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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XXI - Dragonflies!

Ha roo, pups! Zim here, fielding a great question from our dear friend MayaMarie! She lives in a place far, far away called Louisiana and asked, "Now, all of a sudden, we have a lot of dragonflies. They keep flying into the kitchen window and when I'm outside I try to catch them, but they are way too fast. What do you'all know about them?" I was really confused at first, MayaMarie, that's why it took us so long to answer. See ... I thought you meant:

but Stormy said you meant:

Whew! OK, I get it now! We have the second kind here, but not the first kind. In fact, Dave caught one just this morning on our walk! It was huge - a good couple of inches long! I didn't know it, but dragonflies are the fastest insects, according to Wikipedia! That says something about how fast Davy is, too! (For the record, Mom made him spit it out. Dad asked how it was, and Dave said it was OK, but he prefers Cicadas, especially when they buzz in his mouth.) Anyway, they also eat mosquitoes and other little bugs, and Mom says that's not a bad thing at all!

There are lots of kinds of dragonflies out there; in North America alone, there are 450 species! Dave said we have the semi-tasty kind. Ha roo roo roo! So ... dragonFLIES are OK ... but beware of the other kind.

Artist's rendition of me (Zim), Dave and a Flying Dragon, variety Firem Breathingis Dragonite

You heard it here first.

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Ha roo Zim! That was a great question by MayaMarie. I never knew there were so many kinds of dragonflies. I also hope that no dragons come after you! Keep an eye out!

  2. Amici saw a dragonfly the other night while we were all lying in bed (we have a skylight over our bed). It blinked 2x and then off it went! It was fast but I didn't know how fast until we read your post. Very interesting. :)

  3. Mom has a saying about dragons: Beware of Dragons for you are cruntchy and tastey with ketchup! I think I will avoid them...cute pictures.

  4. we do not have EITHER kind here but if I ever see that second kind I am just RUNNING!!!! You guys always give us such good information!

  5. My grammie used to tell my mom when she was a little girl that dragon flies could sew your ears closed! Mom says it hasn't happened yet. She is careful though! hehehehe

    Love ya lots,

  6. We don't like flies of any kind here!

    I really like your drawing!!!


  7. I like to chase flies. I wonder if dragonflies move slower than regular flies? My favorite are definetely cicadas....tis' the season right now :-)


  8. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Ha roo you 4... I have tagged you all! Stop by my blog!

  9. Davey's funny heehee it tasted ok heehee have yall ever tried toads or frogs? Mom tells us not to chase them but they are all over!
    China & Madie

  10. Zim, what great info on these dragonflies. You'all are smart siberians. The stuff you'all know.
    I'm really glad they are not the big green ones with the fire, that's just to scary for me. And Dave caught one? He is some fast. My mom loves how your dad made him spit it out, but he found it tasty.
    I'm glad they are around here if they are helping rid our area of those pesky misquotes.
    The cartoon of you two and the dragon is toooo funny.
    Thanks for the info.

  11. They were some great facts Zim. I'll be sure to watch for that big green kind of dragon that chases huskies. YIKES!

  12. Ooooh! Dragonflies! I don't think that I've met one yet. They aren't common here in the city. I'll have to convince mommy to take me back to the country. I do catch the evil centipedes that are trying to invade my room and I caught an annoying fly that was buzzing around my room. Twice. It was so yucky that I spat it out. But then I caught it again. Dave must be very fast to have caught it! I'm impressed.

    By the way, I finally convinced Mommy to let me have a blog. It's nowhere as good as yours, but it's a start.

    Mommy wants me to say that she adores the look of red huskies and that Amber and Zim are really gorgeous. Oh and theat Stormy and Dave are cute too.

  13. Sitka: I'd rather a dragonfly come after me than a DRAGON! Ha roo roo roo!

    Lee: They're the fastest bug on earth! I bet Amici could still catch one, though! Dave did!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Maybe we should hide the ketchup!

    Joe: Yeah... fire-breathing dragons sound like real bad news! Beware!

    Maggie: Dragon flies can "sew your ears closed"??!!?? YIKES! Good thing Dave got that guy first!

    Holly: Neither does Stormy! Maybe that's why Davy snagged that one - so it wouldn't bother Storm! He's like that. Those two pretend to just tolerate each other, but they really love each other. Shhh! Don't tell anypuppy!

    Canyon: Dragonflies are supposed to be THE fastest of all the bugs! Even faster than flies!
    I love cicadas, too! Don't you love it when they buzz in your mouth and the bipeds freak out and tell you "nonononoZimmiedropitnononono!" Ha roo roo roo! I love that!

    Sitka: COOL! Thanks for the tag - we'll get on it!

    China & Madie: Oh, yeah! We TRY to go after toads and frogs ... but those seem to be on our "nono" list, too!

    Maya Marie: Ha roooo! Glad you liked the post! Isn't it cool that Dave snagged a dragonfly?!? Mom says anything that helps cut the mosquito population can't be all bad. That's why she likes the bat that hangs out under our deck!

    Echo: We haven't seen any of those fire-breathing dragons yet, but we'll post an alert if we do!!!

    LOUKA! That's so cool that you're blogging now! Wowzers, my sisters think you're mighty cute. Ha roo roo roo!
    Dave's not the fastest one of all of us - that's why we were so surprised that he got that dragonfly! Nobody's faster than a Siberian! Ha roooooo!
    Thanks for the kind words on us! 'specially us redheads!

    Play bows,

  14. Hi Zim,
    Nice post about dragonflies! TOgether with the praying mantis they are mum's favourite insects. Here in Japan there are also lots of them however it is a favourite pasttime of many of the children and their parents to flock to the parks with nets to catch them. Mum is sad when she sees this as they are much better flying around.
    Jazz and Dixie

  15. Hi there Zimmie from Sunny Scotland!

    I am in total admiration at the Latin! As you know I am studying Latin at the moment, so I will add those words to my vocabulary!

    I like the thought of Dave liking the buzzing of the cicadas in his mouth, typical Lab behaviour if I may say so! The pictures were very good!

    Now I must depart for more Latin study, Ad Infinitum and Doggimus Bloggerati Delphinium.......

    Mucho lovem and lickems, Marvinus The Braveheartimus.....

    ooooh taken it all toooo far now will have to lie down in a darkened roomimus..... ;0)

  16. Dragonflies are cruchy deliciousness! I definitely would not try and chew on the fire-breathing kind, though!


  17. Dragonflies are cruchy deliciousness! I definitely would not try and chew on the fire-breathing kind, though!


  18. Jazz & Dixie: We have the occasional Praying Mantis here, but not too often! They're pretty cool bugs!

    Marvin: I'm just now learning Latin! Pretty good with the Firem Breathingis Dragonite, don't you think? Ha roo roo roo!

    Marley! I've never crunched a dragonfly - but Dave said it was very enjoyable!

    Play bows,