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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Doing Our Part(s)

Ha roo, pups! It's Storm! Thanks for all the good wishes for Dave yesterday - his check-up went well. He will respond to each of your comments later on, but we're getting a slow start today.

We've enjoyed seeing all the "parts" some of you pups have posted, so we thought we'd start to share some of ours. Being Siberians, everyone is always fascinated with our eyes - so we thought we'd begin there. We posted a cool "artsy" collage of our eyes in one of our early posts - "The Eyes Have It". Remember? That's pretty cool. But here are actual un-touched photos! We made sure to get Dave's pickle nose in his shot, as somepup seems quite captivated by it. (Ha roo roo roo!)

Here I am: Mom kept re-taking mine, trying to show off the flash of blue in my brown eye. I didn't feel like cooperating, so you can't see it too well. Refer back to this photo for a better look! It's in the inside corner. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's everyone's favorite sweet potato, Amber:

She did get her name because of her beautiful amber-colored eye, in case you were wondering! Notice my brown eye is a much darker brown! Our vets always like using me, Am or Zim to show students the difference in pigment between blue and brown eyes. I mean - we have one of each, right there to compare! We like to help out!

Zim has the lighter amber-colored brown eye, too. Here he is:

And last, but not least, here is Dave:

Nice close up of his freckles, huh?

Those are our parts for now. More to come Monday, after tomorrow's Sunday Salute!

Tail wags,


  1. Your eyes are all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics!

    Love ya lots,

  2. There's just something about Siberian eyes that show so much expression!!! They are all soooooo beautifu!

    I am especially drawn, and hypnotized by those beautiful double blues by that most adorable of Siberians.....my boy Dave. Sigh


    p.s. my human wants to say a huge THANK YOU for your invitation for Kelsey's mom! Both humans are extremely touched, and greatful for your offer! It is very much appreciated!

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Woo Woo A04! Everyone has such BEAUTIFUL eyes. Storm... I love the touch of blue in your brown eye. Zim and Amber, the blue and brown eye are lovely and Mr. Dave... that freckle nose is wonderful. I can see why Holly is so attracted to you!

  4. wowie! you all haf great eyes that are perfect for staring down skwerrels and giant monsters!

  5. That is SO cool!! Your eyes are very expressive and have such a beautiful colors to them.


  6. Wow the eyes really have it!! We checked out the earlier post too to see the great collage. Are the two colours common in Siberian Huskies?
    Jazz and Dixie

  7. P.S. what kind of camera does your mum use to take all those wonderful photos?
    Jazz and Dixie

  8. As the saying goes....."The Eyes Have It"....(oh not sure where that came from!) Your eyes are all so beautiful!

    Jeannie says David Bowie has one brown eye and one blue eye too but she doesn't think he is a Husky!

    You Four are so much more beautiful anyway. I love looking at Dave's freckle nose, how cute is this, A Dog with Freckles!

    love and licks Marv xxxx

  9. Siberian eyes....ahhhhh, how hypnotizing!

  10. Maggie: Thank roo! You have beautiful eyes, too!

    Hollybollyboo: Woo! I love your big brown eyes!
    And mom says "you're very welcome" and that it's the least she can do.

    Sitka: Thank woo! I feel a little funny sometimes 'cuz nopup else has matching eyes here!

    Ivy: Woo! I stared at TWO squirrels on this morning's walk!

    T-man: Thank woo!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank woo! And they are fairly common. If you're a "show puppy", it's not considered a plus or a minus. It just happens!
    Mom uses a Fuji FinePix Z1. It's small and doesn't have a lot of "bells and whistles", but she's very happy with it!

    Marvin: My mom has freckles on her nose, too, so I must have gotten them from her. Ha wooooo!
    I've heard that about David Bowie! Storm said he doesn't sing well enough to be a Siberian. I think she was joking, but I'm not sure....

    Jasper: They work on mom sometimes ... look into my eyes ... get Davy a cookie ... get Davy a cookie... Not always, but sometimes!


  11. You guys do have such pretty eyes! Some of our rescue boxers have one blue eye, also!

  12. Oooh, I am mesmerized by those gorgeous eyes. Huskies really are beautiful dogs. Right up there with Goldens. ;)


  13. Cubby: Thank woo! And hey, I didn't know Boxers have blue eyes, too! How cool!

    Avery: Thanks for stopping by! We used to know a VERY sweet Golden with gorgeous eyes - but he moved away. His name was Napoleon - do you know him?