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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Salute - Dogs of the Iditarod!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to the dogs who are running the Iditarod this year! Here is a picture of our VERY favorite team - Don Smidt and his pups! Go, team, GO!

Mr. Smidt is running one of two teams (that we know of...) in this year's race that are ALL SIBERIAN HUSKIES! Ha rooooo! His partner, Denise Cwiok of Howl n' Wind Siberians, gave us permission to post these pictures - thank roo, Denise! On her site, she has some outstanding pictures of these athletes, so please check that link to see more!

Here is the team burning up the course:

Look at those happy faces! You can tell they love what they do!

Check out this guy, CAN/INT. CH. AM. CH. Pointed Troika's Orion! He's wearing Green Bay Packer booties that some middle school kids made him! How COOL!

Orion looks like he likes them, doesn't he? They'll help keep his feet protected! Oh, and if we understand his titles correctly, that's Canadian/International Champion & American Champion!

Another all-Siberian team is being run by Karen Ramstead; she writes a diary from the trail that you can read on her site! Another great way to follow everypup's progress is through Cabela's coverage.

We'd like to wish ALL the teams good luck! The course this year has been very icy and challenging, from what we've read. They are running the Iditarod's southern route, which is 1131 miles. That's over 300 trips to the park and back for us! WOW!

We would be remiss if we didn't also salute the mushers themselves! These bipeds not only go through incredible conditioning and training with their dogs, and face harsh elements right along side them, (well, actually pretty much behind them...) but they take GREAT care of their dogs.

Thanks for taking such good care of everpuppy!

As of this writing, Mr. Smidt and his dogs have mushed 444 miles! They are currently in 62nd place! We wish everyone a great run. Travel safe, and we'll "see you" in Nome!

To the dogs of the Iditarod - and mushers alike - we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Arrrrrrrrrrrroooo! As a Siberian who LOOOVES to run, I salute all of the puppers of the Iditarod!
    How thrilling, exciting and breathtaking your Iditarod experiences must be!!!!!

    Sibes Rule!!!!!! Salute Salute

    XOXOXOXO Frankie Girl

  2. Those pups of the Iditarod...look so happy! Lovely Sunday Salute and wonderful happy dog pictures.

    Who says Dogs don't smile!!!!!

    love and happy licks

    Marv xxxxxxxx

  3. Snickers: Our mom noticed the price on that site is less than what we pay at the vet's ... so she might get it from there now! Ha roo!
    This is one of those things you need to build up in your system before it's reliable - the vet said maybe a month? As per the dosing... I'm 47 lbs, but take 1 1/2 tablets (they're SO tasty!) twice a day; Amber weighs almost 58 lbs (she's TALL!) and she takes 2 twice a day. I started on one, but it wasn't as effective, so the vet upped my dose. I'll bet you could try taking a half twice a day - and if it's not enough, then you could increase. Good luck - and keep us posted, OK? We hope it helps!
    Tail wags,

  4. Frankie: Don't the puppies look so HAPPY!?!? They do a LOT of training! Us Sibes were BORN to RUN!!!
    And their bipeds take SUCH great care of them! Truly a TEAM effort!

    Marvin: We DO smile, don't we!!?


  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Wonderful Sunday Salute!!! Those are some HAPPY WORKING Siberians!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  6. Howdy Army! Sophie's not much for pulling but she does understand a passion in life when she sees one. Do you guys dream of running this race one day?

    P.S. All you Sibe's look lovely, but I think I might just like Dave the best. It could be the name.

  7. Hey,

    Loved the Sunday Salute. My Mom loved it, too.

    Mom says my sister, Raven should be a sled dog. When we go walking, Raven walks Mom by dragging her around the neighborhood. Mom bought Raven something called a Gentle Leader today. It looks like a horse harness, if you ask me.

    Raven doesn't want to talk about it. Mom hasnt' put it on her yet. Mom says she's sure it's going to be another doggie drama: As the Doghouse Turns.


  8. wow those dogs are awesome!!

  9. I salute you too!


  10. Woh, that alot of cute siberian doggies. :)

    ~ fufu

  11. Hi Guys
    What a cool posting! We haven't heard of that race so we checked out your suggested link and really enjoyed reading about it and looking at all those great pics. We are learning more and more about Siberians as we read your postings. Thanks for educating us about another great breed.
    Jazz and Dixie

  12. We bought Karen's video "Pretty Sled Dogs" and just loved it! Us Mals and Huskies just LOVE to run and pull! And, we look goooooood doing it!


  13. Sitka: Thanks! They're wonderful athletes, aren't they?

    Sophie: Wow, is Dave getting a big head! Ha rooo!
    Us? Dream of running the Iditarod? Umm... nah... we think of it more as a spectator sport! :)

    Play bows,

  14. Arwen! Ooooh, mom tried getting me to wear one of those when I first was adopted! I was able to escape from it a BUNCH of times when I tried it on at the pet shop. Then the "expert" who worked there did a fitting. I escaped even FASTER! Mom gave up. If Raven wears one, your mom might want to hook up a "back up" leash to her normal collar -- just in case!

    Play bows,

  15. Joey: They're so cool, aren't they?

    Chelsea: All the boy puppies are so handsome, aren't they?

    Fu Fu: I love how they all work together!

    Jazz & Dixie: We're so glad you checked the link! It's quite the historic race!


  16. Holly: Sadly, we just learned of Karen R taking herself and her team out of the race. One of her dogs, Snickers, passed away. We can't begin to imagine how devastated she, Mark, and the rest of their team are. I wish I could give her one of my famous hugs right about now!


  17. Orion is my little huskies Great Grandfather!!