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Friday, March 16, 2007

Adopt-A-Stormy Day 2007!

Hey pups! It's Stormy - and today is the 10th anniversary of my adoption! Yeah - my Storm-aversary, my Gotcha Day, my Homecoming! It's ... Adopt-A-Stormy Day! Today seems like the perfect time to tell you how I got here! By late 1996, I had been on the road a long, long time. I won't tell anyone where I came from, but I was picked up by the local Animal Control people and landed in the slammer. (The same one Zim and Dave did stints in, but at a different time.) I had been on the road so long, my paws were bloody. That's a lot of time and a lot of miles. Yes, that means I'm a Roads Scholar. (Ha roo roo roo to those of you who get the pun!) I was adopted from there by a couple who had a rather unfriendly, large, powerful dog who did not care for me. Neither one of us got any exercise ... and that's just torture for pups - especially large ones and especially Siberian Huskies! That made a bad situation worse.

By March (1997), the people gave up on me and tried to return me to the shelter. They couldn't take "returns" and would have had to euthanize me! They pleaded with the people (God bless them!) to please just try placing an ad in the local paper - just one ad! Please?!? Fortunately for me, they agreed - and even more fortunately for me, my dad just happened to be perusing the paper that fateful morning!

Mom made the call - the only one those people got! - and she and Dad drove out to get me. They came into the house and the man there held my collar tight, like I was an attack dog or something. I wriggled free and threw myself at who I knew would be my new dad. "Let's get out of here!" I gave my future mom my best "Harp Seal Look" even though I was fairly sure I'd won her over already. They told the people they wanted me (me! someone wanted ME!) and we were on our way. The lady followed us out of the house and my new mom asked if I would like to go potty before we headed home. The other lady said, "Oh, I just had her out." Yeah, right. I shot her a look, then went potty for a long, long potty time. We got in the car and never looked back!

On the way home, we talked about a name. The other people had called me "Storm". My new parents were going to change my name, mostly so I'd get a fresh start, but as we drove onto Fort Riley, the military installation where we lived, a Kansas storm was blowing in. A detail of soldiers was lowering the American flag at post headquarters and was putting up a "storm" flag -- a smaller, tougher version. Ha ROO! Mom and Dad took it as a sign that the name fit, but softened it a bit by mostly calling me Stormy! Now I go by either one - or Storms. I was about one and a half years old when I came home.

Zim thought I should post a bunch of pictures of myself today; I've chosen ones of me with the rest of the Ao4! (Well... except for that first "artsy" one!)
Here is a shot of me and Amber from the other day! We had just been outside and were waiting for a cookie.

You've all heard Zim talk about the lessons I teach him at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. Being a Roads Scholar, it's important that I instruct others! What you may not know, is that I also like to tell jokes on occasion. Here is a picture of Zim and me, after I told him a joke!

He obviously found it remarkably funny.

Lastly, here's a picture of me trying to snuggle up to Dad's feet. Dave just happens to be in the picture, too. Oh, ha roo roo roo, I'm just kidding. Dave isn't one of my puppies, but I do like to hang out with him.

We have a fun day planned - walkies, treats, and play time! Anyone is welcome to come over to help celebrate my special day!

Tail wags!


  1. Hey Stormy! I went back and read Zim's post about how you are teaching him to make Sad Eyes. I wish I could go to your school because I think I'm well on my way to being able to make sad eyes. Because of my mask, my mom always thinks I look sad. So she goes out of her way to pet me and love on me. I will try to start looking more like you so I can get treats out of it too.


  2. Oh Stormy, every time my human sees your sad, beautiful bi-eyes, she remembers her dear sweet Shula! You look so much like her!

    Happy Stormaversary! You are certainly in an awesome home with awesome humans!


  3. Happy Stom-aversary!! My adoption anniversary is in June, but my parents were lucky to get lots of good records when they adopted me so they know my real birthday! So we celebrate my birthday in February and Mom and Dad get to keep June all to themselves for their wedding anniversary. (You could sort of say I was a wedding gift to Mom and Dad.)
    Have a great day!

  4. Stormy - I love your rescue story and how fate led you to your mom and dad, and the perfect husky home!! You look so happy and healthy now, it's hard to believe what you when through before.

    Happy Storm-aversary!!! Enjoy your special day :)


  5. Happy Adopt-A-Stormy Day! We hope you have fun!
    China & Madie

  6. Most delightful anniversary, Stormy! It sounds you had a complicated path to find your flock, but you were successful!

    Have a lovely homecoming day,

  7. Hey Stormy,

    I read your story, and I had to grab a box of tissues. I was wooing and crying because I, too, am a Roads Scholar. I'll have to post my rescue story, soon.

    I'm so glad you found your Mom and Dad. They're lucky to have found you!

  8. Dear Stormy!

    Happy Storm-aversay. Thank you for writing your story of how you came to your furever home. Mom just loved it so much, she really really really loves those that have the doggie fur-ever home finds. Even tho you went the long path around to find your wonderful Dad and Mom, you found exactly where you were always meant to lay your head and heart forever with your wonderful fur siblings.

    You have a rip roaring fun day, and we will try to make it for the celebration later on ok!

