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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day Three of Ao4 Puppy Pix - Zim!

Ha roo, it's me - Zim! Stormy said it's my turn to post some puppy pictures of yours truly. Keep in mind, I was about 1-1/2 years old and a pretty messed up guy when I was adopted. Am gave a brief summation of that in her post about how we all got here. You can also read my adoption story, if you'd like. Among others, it has this picture:

one of the first ones taken of me and my sisters. Remember Am's post the other day... when we looked so much alike? Look at how different we started out! That post also has an early picture of me and her. Yeah... the one of me giving her a smooch. You have to know how sweet she is to understand. There is another early picture of me in a post we made about Stormy teaching me the Sad Eyes Look.

But now ... for the first time (ha roo roo roo) here are some other ones! Here is one of me and the girls lining up for a drink.

Girls first!

Note I was still umbillical corded. When I got here, I didn't know the rules about being in a house (I'd never been in one!), so Mom kept the leash on me until Stormy taught me things like "We don't jump on the dining room table", "Centerpieces are to admire, not to eat", and "We don't lift our legs on the ____ (fill in the blank)". I caught on pretty quick - 'cause when I did what the girls did, I got called a "good boy!" and I'd never been called that before and I liked it! Here I am, drinking with Am. You can see the contrast in our coats again.

Even though I was umbillical corded, Mom would let me roam around after a while, to see how I was doing with the rules. Here I am in the bedroom with the girls.

Umm... I have no idea how the sheets and comforter got so messed up. Really. Besides, if you didn't see who did it, you can't blame anyone. Ha roo! I think Amber and Stormy are trying to cover it up for me. I love my sisters!

I look pretty skinny there still, don't I? I was adopted in July - and here I am around Christmas!

I look better already, don't I? Good food, good shelter, good health care - and I was good to go.

Tune in tomorrow for Dave's puppy pictures! We adopted him about a month after that picture of me and the girls was taken!

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zimmie,
    Sounds like we have pretty similar stories. Must be why I like you so much. Before finding my furever home, I spent most of my time outside, was very skinny and my coat was a mess. Now my Dad says I'm looking a little round around the middle and I spend most of my time inside. Unfortunately my coat has never gone back to its original fluffiness but I'm still cute.


  2. Hi Zim! You take care of your Mama, she is a good and kind person to love you all so much.

    We love the puppy pictures! I cannot believe you had never been inside a house.......what a shame.

    Your coat looks so much better now, I am so pleased you found your forever home like I did!

    love and happy licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. Hey Zim! You such look much better now with your red coat all dark and shiny and fluffy soft. It is sure great to have such a wonderful and loving home. Humans like ours are sure a Godsend!


  4. Aw zim! big licks from me. I've been spoiled rotten my entire life but I know I am a lucky dog. I'm glad your story had a happy ending!

    p.s. Put in a good word for me with your sisters, will you? HaROOOOOOOO!

  5. Wow Zim, you sure have changed--isn't it cool what the people do to help us?

    Amber, I have ears that tip backwards just like you. My person said she'd post some pictures soon (she has to do a lot of computer work this week, but we think if we look pitiful enough, she'll remember that the blog is really the only computer work that matters.

    Big woof outs to youse 4

  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Hey Zim...
    I don't think I have told you yet how handsome I think you are. I am so glad you found your way to a family who loves you unconditionally!
    Hugs, Sitka

  7. Hi Zim,
    You sure look different now...in a good kind of way. :)
    You have great hoomans who shower all of you with lotsa love & care.

  8. Zim, you look so skinny and well SKINNY! You look so much healthier now, your hair is much prettier.

  9. Zim, you look much better now. And you got such nice sisters and parents who takes care of you.
    No picture of you with a cuppacino?

    ~ fufu

  10. Zim,

    Isn't it great to find a wonderful furever home? Roxie is spoiled and has always had an easy life but we boys know how rough it can be out there without loving parents. We thank Mom every evening for taking care of us and letting us love her. You look so good now with all of your fluffiness.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  11. It is amazing what a difference good healthcare and love can make even over a short time period.
    P.S. I am looking forward to sniffing the package you sent. Then I will know what my Ao4 friends smell like!

  12. Althea: For real? But you're so beautiful now! Do you have any pictures you can post? I'm so glad your mom and dad adopted you!!!

    Marvin: Nah, I'd never been in a house. From what the vets put together based on my coat and scarring, I'd been chained to a tree for a year and a half. 100 degree heat, sub-zero temps and everything in between. Also, someone tried to shave me, which is a BIG no-no for Sibes. Mom thinks that's when I made my escape. I try not to think about those days too much!

    Holly: Humans like ours ARE a Godsend, you're right! Lick your mom on the nose for me, OK?

    Nanook: I'm very glad you've been spoiled rotten! That makes all of us happy to hear! Maybe you and I could get together for some cappuccino foam some time! (And don't worry... I think BOTH of my sisters think you're COOL!)

    Play bows,

  13. Hamish: Yes! There ARE some good bipeds out there!
    Ooooooooh, I can't WAIT to see the pictures you mentioned!!!

  14. Sitka: Aw, shucks! You're going to make me blush! Ha ROO!

    Hi Luckie! Thanks for visiting! And I DO look better, don't I? Only half as many people mistake me for a coyote now!

    Joe: For SURE skinny. The first vet who saw me said I was a lump of coal waiting to be turned into a diamond. Mom says I'm even BETTER than a diamond. I don't know about that - but I'm probably more fun. Ha ROO!

    Fu Fu: Thanks, pal! I didn't know about cappuccino until recently! MMmmm, I could go for one NOW!

    Dachsies: It's like Holly said, humans like ours (all of ours!) are a Godsend!!!

    Magnum: That's for sure! Oh - and we put something special in the box - just for YOU! HA roo roo roo!

    Play bows,

  15. Oooh--I love seeing your puppy pics, though it makes me a little sad to see you so skinny! I love seeing you now, knowing your life took a turn for the awesome.


    ps. I put you on my blogroll--I hope that's ok!

  16. Hi Zim,
    It was great to see what love and a good home can do to bring a pup back from the edge. Sometimes its really hard to understand some humans. You look wonderfully healthy and happy now.
    Jazz and Dixie