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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Salute - Cooper Simpson Eskew!

Our Sunday Salute goes out to our new, little friend Cooper Simpson Eskew - but you can just call him Slick!

Slick is an 11-week old Beagle/Basset mix from Washington, Georgia, and as his mama said, he is "as cute as a button, as long as a stick." Ha roo roo roo! Slick lives with dear, dear friends of our mom and dad who we call Aunt Sniggy & Uncle Mike, Alfie (an 11-year-old Chow/English Sheep/Corgi), and Eiffel (a 2 year old Schnauzer who owns Keeley, Sniggy & Mike's niece).

Zim interviewed Slick via email, with a little help. As Slick said, "I had to wait until Daddy and Alfie could help me read your Z-mail and Mama could help me on the computer. They say that my 'attention span' needs to be longer. That’s funny because every thing about me is really LLLLLOOOOONNNGGGGGG!!!" He said he has been potty-trained since the second day he came home (way to GO, Slick!) and has a lot of help from Alfie and Eiffel. Zim asked Slick what all he does with Alfie and Eiffel, and Slick told him, "Eiffel is my Nanny and Alfie is the Alpha Female (I don’t know what that means but if I had to guess I’d say the QUEEN and THE BOSS). I love her though as she’s teaching me boundaries….like “touch my food one more time and you’ll be on the moon, eel puppy!!!!!!”" Note to Slick: Obey the Alpha Queen! Really. He also likes to go outside and play with the other pups (and his uncle's pup and cousin's pup who come to visit!). He told us, "I wear them all out and then we sleep in the hot part of the day." Sounds like a good plan! He continued, "We play, eat, sleep, and go outside together. They've taught me my potty training and I go to the door when I have to go potty. ELEVEN WEEKS! NOT BAD!" (You can say that again!) "Our humans make funny happy noises when they watch us play ... I hope that is a good thing." Slick - it is DEFINITELY a good thing!

Cooper Simpson Eskew - Slick!

Zim's next question was, "Your real name is Cooper Simpson Eskew, right? Does anyone ever call you that? Or do you always go by 'Slick'?" Slick responded, "My Great Grand Mother refers to me as Cooper when she is telling people about me - that’s so they will know that she has a puppy named after her and she'll be 93 this month and that’s just fine with all of us!" That's really special! ('Cooper' is his great grand mother's last name!)

We really love Slick's mom and dad; they are great puppy-people and we wanted to know more about when they first met! Zim asked him, "How did you know your dad was 'the one'? I think it's so cool that you picked him out!" Slick told him, "When my Mama and Daddy came to look at me, I was first given to my mom and I licked her once in the face and she was a goner. THEN Mama gave me to DADDY and I put my head on his big ole shoulder and licked his neck and he said,'Hey big boy, you are precious!!!'" Good move, Slick! He said that he wanted to tell his dad, "Hey Dad, you are so big and yet so gentle, I love your voice and oh, you have a soothing laugh………… I choose you." We think he must have sent a puppy-sized mind-meld message, because his dad wouldn't let him go! Ha roooo! When they brought Slick home, his mom asked what his name would be. Slick told us, "Daddy said (very firmly) 'SLICK'………… she made him repeat it and he did………… She asked what he thought about Brother Slick also……. He asked me - ME - if I like that name and I knew that I was my Daddy’s pup." That is SO cool!

Brother Slick had told us initially about his froggie and his schmusie bear. Zim asked him, "Your froggie and your schmushie bear sound great. Do you have any other favorite toys?" He responded that he does love those toys! "I play with them every day and sleep with Schmushie Bear. My other favorite toys are: one of Dad’s old socks, and Alfie, Eiffel and Ms. B and Sweet Dawg when they are here." He also loves to play with all the bipeds in his life! He plays with his mom and dad, Keeley, and Keeley's special someone, a Second Lieutenant who just graduated from Augusta State University. (A big Army of Four HOOAH to James Lance!) He thinks Slick's combo is oh so cute. As Brother Slick put it, "with me much more Basset than Beagle, but just enough Beagle to be devilish." Ha roo roo roo!

Slick hasn't grown much in height since finding his fur-ever home, but as Aunt Sniggy told us, "he hasn’t grown much in height, but he’s about to need hinges for corners and other 'quick turns'." We can just picture this!

Brother Slick, you have landed in the perfect home. You know that you have a very special mission, as your bipeds just had to say good-bye to the sweet, special Shena (an incredible rescued Keeshond). We know they miss her terribly, but you and your antics are great medicine to heal their aching hearts. Give them special licks from all of us!

Cooper Simpson Eskew, for all you do - we salute you! Slick. :)

The Army of Four


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    ooohh slick sounds cool!! gues what guess what!? slick lives like 30 minutes from copper!! washington, ga is really close to augusta, ga!!

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Ohh... I see a trip to Washington then over to Augusta to see Hershey and Copper!!! Zim, what GREAT questions. I see that Stormy has trained you very well from reading her interview of your mom!!! Slick sounds awesome and maybe one day I can meet up with him, ha roo!

  3. wow just how long is slick? like 3 feet long?? this was a great salute!

  4. Hi guys,
    Slick is too cute but of course we are a little biased! Sounds like he went to a really nice home. Good for him.
    Jazz and Dixie

  5. Great interview! Slick is sure a cutie! I'm glad he has a great home and great family!


  6. Slick sure is a cute and cool doggie. :)

    ~ girl girl

  7. I am loving your interviews Zim! You are becoming a very good journalist you know.

    Slick sounds a wonderful pup, that was certainly a "long" tail you told about him. ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously, though, I am so glad he went to a good and kind home.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  8. Hershey: Hey, that's cool! Do you ever get to go see Copper?

    Sitka: Isn't Slick really cool? He's my pal and he thinks me and Dave are good role models for him! Stormy and mom rolled their eyes at that one - I don't know why!

    Joe: I don't know how long he is - but he's longer than he is tall, that's for sure!!!

    Jazz & Dixie: He's VERY cute, isn't he? And of course there is no Beagle-bias in this house. Ha roo roo rooo! (For new readers, Mom was raised by Beagles and they will ALWAYS have a special place in her heart!)

    Holly: Thank roo! Aunt Sniggy and Uncle Mike are SO cool! I love both of them tons and tons!

    Girl Girl: I agree! He's a VERY cool little guy!!!

    Marvin: Ha roo roo roo! "Long tale". Ha roo roo roo! He's got a GREAT home with LOTS of love in it!
    Hey - maybe I've found my calling - Journalism! Cool!

    Play bows, all!

  9. Hi ,I'M SLICK, BROTHER SLICK, TO SOME. You all made me feel so good and you made my family feel so good. RIght now there are five visiting cousins, Nieces, Nephews, Aunts and Uncles and we are having so much fun. The Largest is a Sheep puppy/ German Sheppard mix named WOO WOO, her sisters are much older and think I'm pretty pesty, but cute. My Mom's twin brother, Uncle Buddy and his 11 year old puppy, "MS. B" are visiting today... I love her so much becase she doesn't snap at me when I steal her food, and Sweet Dawg, from L.A. (Lower Alabama) who was almost dead when Uncle ALbert found her and cared for her until whe was all well...as you can see, we are having a great time. Please drop by to see me when you can.... I'd love to show you the play yard for Alfie, Eiffel , all of our reliatives who are visitng and me. Have a Ha roo roo wooferful day....... love Brother Slick