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Monday, March 19, 2007

Let Them Eat ... Steak!

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber! I hope you all had a very happy weekend! We sure did - we kicked it off with our big Adopt-A-Storm Day celebration, then had some really, really, really fun walkies AND got to spend time as a whole family sitting on the deck. It was very warm out there and I really wish we'd all sit out there when there's snow on the deck and it's below freezing, but Mom and Dad don't seem to be interested in that. I'm not sure why!

Anyroo... did you see our Sunday Salute to our dear friend, K? He's SO handsome and so sweet and so handsome ... and did I mention handsome? He's just dreamy! And very sweet. He mentioned in emails to me that he really would please like to have steak more often and that got me to thinking. What is "steak"? I've never had this! I don't think we've ever had any in the house!

Without giving her what she calls "proper context", I asked Stormy, "What does 'steak' mean?" She said if we went on walkies up where the Giant lives, that she could show me. It seemed funny to me that the Giant would leave something laying around that is apparently such a treat to eat ... but then he does leave his candy corn all over the place, so who knows?!?!

Like I said, we did go on great walkies - to include going to the Giant's stomping grounds! Before too long, Stormy said she spotted some steaks!

"Hey, Ams! I've found some!"

Then Davy said, "Here's one just laying on the ground, Amber! Come check it out!"

So I went over there. Here I am.

"I don't see what all the fuss is!"

I told Stormy I wasn't sure what K sees in these. She ha roo roo rooed for a good time, then said that since we have to communicate through emails instead of Siber-speak or sniffies, that a lot gets lost through the biped language. She said there is a TON of difference between the steaks K is talking about and the stakes we found. Wow. His kind looks lots tastier! I'll keep looking around and see if the Giant has left any of those laying around! Wish me luck!



  1. We don't get steaks at our house either! Since mom is a vegetarian and SHE is the one who cooks, the only time dad gets meat is when they go OUT to eat!

    Let me know if you fine any steaks, and maybe you could send some my way. I think I would probably REALLY like one!


  2. HARRR
    Stake is good Maverick gets stake from time to time. Sometimes the humans go out to a restraunt and order stake when they at a dog show. They put the left overs in a doggie box they use it for bait in the ring.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate.

  3. I don't get to eat steak either, but I bet I would like it since I like anything I can eat. Good luck finding some!


  4. what you've never had steak? That is wrong. You had better talk to your bipeds. They are not treating you right.

  5. oooooooooooh stake is not nice, very hard and wooden. But steak is delicious, I have eaten it many times, well hooooman left overs of course.

    Aberdeen Angus Steak, ooooh drooling at the thought of it! Is your Mom a vegetarian, or does she not like wood or meat, is this why you never have stake or steak?

    PS check out Simba's Blog....
    http://simbas-world.blogspot.com - there is a picture of my Dad, Keith, on there having an Audience with Simba!

    love and many licks, Steaked Out or Staked Out Marvin xxxxx

  6. Oh, steak...my mom gives me little peices sometimes when she is getting ready to cook them. I try to catch them in the air, but I'm not very good at catch and most of the time they just bounce off my face.

  7. xMy, Stormy is so funny and clever! You are so fortunate to have her as a leader.

    We too get confused by biped language. We have learned that a word can sound the same, and be "orthographically" identical (Miss Pippin told us that word), and yet not mean the same all the time. Our example is "outside", which we have always thought meant we dogs go outside. But sometimes our people say "outside" and do not then take us outside!

    Yours in perplexion,

  8. Hi Holly: I looked all through the freezer while Mom had the door open today. I did see something that said "steak" on it, but Stormy thinks it's fake steak. I'll have to take a picture.

    Hi Maverick: My mom brought a doggie bag of salmon home once. Oh, it was SOoooooo yummy! Does steak taste like salmon?

    Hi Steve: I'm not fond of orange-colored things or popcorn without butter or CHEESE. Oh wait... I like orange-colored CHEESE.

    Hi Peanut: I'll have to ask really nice and pin my ears back a little.

    Hi Marvin: Ooooh, your daddy got to meet Simba! How very exciting!!!
    Mom isn't really a vegetarian, but she's not a big meat eater.

    Hi Indy: None of us catch either. Do any Sibes catch?

    Hi Miss Tansy! I think Miss Pippin is very smart like our Stormy, isn't she?
    We get perplexed about MANY things here. Like the other evening, Mom said she was going to stir-fry some veggies and said she needed a "walk". But she stayed in the house and didn't do much walking! I don't understand that! I heard her say "walk", loud and clear! Biped-speech is very confusing sometimes!

    Love to everypuppy,

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Woo Woo I will send STEAK to anyone! I love steak... well.. I LOVE any kind of food! I don't think there has been anything that I have been offered that I have turned down!!! I have never had the stake before....
    Hugs, Sitka

  10. Wooooohoooo, hey there dooogs...

    Steak? Stake? I'd eat any and all, to be honest. My preference is definitely the meat one though.

    I get a little from time to time if 1) the moon is blue 2) my ma has had drugs or 3) I manage to sniff a bit from around our BBQ.

    I'll give you one guess as to which of these is true!

    And Stormy, wonderful Stormy, congrats on your Adopt-A-Stormy Day. Your story about your journey to being a Roads Scholar and happy in your furever home is truly inpsirational to everydoggy.

    Congrats to you and your very special bipeds.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  11. I had a piece of a steak ONE time. It was delicious! Mum says that they come from something she calls a "Moo Moo"! Perhaps Stormy can show you one of those?

  12. Steak.....Stake....harroooo !!
    Too funny!
    The "Adopt a Stormy Day" ....very nice!!

  13. Hee, that's pretty funny. I dont think those stakes are tasty at all. Where's Zim???

    ~ fufu

  14. mmmmm did someone say steak!!! We get a little taste from time to time and we certainly like it. However what we like even more is chicken!! Keep your nose to the ground and who nose you may find a nice juicy steak!
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S. What is a giant?

  15. Hi Sitka: You make steak sound VERY yummy!

    Hi Tin Tin: Hmmm... we've all sniffed around our BBQ and STILL no steak!
    Stormy thanks you very much for your kind words on her anniversary! We love our Stormy!!!

    Hi Liberty: Moo Moo? Do you mean like moo cows? I thought they made butter! I'm so confused!

    Hi Jasper: Thanks, little friend!

    Hi Fu Fu! I'm glad you liked our joke! :) Oh - and Zim was there -- he was the one taking the pictures!

    Hi Jazz and Dixie: Now CHICKEN is something I HAVE had! It's very yummy, isn't it? I got a taste of grilled chicken just last night! Mmmmm!
    A giant!?!? Well, he seems to be a HUGE biped who leaves stuff all over our neighborhood. We haven't seen him yet, but we've seen his toys, cat, dog's water bowl, candy corn, drinking straws... and other stuff! We have hyperlinks in our posts that can help you get back to those stories. We hope one day to find the Giant himself and take his picture!!!

    Love to everypuppy!