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Monday, July 02, 2007

Tagged! by Dave

Our friend Kelsey Ann tagged us in this cool new "Tag" game! Woo, it's me, Dave! Stormy said I could take this one and answer for all of us! We have to share 7 things about ourselves, so here goes!

1. Did you see our buddy Echo's tag list? He used to be afraid of WATERMELON! Oh, no! I (Dave) LOVE watermelon! It is one of my very favorite things EVER!

I couldn't wait for Mom to slice this baby up!

I've even written a watermelon Haik-woo, Haik-woo #5. I just love it.

2. Storm was the first of us to get adopted; she was about 1 and 1/2 years old. Amber was next; she was about 4 months old. Zim was third; he was about 1 and 1/2 years old, too. I was the last of us to get adopted; I was about 4 years old. Storm, Zim and I all did stints in the same shelter.

3. I'm taller than Zim. Well, I'm taller than Stormy, too, but here I am with Zim.

Me and Zim

Truth be told, I'm a tad taller than "breed standard". So is Amber. She and I are pretty much the same height. Zim and Storm are right on the mark, as the "breed standard" goes.

4. Zimmie has a thing for coffee. He's worse about that than I am about watermelon! Fortunately for him, coffee never goes out of season. Unfortunately for him, coffee is on the forbidden foods list. Woo.

5. I love to pose for the camera. So does Zim. The girls don't care to so much - Stormy will if she feels like it, and Amber doesn't mind if it's outside OR if it's for a good cause. Since I just mentioned Echo, here's a picture of Ammy with a pillow Mom made for a MaPaw fundraiser. The picture on the pillow is Echo's bee-woo-tiful mama, Sissy, and I think that's Echo with her! I'm not sure. Is that you, Echo? Or one of your brothers or sisters?

Amber modeling a pillow bearing a picture of Sissy, Echo's mom, and maybe Echo!

6. I have a serious hearing condition. My vet calls it "seeee-lec-tive hearing". I am unable to hear Mom or Dad call me, but I can hear a banana being peeled from the other side of the house. As Electricity the Energy Guy would say, "Crazy, ain't it?" Woo. (That's a hyperlink there, for those of you who may not know who I'm writing about!)

7. I was just supposed to be here just for the weekend, then be transported to a rescue group in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad worried about keeping me and Stormy separated, since she's an Alpha and I sort of march to my own tune. You can follow this link to the details of how it all unfolded, but obviously I'm still here. As Mom and Dad say, for two pups who "don't care for each other", Storm and I sure spend a lot of time hanging out together. Ha wooo.

Stormy and me

That's our list! Thanks for letting us play, Kelsey Ann! We tag Macie & Malechai, Rocky & Mati, and now that he's back from his secret mission - Marvin! Have fun, everypuppy!



  1. Maybe it's a boy thing to like the camera. I am always ready to pose for a picture, but Kat will try very hard to look the other way! I'm like you and Zim, she's like Amber and Stormy!


  2. We all like to pose for the camera, but it's hard not to, since the humans always have it in our faces!

    Sam and I also have that same hearing problem!! Sam's the worst though. Unless, of course, it's the sound of a treat bag being opened, or the can opener!


  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    OH Dave... you and the watermelon crack me up!!! Hey, I have that same hearing problem!!! When I am outside in the backyard off leash, and mom calls me, I refuse to come.


  4. Oh Dave....I'm quite certain my watermelon was a different breed than yours. It truly was quite frightening at the time. But they're not nearly as scary sliced....HARROOO! I think that might be me with my Mom. They said I was the first one to wriggle away from the group and explore. Does this surprise you?

  5. My mom just loves watermelon. We go thru a couple a week. I like it too as well as canteloupe and honey dew melons. I just love to look at pictures of you Dave(blush blush). I understand though that your fluffliness and other northern breed ladies that you are prevented you from associations.


  6. Amici gives the pic bad looks sometimes. Kana, Shawn's husky, seems to perk up whenever we take pics of him.

    Amici does pretty good with his hearing until he gets around Kana. If I'm brave (or stupid) I'll take both of them to the dog park and boy oh boy do I have a hard time getting either of them to come then.

