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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! Have you read Pippin's blog lately? Her flock-mates are taking turns posting their puppy pictures and they're all just so DARLING (and maybe especially Hamish, but I don't want to hurt anypuppy's feelings and really they're ALL so cute!) and in Kyzer's post, he mentioned football and perhaps what positions they'd all play! Zim told Kyzer we'd post our football positions and Stormy let ME be the one to write it up!

After some consultation with our coach (Dad), here's what positions we'd be!

Stormy would be our quarterback, naturally! She's smart, is good at calling plays, and has a sharp, strategic mind.

Davy would be the offensive center or maybe a left guard. He prefers to protect, not attack. He is a great supporter to his team mates!

Zim would be a rookie running back, being mentored by the QB. He needs a tad more direction, supervision and discipline.

And me? I would be a wide receiver or splint end! I understand where the ball will go when the QB throws it. I take direction well but also operate independently quite effectively. I am tall and have deceptive speed; I have a good muzzle for catching things!

Here I am from yesterday, on the move!

I love playing football! It's my favorite outdoor game - other than running! Here are more pix of me from yesterday!

Identify target...

Prepare to run like the wind!

Enjoy your Spring training for football! What positions do all of you play?



  1. well, I just run anywhere with the ball like crazy. I don't follow any rules! Not sure if I like the sound of Dave being offensive! What is it he has done that is so offensive, pray tell?

    love and licks confused as always Marvin (with brain size of a pea sometimes......!)

  2. See Zim...we're perfect for each other!!! I need direction, supervision and discipline too...all the time!

    Lola the little white Boxer

  3. I would definitely be a linebacker. With my size and strength, I'd plow right through!


  4. You're a great player Amber! We would be whichever postition allows us to attack the other team (or each other) most often & doesn't require a very long attention span. Woowoooo! We loved your pictures!!!!!!
    Face Licks, M&M

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Ohhh Amber, I LOVE football!! We are having withdrawals here in our house. I can't wait for the season to start back up... go University of Georgia! I think that I would be a good running back. It is hard to tackle me and I can run like the wind!
    Hugs, Sitka

  6. I think I could be a wide receiver!Especially if the football is a frisbee!

  7. Oh yes, Amber, you do look to be an excellent wide receiver! And so good natured as well!

    I am not sure why I have been selected as linebacker, though I am certain I am on defense. Perhaps it is my mobility? I would like to be further away from the line of scrimmage. "Safety" seems like a good position. I like the sound of that, especially after the thunderstorm of this morning.


  8. Marvin: Hee hee hee! You're so punny! :) Dave isn't offensive at ALL! Ha roo roo roo!

    Lola: Zim is BLUSHING!

    Holly: We'd sure want you on OUR team!

    M & M: I just want to run, run, RUN! And I know what you mean about the attention span thing! :)
    Oh... and thank roo.

    Sitka: We like football, too. Our team here is CATS, though. At least you have DAWGS! :) You and Zimmie can be running backs together!

    Liberty: And you and I can be receivers together! We don't play frisbee here much, though. Yesterday when Mom took those pix, we had 40 mph winds. She said that's not real good for frisbees!


  9. Dear Miss Tansy: Thank roo so much; you are so very kind!
    I think you would make a good safety, too.
    Did you have storms? We were supposed to, but they didn't come here. We were glad because as an ironic twist with her name, Stormy doesn't care for them.

  10. Hi. What is a football?

  11. Hey Amber, you make such a great football player. I'm really small in size. I'm not sure what role should I be in a football team??

    ~ fufu

  12. Football sounds like fun, not sure what position I could play but I love to grab and run, I think fufu could be a referee, we don't want him to get hurt. Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  13. Hi Amber,
    I am getting old now and not as big as all of you, so if you guys/ gals don't mind, can I be your mascot??

  14. Tasha here! Looks like training camp is going well. We don't have a football, but I have a basketball that I love to run down and bounce on while it is stll rolling! My sister Eva and I just started a blog and would love for all you guys to come visit us. We have been following your adventures for a long time now and decided it was time to jump into the blogosphere. Dad is a little slow with the tech stuff but he'll get there. Belly rubs for all!

  15. Hi Copper: A football? Well... it's a squishy ball that's fun to chase and mom throws it and I run, run, run!

    Hi Fu Fu: Can you kick? Kickers or punters get great protection so maybe you could do that and we could make sure Holly and Dave and the bigger puppies block for you!

    Hi Sooky: Grab and run - that's FUN!

    Hi Huskee Boy: Oh, yes! That sounds very nice! You would help build morale and that's very important!!!

    Hi Tasha and Eva! Thanks for reading our blog! You'd LOVE playing football! There's lots of running and rolling around and running!

    Love to everypuppy,