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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Salute - Kito and Auntie Laura!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our cool friend (and Zim's cosmic cousin) Kito and his mom - Auntie Laura! You may remember Kito from earlier posts and even a Sunday Salute! Yeah! Kito, Luna and Timber are our friends who made it snow in Miami! Ha roooooo!

Zim got a great series of emails from Kito this past week where he told him all about helping his mom raise money for the Humane Society! They got pledges and went on a cool road march! As Kito told us, "You guys have no idea, I had SUCH a blast this weekend!!! Mom decided she wanted to participate in the Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals. It’s an annual fundraiser here in Miami to benefit, well, the Humane Society!" Isn't that a cool coincidence! Kito said he was the one who got to go with her, explaining, "She said she took me cause I needed the exercise the most; I don’t know what she means by that though…" Kito, Dad says that about Zim sometimes, too. We haven't figured out, either! Auntie Laura said she wished Luna and Timber could have gone too…but she didn’t have enough arms. Ha rooo!

Kito had so much fun and Auntie Laura said he was really well-behaved. Of course - he's a Siberian! He met lots of other pups, and had a ball and told us all about his cool adventures!

Kito said, "We got there and the first thing we saw was this white Husky I met. He was SO cool. His parents gave me treats." We like the sound of this already! After he met the white Sibe, he and Auntie Laura went and sat by a tree, to wait for the walk to begin. His mom found a cool bandana in the goodie bag and ... here it is!

Doesn't he look great?!?! Kito said, "It says I support the Humane Society! Which I do! That’s where Timber came from!" (Timber is his blind brother!)

After this, Kito met MORE Huskies! He said it was SO cool! Auntie Laura told them all about Husky Rescue ~ way to go, Auntie Laura!

Okay, this is where it starts to get REALLY cool. He met this big blue thing called the “Ocean”. He said, "I don’t know what it is but it went for miles and miles! It looked neat and I wanted to get closer, but mom said no…check out the pictures attached… "
Whoa! Cool!

Does that look great, or what? Zim really is intrigued with this whole "ocean" thing and asked our mom if we could get one here in Kansas. It doesn't sound too likely, but you can't blame him for trying!
THEN he met this cute little dog halfway through the walk, after he met the ocean. "She was adorable and she just wanted to be my friend," Kito told us. Does this sound incredibly cool? He continued, "By this point I was EXHAUSTED! Zimmie knows what I’m talking about…my cosmic cousin knows what it is to lay down and say 'I’m done!' I didn’t want to leave that spot! I was so relaxed by that ocean thing, I just wanted to stay there… " (Kito - Zim here. I'm totally with you on that, cosmic cuz!)

Here they are - she is cute, isn't she?

Kito said, "I was SO tired, I didn’t even care that she tried to stand on my head!" Kito - you are so totally like Zim, it borders on being scary.

Kito said after a brief rest, "I finally got up and decided to let mom finish the walk since it meant so much to her… " Way to go, Kito! You ARE the PUP!

In closing, he sent us a GREAT photo of him and Auntie Laura! He admitted it's "the COOLEST picture, EVER." His mom told him she wanted a picture of them by a palm tree -- check it out! A husky in the tropics! Ha roo roo roo!
Kito was really tired after the walk and while Auntie Laura stopped to chat with some girls, he decided it would be a good place to plop down again….RIGHT by the water bowls! Works for us! He wrote, "They thought I was so handsome, so I just hammed it up and drank their water."
"Soooo, I hope you guys enjoyed my adventure! I know I did!!!" We DID, Kito! Thanks for taking us along via your emails and photos! Kito hopes he and Luna and Timber can go to the walk next year. Great plan! He closed by saying that when he got home he slept the rest of the day! We hear ya! (Mom muttered something about that being a side benefit for Auntie Laura ... but we're not sure what that means!)
Kito and Auntie Laura - thank you for walking to raise money for the Humane Society and for all you do! We salute you!
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  1. Ofcourse he is adorable. He is related to you guys!!


  2. I like the husky in the tropics picture, that's like an aussie in the snow. Hee hee

  3. Those beach pictures are making my mom ask why we are living in such a cold place!! That walk must have been so much fun!


  4. Kito is such a handsome looking doggie

    ~ fufu

  5. What a wonderful thing Kito did! My humans support our local Humane Society by doing all sorts of stuff too, including their annual Walk for the Animals. My human is a TOTAL animal nut and loves giving her money to all sorts of animal groups (see my side bar for some groups she likes to donate to under "rescue groups).

    I think the ocean would be a lot of fun. My human actually got to swim in the Pacific Ocean when she lived in Japan! She said it was pretty cool. Too bad we don't have one here in the midwest!