    Do you mind if I bring my Tennis ball too?
    Maddie the Chocolate Bunny ) and Frankie Girl)

  9. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Woo Woo Stormy... what a great story of fate! I will have Ice Cream tonight in the celebration of you 10th anniversary! As far as coming over to celebrate... I should be hitting the road once I have my ice cream :) :::wink::: Tell Zim too for me :)
    Hugs to you sweet girl!

  10. Happy Adopt-a-Stormy Day! Two days ago it was warm and sunny here, but today we are having an ice and sleet storm. It must be in your honor! I am a Roads Scholar too, but you will have to wait until Adopt-a-Magnum Day to hear that story.

  11. Happy Adopt-A-Stormy Day to woooo!

  12. Thanks, everypuppy! I messed a couple dates up - but just now edited them. Ooops.

    Kat: My dad teaches college classes over the internet. Maybe I should see if I can put the SZKSSS on the net!

    Holly: I am so touched that I remind your human of your dear, sweet great-sister Shula! What a compliment. I know how much you all love her and am honored to carry her memories to you!

    Kaos: Thank roo! We celebrate an honorary birthday in addition to our adoption day - mine is in September!

    T-man: I wasn't the same girl, in many ways! You know how that goes!

    China & Madie: It's in the high 50s here - so (in addition to our morning walk) we went on a LONG walk this afternoon. The whole family. It was GREAT!

    Tail wags,

  13. Dear Tansy: Yes, it was a bit challenging getting here! I can't imagine being anywhere else now!

    Arwen: We'd love to hear your story! Always glad to hear about another Roads Scholar out there who is in a happy home now!

    Maddie and Frankie: We'll look for you later this afternoon! Don't get distracted by the bunnies - they're EVERYWHERE right now!
    Tennis ball? Sure, you can bring your tennis ball, but please don't let Dave see it. He'll want Mom to throw it, then he'll bring it back, then she'll throw it, then he'll -- oh... wait, perhaps you and your fellow LabraDAVE can go out back and play together! Ha roo roo rooo! Just kidding. I love the lug.

    Sitka: Ice cream!?!? Ooooh, I hope you DO get some tonight! That would be great! I'll tell Zimmie to keep an eye out for you!

    Magnum: An ice and sleet storm in my honor!?! How cool is that!?!? It's warm here - typical Kansas March. Hot one day, cold the next. I hope you guys stay SAFE!!!
    When is your Magnuversary? Can't wait to hear your story!

    Tubey: Thank roo, friend!

    Tail wags to all!

  14. oooh Stormy! I am just well enough now and not too woozy has I have been, to read your post. Unfortunately, it brought more tears to my eyes than I (or Jeannie!) can cope with at the moment!

    What a lovely post, what lovely eyes, what a lovely true story, oh and just too many "whats" there in my reply! Forgive me, but that is just wonderful how your found your Mum and Dad. Isn't it strage how little things like your Dad reading the paper that day.....change your life.

    I will be posting personally tomorrow now I am much better! But love you loads and thanks for your kind wishes and Dave, Amber and Zim, you are the Four Stars of the Acopolis.....ooooh think my spelling has been affected by the anesthetic! Shine on Stormy!

    love amd many licks Marvin (with tears in his eyes!)

  15. right, spelling now corrected...

    Four Stars of the Apocalypse....is what I was trying to spell there.

    Not sure quite what it means, but if I were to translate the meaning in dog words, it means

    "the Four Best Huskies In The World"

    Your eyes are so so so stunning!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx and Happy Storm Anniversary. May your life always be Storm Free from now on!

  16. what a great story! a stormy story!!! we are so glad you have such a nice mom and dad now, and 3 great sibe siblings. heh.

  17. Happy Stormy day. Hope you had lots of fun.

  18. Happy Adoption Day! You guys are all so lucky to have one another!

    The Brat Pack

  19. Marvin: You sweet hound! How are you feeling? We're so glad your ultrasound went well!
    We believe God has a plan for each one of us and that He's the One who put us where we need to be. With each of our arrival stories, there are just too many twists and turns ... Someone must have a plan!
    Oh, and we thought you meant "Acropolis" at first. Mom's grandfather immigrated here from Greece and we thought ... well, you know. Ha roo roo roo!

    Joe: Thanks! I knew Mom and Dad were meant to be MY mom and dad the minute I saw them!

    Peanut: It was a GREAT day - thanks!

    Thrawn (et al): Thank roo! I love my pack-mates!

    Tail wags to all, and thanx again for the kind wishes!

  20. Happy Day, Stormy! Yes, I'm late!

    I'm so glad the folks found you!

  21. Hey Stormys,

    Cooools story. HAPPY ADAY! You're sooo luckys that you found your forevers humans in the nick of time.

    I'm a Roads Scholar, too. I was reeeeallys dirty and skinny when I was found. I didn't even have a chance to clean up before I picked out my forevers humans.

    Congrats, again.


    Freda (Ƨ)

  22. Butchy & Snickers: Thank roo! We all had a great weekend together!

    Cubby: Thank roo. Mom thinks I sent Dad a mind-meld message to read the paper that day. Why else would he have read the ad about me?

    Freda: You're a Roads Scholar, too? How cool - though I'm sorry for what you had to go through before you found your fur-ever family! Thank rooo for the good wishes!

    Tail wags!