! Truth be told, I have a couple myself. Hmm... that being said, maybe I could lead the invasion ...
    Mom thinks Ao5 sounds scary!

    MayaMarie: Ha roo roo roo! Your post made us smile! You love your window, don't you?

    Joe Stains: It's too hot to do a parade by your house. Maybe a drive-by in air conditioned vehicles!

    Kelsey: You could send him here! Ha roo roo! I'm sure Mom and Dad wouldn't mind! :)

    Magnum: Well, you ARE fluffing cute! I was just picturing a bunch of DAVEs. You know.

    Louka! You're a freckle-nose, too?!?! Hmm... I must admit, freckle-noses are cute. You don't do stuff like Dave, do you? I mean ... he fetches (real Sibes do NOT fetch!), tolerates baths, stuff like that. He's such a lug! Of course ... he's also a heck of a nice guy, though ...
    I was about a year and a half when I got here - so was Zim! And Dave was about 4 years old. Amber was only 4 months old!
    I hope you'll keep reading and leaving us comments!!! Maybe one day you'll start a blog!

    Guinness & Shiloh: That's my (Stormy) eye! Cool, huh? I have one blue one, and the deep brown with the flash of blue. Mom has a hard time photographing the flash of blue - but she really got it this time! It's very "me"!

    Tail wags all!

  12. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Ha roo! The invasion photo is great, Storms!!! And that is alot of Dave's.. which would not be bad!

  13. Stormy, we are sorry that we got you and Dave confused - you are both special and unique. You have those special stormy eyes, and Dave has his freckles. Now that mom is mostly out of her HP fog, may she'll be a better secretary

  14. Sitka: A lot of Dave's is pretty frightening, if you ask me! And there would be NO room on any of the beds!

    Guinness & Shiloh! No problem, pals!

    Tail wags,