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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Luca Brasi

Tail wags, pups! It's me - Stormy!

We saw a cool thing on our friend Sasha's blog the other day! She did a fun Slogan Generator. We went to the site and played around with the Movie Quote Generator; it came up with some great movie lines using "Army of Four"!

Our favorite was from The Godfather:

It's a Sicilian message. It means 'Luca Brasi sleeps with the Army of Four'.

Luca Brasi

Ha roo roo roo! Another favorite, also from The Godfather:

Keep your friends close, but your Army of Four closer.

Very sage advice! From A Few Good Men:

You can't handle the Army of Four!

Ha roo roo roo! Few bipeds can! And from that Kansas favorite, The Wizard of Oz:

Pay no attention to that man behind the Army of Four!

We thought these were all great and had tons of fun playing around with the Generator. We couldn't get the Generator graphic to upload onto our blog, but you can click the hyperlink up at the top there and have some fun with it yourself!

Tail wags,


  1. Those are very good movie quotes! They sound so tough!


  2. Heehee we played with it too and one I got was "All Madie, all the time" heehee!!! and "You love Madie, and Madie loves you" Heehee

  3. You guys are funny! I will have Mom give this thing a try tomorrow!

  4. Oh those ARE great Stormy!!! My personal favorite...

    Keep your friends close, but your Army of Four closer.

    I couldn't agree more!

    I'll go see what the movies have to say about me!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    These are awesome Stormy! When I went to do my slogans.. I forgot to do the movie onces. I will have to add those to my next post!

  6. Har Har! "Say hello to my little Ginger" Heee hehe This is fun!


  7. The AO4 rules!!

    Belly rubs,

  8. Great movie quotes! This sounds like fun - I may have to try this out!

    Love ya lots,

  9. Luca Brasi would have been a been a whole lot nicer if he'd known you!

    "Leave the gun. Bring the Army of Four."

  10. Steve: We ARE tough! Ha rooooo!

    Madie: "All Madie, all the time" sounds GREAT! :) And "You love Madie, and Madie loves you" sounds fitting - you're such a sweet pup!!!

    Joe: Isn't this cool? You've gotta try it!

    Ruby: Thank roo! I can't wait to see what it comes up with for you!

    Sitka: Your slogans were GREAT! So were Tia's!

    Ginger: Ha roo roo roo! That's a good one!

    Tasha: Ha roooooo! You and Eva came up with some GREAT ones!

    Maggie: You and Mitch definitely need to try it!

    Tubey! "Leave the gun. Bring the Army of Four."!?!?!? We LOVE that one! Ha roo roo roo! That is priceless!

    Tail wags,