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Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Magic Cold Box!

Ha roo, pups. It's me - Zim! Wow, what a busy day yesterday! Despite a drizzle of rain in the morning, Mom and Dad had a truck-load of mulch delivered to spread in the front gardens. I had to go out and greet the delivery person, let her scratch my ears... you know, schmooze her a bit. Due to what I'm sure was my charm, she agreed to bring "just" one truck load yesterday and the second truck load on Monday.

Us members of the Ao4 had to stay inside and watch Mom and Dad work all morning - it took them hours, working constantly, to get that spread. It was exhausting for us to have to watch.

For some reason, Mom didn't take the camera out there with her, but here's a picture from one Winter of Amber watching out the front windows.

Just erase the snow in your mind, picture the four of us taking turns at the window where you see Ammy, and you'll have an idea of the hard, hard work we put in. Exhausting!

Amber and I had to run Dad to the park when the bipeds were done; Storm and Dave got Mom and came to meet us. Can you imagine how tired we were? But as Dad and Mom's personal trainers (or ... uh... Siberian trainers) we are committed to making sure they get some PT in.

As if that wasn't enough work for one day, the appliance dealer called and said the new magic cold box was in! They could bring it in a few hours! Wow! Then I had to watch Mom and Dad take all the stuff out of the old magic cold box and run it downstairs to the magic cold box down there. Whew. Lots of up and down, up and down. You have no idea how tiring it was for me, laying at the top of the steps watching them step over me!

When the magic cold box arrived, the four of us had to stay downstairs. Something about the front door being wide open. Mom said Dad and the delivery guys had to work some magic of their own to get it to fit... but it did! Here I am, helping to load it up:

Yeah, Mom... little stuff up here ... then the veggies in the big bins.

It was an exhausting day, as you can imagine. I had to get a nap in. This is an old picture of me napping.

I don't know why Mom didn't take a new picture. With all the help she and Dad got from me and the rest of the Ao4, you'd think she'd have energy to burn!

Play bows, pups!


  1. Oh thank the fluff that your human woman didn't get the SAME exact cold box as we have. Maybe the spell is broken, maybe we'll actually have different things from now on!

    (I like the handy husky eating container at the bottom of your cold box)

  2. OH yeah Zim we totally know what you mean, we have to keep them busy too and it sure is hard work watching them get stuff done! Give your Mom and Dad a "Job-Well-Done"! It's always good to reward them with some play time! A good game of chase or tug works perfectly!
    China & Madie

  3. Zim, you called it. Bipeds are just naturally lazy. What would they do for exercise if it wasn't for us? Too bad your mom didn't take any new pictures. We love seeing you guys!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. I love to sleep! In fact I have slept nearly all day today after a really long walk this morning!

    Loui xx

  5. hey hey zimmy! you four reelly had a hard day. i think you shud get extra ear scratchin and extra naps and definately some extra cookies tonite!

    does amber reelly truly like spinach? yucky green stuff? ewwww! i haf to say i am worried about her. you wont see me eating spinach! no way!

  6. Just reading this posting has totally tuckered me out! I need a nap too!

    Love ya lots,

  7. I hope that you guys got a whole shelf just for yourselves in the new magic cold box - gotta have somewhere to put all your treats :-)


  8. Meeshka: Ha roo roo roo! Maybe so - but I didn't break anything! Honest!
    "Husky eating container"? I love the way you think!!!

    China & Madie: I LOVE playing chase! There's not much I like more than calling "ha ROO!" then getting someone to chase me! It's great fun!

    Dachsies: Honestly. It's my job to keep the bipeds on their toes. All part of being a Drill SGT.

    Hi Loui! Nothing like a good nap - that's what I say!

    Ivy: I like the way you think! I did get lots of ear scratchies - and everytime Mom stopped, I clawed her. I think Storm and Meeshka would be proud.
    Am does like fresh baby spinach. I asked her about it and she just said, "I Am what I Am" then giggled. *shrug* I don't really get it.

    Maggie: See how hard us Working Breeds uh... work? I need another nap just thinking about it all.

    Opy! Great idea!

    Play bows,

  9. Thank you so much for the kind wishes for Momma's family!!
    We love that new magic cold box...so KEWL!! Plenty of room for all YOUR treats!!
    Those photos with the glasses on....harroooowww....arf arf ...they are so CUTE!!!

  10. Hey Jasper: We hope all is going well = with bipeds and your new canine buddy alike!
    I felt REALLY cool in those glasses. Mom should give them to me, don't you think?
    Play bows,

  11. We have one window like yours by our front door too. We like to watch out the window just to see what's happening. Wilbur told us that about a year ago there were some baby bunnies out there that he liked to hunt from inside the house, but that they had a really scary mommy bunny. We hope they come back this year!


  12. We know how hard it is to help the humans, too. If you're not always under foot they might forget that we're there. Some would say supervising isn't hard work. Zim, you and the rest of your pack have proved them wrong! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  13. you guys did a ton of work. I can see why you needed to rest.

  14. Steve: It's a great lookout, isn't it? We have lots of bunnies that hang out in our front yard. It's probably because they know mom and Stormy won't let us hurt them.

    Tasha & Eva: Thank you for recognizing our hard work. It's good to be appreciated! Ha ROO!

    Peanut: Amen, brother!

    Play bows,