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Monday, March 12, 2007

Blocked Entrance

Ha roo, pupperoos! It's Zimmie! Hey, remember when I went under-cover and found the entrance to the not-too-secret HQs of the C(un)IA? Well, we did some exploring over the weekend - up where the Giant leaves his stuff around. Looks like he's on to the C(un)IA! Check out what Stormy found!

Yeah... it's a "Keep the Cats Out" device. Gotta be!

No... no cats down there! We've got to let Arwen know!

Cool, huh? Arwen - you might want to try this with Bowie and Ryker! Block their entrance to their not-too-secret headquarters!

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zimmie,
    I've seen a cat come out of one of those holes in my neighborhood. I'll have to get a couple of those "Keep Cats Out" devices.


  2. We have things like that down the street from our house too. They must work cuz I've never seen anything come out of one yet!


  3. I've never seen anything like that, but I did see a cat sitting under a car. Watch out under the cars!

  4. oooooh I have never seen anything like that here in Scotland. All our cats do is hang around the street corners in Kilts wearing their Sporrans - Scottish Cats have no shame just quite Nationalistic Tendencies! Very freakish.

    Och Aye the Noo! Love and Scottish Licks from a quite nervous Marvin xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hey Zim Man,

    It's Arwen!

    I've thought of a better use of the "Keeps Cats Out" device--drop it on their heads. Of course, with brains the size of pecans, it wouldn't hurt them.


  6. Cats are very sly....it's probably a decoy to trap you guys.

    Be careful!


  7. I have never seen anything like that. We have metal grates over the those holes around here and I have to be careful not to walk too close to them so I do not hurt my paws.

  8. I need to get some of that stuff to build a wall around our security door! Mom said there are Cats that live at the Vet hospital where Tanner is having surgery. They walk all over wherever they want, which means they can get on the computer and get my address!! you think they are that smart?

  9. Woh.. that's great.I hope that's a real device to keep cats away..

    ~ fufu

  10. Cats are pretty darned smart, I think mine could figure out a way around that...


  11. Better keep a look out for those pesky cats. Looks like your neighbourhood is being cat proofed!
    Jazz and Dixie

  12. Anonymous5:17 AM


    Love the photos, looking very nice

    love flossy

  13. Althea: When I was undercover, I saw the cats of the C(un)IA go down there. That's GOT to be there not-too-secret HQs. Interesting that the Giant is trying to block them, huh?

    Holly: You have the cat blockers?

    Cubby: Cars! Yeah, we've seen them under cars, too!

    Marvin: A cat in a kilt? Very odd... very odd indeed!

    Arwen: Ha roo roo roo! "Drop it on their heads!" Ha roo roo roo!

    Chelsea: A trap!?!?? I didn't think of that! We'll be extra careful!

    Magnum: Some of ours have those metal things, too. Dave doesn't like those at ALL!

    Joey: You used "cats" and "smart" in the same sentence. Pour yourself a cappuccino and snap out of it, dog!
    We'll be praying for Tanner!

    Fu Fu: If it is, it says something interesting about the Giant, doesn't it!?

    Bogart: No cat is as smart as Stormy!

    Jazz & Dixie: I wonder if that's what our property taxes are being used for? Cat-proofing? Hmm...

    Flossy!!! Great to see you, Floss!!!

    Play bows,