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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day Four of Ao4 Puppy Pix - Dave!

Wooooo! It's me - Dave! And it's my turn to post my puppy pictures! Woo!

I was about 4 years old when I got here, so that's how old I am in my puppy pix! I shared a few of those early photos with you in my "Hi Everybody! I'm Home!" post, along with my adoption story. Here's a picture of me and Amber from that same first family walk we took!

I don't look too bad... not like Zim was when he got here, that's for sure! But I didn't have good muscle tone and was a bit underweight. I was in need of good nutrition and exercise! One of the things Mom supplemented our Supper-Dupper with was SALMON! Oh, sweet salmon! I'd never had any before - here I am cleaning out my first bowl full. I had to hold it still with my paw so I could lick out every last little shred of that yummy fish!

But really.... if you want to know what I probably looked like as a wee boy, go back to this post and click on my twin brother of a different mother Harley's dogster page! There are a couple puppy pix of him there and seeing as how we look so much alike NOW... there's a good chance we looked alike as little guys, too!

In my "Adopt-a-Dave" post a couple months ago, I posted a picture from when I first got here - all of us at one of my first Banana Formations! Woo. Zim really helped me out there. He's a very good Drill Sergeant. Click that link and check it out!

Here's a good shot of me smiling once I came home:

I look very happy, don't I? I was! And I am!

As Ammy mentioned in her "How We All Got Here" post, once I got here (about 5 months after Zim!), I took it upon myself to teach Zim how to play. (Stormy taught him the rules and Ammy taught him how to trust and love!) Our play got the little guy really tired - and for some reason, that pleased Mom and Dad. Go figure! Here we are, after a rousing play session:

I could barely keep my baby blues open! In fact, it's about time for my morning nap now, so I'd best get to it. Hope you enjoyed my puppy pix!



  1. Dave! I can see why Holly loves you so much! Your freckle nose and your lovely eyes, and you were such a cute pup!

    I love these "tails" of your puppyhood, I was adopted when I was six months and we have no digital photos of that time.

    You all look so happy with in your new furever home! love and licks Marvin xxxxxx

  2. oooops! Forgot to say I just love salmon too! And tuna!

    And how cute is the photo of the Husky on the Harley on the Dogster pages......!

  3. Love the pictures, you guys! Dave, I enjoyed your "haik-woo's".

    You guys, I've also started my blog last September, too! Y'all started on the 6th, mine's the 7th.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  4. Oh, Dave! I quite enjoyed your puppy pix. Your family is so fortunate to have you! Your smile, your quilting assistance, your haik-woo!

    I too came to my flock at age 4-abouts! We have enjoyed all of your pix. Whenever our people take a break from their hunting and gathering, cooking, and reading work we will share ours!


  5. Dave - I love your smiling face when you found your home. You were so brave! I did a poopie in Mom's bedroom when she first brought me home :(


  6. Marvin: Thank woo! We hope all our friends will post puppy pix, too! Can you scan yours? That's what mom did with Storm's, Am's and Zim's!
    Salmon's great, isn't it? Mmm, and tuna, too!
    That's my twin brother of a different mother Harley on a Harley! Woo! Isn't he cool?!?

    Tierre: Thanx! Hey, that's cool that we started our blogs at the same time!

    Dear Miss Tansy: Thank woo and we hope to see your pictures very soon! We're SO glad you were rescued by your wonderful, loving bipeds!

    T-man: Thank woo. I had my sisters and Zim to help me. You couldn't help your pooper - besides, Storm says it's a good test to see how much your mama loves you! Woo! She loves you TONS!


  7. Dave Dave....(Zim and Ams and Storms)....we haven't been able to get on the puter lately, but we are here now! We just got done reading your individual puppers stories and enjoyed the so much.
    Mom was just not feeling well for a while, so know we "woofed" her all the stories and she feels way better! Such a wondeful Army and how they came to be. P.S Mom got the "Furminator" yesterday at the store, she is trying to use it on me " H E L P"
    Frankie & ( Maddie) too

  8. My darling Dave,

    You are so smoochably adorable now, I can't even imagine how much MORE smoochably adorable you were as a puppy! The pics of Harley though are an excellent example!

    How could anyone EVER give such an adorable boy as you away!! Your humans are extremely lucky to have found you! And YOU to now have THEM!


  9. Licks dave - you're wonderful! (also, I too love salmon have you ever had a salmon cookie? Harooooo...here's how you make it. take a 16 oz can of pink or red salmon, two or three eggs and as much quick cook oatmeal as you need to make a dough. Then mix it all together and put it on a cookie sheet - cut it into little squares lightly. Cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes to a half hour, and then bring it out and cut it more firmly. If it seems a bit crispy you're done, if not put it in for a bit longer. DELICIOUS! Trust me!)

  10. Hi--I think I screwed up my last attempt to post. Anyway. I love your puppy pix idea! I hope your people get all nostalgic and bleary-eyed and feed you snacks as they reminisce.


  11. we are just loving all these old pics. we love fish around here too, and know the trick of holding down the bowl, you are very smart!

  12. Wow you guys are all so tired. So Am I now that I think about it.

    Must be a doggy thing.



  13. Hi Dave,
    Love those baby blues. We liked reading all about you guys. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. Anonymous8:25 AM

    haroooo Dave! I must agree with Holly - you are smoochable! But, I will not smooch you, since that is Holly's job! I love the squint of the baby blues in the last picture! I am partial to blue eyes since mine are blue :) haroo
    Hugs, Sitka

  15. Frankie & Mads: Not the FURminator!?!? I'm so sorry. Maybe one of you could eat it? Or toss it in the pool?
    We hope your mama is feeling better!

    Holly: I was always meant to be here. We all think that. I think you were meant to be where you are, too - I'm just sorry you had to go through what you did to get there! Hug your mom for me!
    Harley's baby pix ARE adorable, aren't they!!??!!

    Nanook: Ooooh, those salmon cookies sound SO good! I'll bet they'd make the whole house smell real good! I'm going to write "salmon" on the shopping list and see it we can get mom to make these! Thanks, pal!


  16. Butchy & Snickers: Thank woo! Oh, you should ask your mom for some salmon. It's inCREDible!

    Wally: Thank woo! Oh, yeah. Thinking about how we all got here ALWAYS makes mom and dad all misty. "Here... have a cookie." I've just got to translate it to where mom will make us Nanook's salmon cookies!

    Joey: Did you get to have fish during Joeypaloosa? I hope so!

    Chelsea: If you can catch someone's yawn... it probably is possible to catch someone's nap, too. zzzzzzzzzzzz.....


  17. Jazz & Dixie: We're glad you enjoyed our puppy pix days! We'd love to see yours, too!!!

    Sitka: Do you have two blue eyes? 'Cuz I'm the only one here with two blues - everypup else is bi-eyed. I feel kinda left out!


  18. Aw, what a great story! I wish I could eat salmon, but I am allergic to fish...

    You guys look like you have so much fun together!

  19. Dave. Love that pic where you're smiling at the camera.

    ~ fufu