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Monday, March 26, 2007

If You're Not the Lead Dog...

Woo, it's me - Dave. I hope everypup had a great weekend! We did - lots of walks and going out on the deck and stuff ... which brings me to today's post.

Usually on walkies, if it's the whole Ao4 plus Mom and Dad, Stormy and I walk up front. Stormy usually takes point because she's our alpha and the lead pup. And she pulls way too hard if she doesn't get to go first. Zim usually guards our six. Sure, Dad and Mom sometimes accuse him of lolly gagging, or even looking for his friends or wanting to go back to meet a biped and have her scratch his ears or something... but Zim says he's got our six covered... and I'm sure he does. I mean - he IS named after a Drill Sergeant and if a Drill Sergeant says he's got your six, he's got your six! (You can click those hyperlinks for more info, if you need it!)

I like to take the lead sometimes, too. In fact, I used to walk with Am and I'd pull really, really hard. Dad and Mom figured out that if I walk up front with Storm I don't pull as hard. Hard, but not as hard. Sometimes Storm lets me take point with her, but usually I'm behind her. And you know what they say. If you're not the lead dog...

the view never changes. Woo.

What do you say, Storm? Can we go shoulder to shoulder for a while?

Thank woo, Stormy.
Yeah... whatever. You're a heck of a nice guy, or I'd never let you take point with me!

Stormy's really cool, isn't she?



  1. Hey, I've heard of that quote! It's from Lewis Grizzard.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  2. Dave - Jeannie says you have the most amazing eyes!

    We often wondered how you walk in a Four Formation, being the Famous Four of You!

    This post was a good insight. I pull a great deal on the lead, this is why Jeannie rarely has me on the leash....only if we walk on pavements in town (or where there are suspected CATS.......)

    lobr snf licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. Dear Dave,

    Thank you so much for that explanation! Our Flock has discussed having an "all-paws" walk but we concluded the operational difficulties were too great. Primarily, we cannot agree on who would not take point. I do believe young Hamish would take to guarding our six. Perhaps we can reconsider our possibilities.

    (I do find your blue eyes most attractive.)


  4. We can't imagine 4 dogs and 2 hoomans in our pack! We'd all be tangled up!
    BTW we have Big Mean Christmas Kitty! heheheh They really are tough toys!

    Love ya lots,

  5. You are so lucky to get to go on walkies. Mom says as the only human it is too difficult to walk all three of us at once (and she is only supposed to have two dogs so she would rather not advertise her scofflaw ways).

    Dave, you are a really handsome guy. Mom says you make her almost want to own huskies!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. Yes, I'm with Storm, must be in the lead at all times! Yall know how Malechai is, if he was allowed to lead, he'd have us in all sorts of trouble or at the very least, lost. Great eye picture by the way, they're very handsome!
    Face Licks, Macie

  7. Steve and I fight over being in the lead constantly. We haven't really established who's going to be the alpha. Mom and Dad can't figure it out either. Good thing your pact has it sorted out!

    I've wondered how Zim got his name and now I know!


  8. Hi Guys,
    Mum was very impressed at how you guys all walk nicely in formation! When it was just me, mum and I walked along at a slow and steady pace. And then along came young Dixie who can not walk in a straight line to save herself. Within a 100 meters she has managed to twist our leads together so we a walking on one thick lead really close together! We have to stop and untwist often. Do you guys ever get all tangled up? I guess not as you all have your positions worked out. Maybe I can send Dixie over for some Sibertraining??

  9. dave your eyes are soooo nice, not boring brown like mine and the doofus!

  10. I am not the head dog at my house either and I am the only dog.

    Go figure.



  11. Hi Dave,
    Very nice eyes, Rocky and I got to go for a long walk yesterday too. Rocky walks nice and slow but not me I pull all the way, I have to be out in front.
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  12. Hi Dave,
    Your eyes are so cool!! You look like you can 'freeze' someone with your stare.. hehehee.. Gosh how do your hoomans walk 4 of you? Mine gets all tangled up just walking me alone.. she claims that I like to weave between her legs..

  13. Oh those eyes! Those beautiful blue eyes! *sigh*

    We have to take turns walking too. Monty and Sam always need to be in front, so dad has learned that he has to take Monty with me. Sam usually goes by himself on round 2 with dad, then mom and the old farts (aka Abby and Kona) follow up since they don't run like the rest of us.


  14. Tierre: So his dogs never let him get in the lead, either? Woo.

    Marvin: Please lick Jeannie on the nose for me!
    Oooh, off-lead. The mere thought of us off-lead makes our mom cringe. Something about no homing skills and being able to cover 50 miles in a day.

    Dear Miss Tansy: Thank woo for your kind words on my eyes. I'm the only pup here with matching ones, so I feel a little funny about them sometimes!
    Amber sometimes guards our six - she has some herding tendencies and likes to gather us all together. Part of it stems from our roots (our ancestors sometimes herded reindeer!) but part of it she learned from our great brother Booter, a Lab/Aussie shepherd mix. It's a sweet tribute to him, don't you think?

    Maggie: Sometimes Mom accuses the redheads of taking macrame classes - those two can get REALLY tangled sometimes! Woo!

    Hi Dachsies! Before I got here and before Zimmie was very strong, Mom used to walk him and the girls all at one time. She says she'd NEVER take more than two of us at once now.
    And thank woo for saying I'm "handsome". Woo.

    M & M: Stormy is very smart and always knows the way! Mom can even propose an alternate route to Dad and Stormy understands and will go that way! Woo!

    Steve & Kat: It took us a while - you guys will work it out! Does Wilbur go on walks with you?

    Hi Jazz! Yes, we sometimes get tangled up. Not like we used to, though. YES! Please send Dixie over! You're welcome to come, too!!! (I think I'm channelling Mom...)

    Joey: Thank woo. I sometimes feel weird having eyes that match. Ammy says you have bee-roo-tiful eyes!

    Chelsea: Being Sibes, it's in our blood to walk out in front of our bipeds. Our aforementioned great brother Booter walked at Mom's heel, but we just don't. We're Siberians. It's what we do.

    Sooky: Thank woo! Are you going to be the lead pup of your pack?

    Huskee Boy: Thank woo. We do like to stare. Mostly at cats.

    Hollybollyboo: Woo! Do your bipeds mix it up or are you usually on the same walking/running rotation? Usually Storm and I go together!