  7. You guys sure are pretty! Or handsome? You made me want to get out my Snow Dogs DVD today and watch it. My mom's gonna take a pic so you will know I am not kidding. Isn't somebody in your group a relative of one of the stars on Snow Dogs? I have met so many new Sibes I can't remember who is who. Wish I was a useful dog. I'm just a plain old weiner dog. Luv ya- Bailey

  8. Steve: You could be right! Girls are funny sometimes! (Don't tell my sisters I said that!)

    Holly: My mom always has the camera out, too.
    What a coincidence that you and Sam have seee-lective hearing, too. Woo.

    Sitka: I'm as crazy about watermelon as you are with that yellow squash!
    I think it's impossible to hear bipeds outside. Our ears are filled up with more important things like listening for bunnies or something.

    Echo: Ha woooooo! Nah ... I think you're one out-going little guy!
    Ooooh, sliced watermelon! I can almost taste it now ....

    C-K-C: Thank woo! You are very pretty (I hope Holly doesn't mind me saying that ...) and are VERY sweet!
    I like canteloupe and honey dew, too, but watermelon is the BEST! You go through a couple a week? Can I come over and help?

    Lee: I don't think I'd be able to hear you at the dog park, either. Nothing personal. Woo.

    Bailey: Thank woo! Two of us are boys (me and Zim) and two of us are girls (Storm and Ammy). We all thank you for the compliment!
    None of us are related to the Snow Dogs stars. That we know about, anywoo. Since three of us are from the slammer, we don't know who our blood-relatives are. Amber is a simple Kansas farm girl - but oh, do we LOVE her! She's the bestest red-headed sister EVER! And HEY! Weiner dogs are PLENTY useful! After all - you're a Trooper in the Ao4!!!


  9. Wow, I was a product of a failed foster transport too.


  10. Your mom is really good. My mom thinks she's the bees knees with her pictures. All of you could be siberian models the way you pose for your pictures.

    I haven't tried watermelon yet, I'll add it to mom's grocery list for tomorrow. I'm trying to sneak salmon and yellow squash on the list. I have tried bannana and I like it. I tagged you'all to tell something about your mom and dad. Check mine out.

  11. Shiloh likes apples, but nobody else likes fruit in our house - unless it's all squished up in slop with chicken livers and other stuff. We don't think we've ever tried watermelon - hey mom???!!!

  12. Tanner and I also suffer from that seee lective hearing, is there a treatment for it that you know about? Perhaps 2-3 bananas a day and um some cheese?

  13. Hi Dave, this was a great read about our favourite Sibes. Ahhh watermelon and coffee both some of my favourite things. Speaking of watermelons we read an article yesterday about square watermelons being grown here in Japan and selling for up to ¥25,000 which is about $US 205!!!! I don't think mum will be buying us any of the 800 square watermelons on sale here in Japan!

  14. I love to read about you doggies. Who is the tallest sib in AO4?

    ~ girl girl

  15. LOVE the pictures! The one of Storm & Dave is so sweat! Face Licks, M&M

  16. Watermelon? I never had that, I'll have to try it!

  17. Me and my sisters LOVE whattta-melons! Your family is sooooooo pretty. I hope I can grow up to be just like you guys!


  18. Thanks for Tagging me Guys!

    I have played this game before a few weeks back but I am happy to take part again! I am sure I can find another 7 things to share about me about me......(!);0)

    Yours was very interesting! I will do it in a few days time, I need more time to think, you know how it is! Plus I am still busy unpacking from my top secret mission you know ;0)

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  19. Canyon: Welcome to the club! Woo!

    MayaMarie: Watermelon is the BESTEST! I hope you get to try it!

    Guinness & Shiloh & family: Oooh, I hope you get to try watermelon! We like all kinds of fruits and veggies!

    Joe & Tanner: I highly recommend bananas AND cheese! Woo!

    Jazz & Dixie: SQUARE watermelon!?!? Wow, I'd love to see that! But for over $200, I don't think that's going to happen!

    Girl Girl: Amber and I (Dave) are tied for tallest!

    M&M: Thank woo!

    Sasha: I hope you get to try it! It's deeeee-licious!

    Ricky: Isn't it the greatest!?!?
    You're very kind - thank woo for the compliment! We're just a pack of rescued pups that were looking for our forever home!

    Marvin: We hope you have fun with it!