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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Improved Parts?

Hey pups. It's me - Zim. Wow, everypupper sure seemed to like Dave's nice big paws from yesterday. Aren't his cool? I'm going to try to make mine grow.

I'm stretching my feet and toes - can you see them? Here's a closer view:

Maybe I'll get nice big paws like Davy if I keep stretching!

Play bows,

PS: Fu Fu: That coffee-flavored milk sounds divine! I'll have to see if we get that here in the US! Thanks for the heads up on it!


  1. Zim,
    You have to let me know if that stretching works! Steve is getting a lot bigger than me and I need to grow so I can still beat him in wrestling!


  2. I like to stretch and I have really big feet, so it might actually work! If nothing else, maybe your legs will grow and you will be taller!


  3. I think your paws suit you.

  4. Zim, I like your paws the way they are just fine! I like dainty feet since I have them too, and Mom says that it makes us lighter on our feet! So I think maybe you can run faster? You both have equally cool feet!

  5. Hey Zim Man,

    I might have to do more stretching to grow longer to counteract my behind growing wider.


  6. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Zim... I personally like your paws the way they are.... they are small like mine :::wink::: :)

  7. mom has seen the coffee milk around here in arizona! stretching is the best!

  8. There is a pic of me stretching on my new post today...check it out....stretching feels SO GOOD.
    I also loved seeing all y'alls "close-up" parts...KEWL,

  9. Hey Zim, I like your paws. Let me know if the stretching works. Do you think if I stretch more, I'll be bigger like you guys?

    I hope you can find the coffee flavour stuff. :)

    ~ fufu

  10. Hi Zim,
    Both you guys have good looking feet. Both Dixie and I have those dew claws and like you those are the only ones that need clipping. But we don't like that at all and it usually takes mum holding us down while dad clips!! Kinda on the same topic - do Siberians lie with their legs straigth out behind them with feet turned up?

  11. Kat: Will do!

    Holly: Taller would be good, too!

    Peanut: Thanx!

    China: You're so kind! And I AM pretty fast, so you could be on to something with this "lighter on our feet" thing!

    Arwen: Ha roo roo rooo! You're PERFECT just the way you are!

    Sitka: You're so sweet! I like my paws OK... but I really think Dave is so cool, you know?

    Joe: Really? In Arizona? COOL! Maybe it'll come here, too!

    Jasper: Cool! I'll be over to check your blog!

    Fu Fu: I'll let you know if it works. If nothing else, Amber said I look like Super Dog! ha rooooo!

    Jazz: You and Dixie must do lots of walking on concrete like we do!
    Oh! I think we do lay like that, if you mean what I think you do! Do you mean the "froggy-doggy" pose? I'll post a picture Saturday!

    Play bows!