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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Really Cool Polar Bear Blanket

Ha roo, pups! Zimmie here! My friend FuFu asked a question in our comments section the other day. He said, "I wanna see Zim's puffy polar bear blanket." Technically, I guess it's not a question, more like a request...... but at any rate, here it is!

In the daytime, like in the picture, it's in the sunshine and I can lay there and soak up the rays. Oh, it feels so good!

The polar bear blanket started out in the Quilt Studio, as something for Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind, to lay on. Here he is, hard at work!

That's Stormy helping over by the stack of quilt tops. Mom gave ME the polar bear blanket and then got the big puffy work place for Dave for in the Studio. Or for whoever is working in there. I haven't seen Mom curl up on it, though. She should give it a try.

That's my polar bear blanket, FuFu! Hope you liked seeing it - and thanks for asking about it!!!

Play bows!


  1. Zim - you are so lucky to have such a lovely blanket.....I am sure you have "Primark stores" in the US, but they are CHEAP CUT PRICE stores (Jeannie hope you are listening here!)

    And "she who must be obeyed" aka Jeannie, buys my blankets in there, 'cos I chew on them so much she says its not worth getting good ones!

    She is mean! (sometimes! but they are very warm and pretty the ones she gets, but not as lovely as yours!) When I have finished with them they look like pretty lace ones, so many holes!!!!

    love and licks

  2. ooooh that last comment reads wrong, I got carried away with myself....

    meant to say "I am sure you "don't" have, and meant to say "love and licks from Marvin"

    my paws are two big for this darn keyboard you know!

  3. Ooh, that is a nice blanket. I have a gray fleece blanket. Mama says she cannot see so much fur on the gray blanket. I also have a red fleece blanket upstairs, oh, and a leather couch in the livingroom. I like to share the couch, though.

  4. Have you seen Knut? He's the new polar bear baby at the Berlin Zoo (he looks just like your new blanket)...

    Youtube has videos of him - http://youtube.com/results?search_query=knut&search=Search


  5. Marvin: Yeah, I love that blanket. It's really comfy. Mom made it for us from flannel and some puffy quilt batting. We don't chew our stuff, but sometimes I dig.

    Magnum: Grey fleece sounds comfy! So does red fleece. Ooooh, and a couch! Sigh. I'd love to be allowed on the couch!

    Bogart: Oh, WOWZERS, what a cute Knut! I hadn't seen him. Thanks for the link ... but now Mom wants a polar bear!

    Play bows,

  6. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Woo Woo Handsome Zim... i am liking that polar bear blanket! It looks cozy and soft!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  7. Mmmmmmmm. Comfy blanket. With polar bears! I would totally try that sucker out.


  8. My mom says to tell your mom what gorgeous quilt tops!
    Your blankie looks very comfy!

    Love ya lots,

  9. Hey Zim! Someone's got a crush on you!!!! I'm not telling who it is.

    (P.S. It's LOLA!)

  10. Zim, you are so gracious to do requests.

    I know that Fufu's face is very hard to resist.

    That's a beautiful quilt!!! Kudos to your hoomans!


  11. Zim, your polar bear blanket is co cute and it looks so comfy. And it matches your blue collar. Can I come and nap with you on it?

    ~ fufu

  12. I like that blanket a lot, your mom makes such nice, creative stuff!

  13. Oh Zim,
    That blanket looks comfy and very pretty too, Thanks for sharing the pics, Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  14. you sure have a nice blanket...i am very jealous that i dont have brothers and sisters to play with...well not doggy ones anyhow...I need my own army....

  15. Nice blanket there Zim. Mummy loves polar bears! We like how you positioned near the window to catch the rays.
    Jazz and Dixie

  16. Sitka: Thank roo. It's so comfy and mom can toss it in the washer all the time and make it all Downey-fresh! Mmmm... I love the smell of fresh laundry.

    Wally: You'd love it! And I would be happy to give you a turn on it!

    Maggie: Thank roo from Mom! Sometimes she shows her quilts on our blog ... but ... I mean ... it's OUR blog, so she tries not to over-do it!

    Penny: Thanks for the paws up about Lola! I am so flattered! You guys are COOL!

    Chelsea: Thank roo, you are SO sweet! And yeah... who can resist the Fu-Fu?

    Fu Fu: I never even THOUGHT about it matching my collar! How COOL! And yes, you can come snuggle up on it with me anytime!

    Joe: You'd love this blanket - especially when the sun is streaming through the window!

    Sooky: It's good to see you again! You need a blanket just like this!

    MJ: You should come down here and join us!

    Jazz and Dixie: You girls would love this - especially when that warm sunshine comes streaming in! Oooh, I feel a nap coming on!

    Play bows,