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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big Mean Kitty

Woo, it's me, Dave! Zim posted some pretty cool pix of some of our flowering stuff yesterday, didn't he? And he's right - I just LOVE those ornamental fruits when they drop off and get squished and lay there for a while fermenting. Mmm... those are tasty!

But anywoo... I asked Mom to take some pix of our Texas Quince - since I'm from Texas and all. We have a few different groupings of them, but the biggest are on one of the tiers along the South side of our house. Here they are:

Aren't they cool? Go in for a close-up, Mom!

Oooh, pretty! Then I asked Mom to take a picture of them from the backyard. Here's that shot:

The first tier on the other side of the fence has Froebel Spirea on it that aren't doing much at all yet, then the second tier has the TX Quince (they're actually on both sides of the pine; the wall curves around!) and a HUGE Austrian Pine, then the top tier is at street level - it has the Redbud trees, Snowmound Spirea (my favorite kind!) and other stuff.

Oh... and Zim asked me to post this for our dear friend Althea:

Sorry. That's all the inferior Altheas are doing right now. We'll keep you posted on how they progress.

Moving right along... Did you see our new friend Maggie the Airedale's blog the other day? She and Mitch have a mailman toy that's made by the same people as one of our toys - Big Mean Kitty! We only get to play with Big Mean Kitty when it's one-on-one playtime in the yard with Mom - or else we'd totally destroy it. As it is, Big Mean doesn't squeak any more. Woo. Here I am playing with it!

Gotcha, Big Mean Kitty!

You can't get away! I've got you!

Look at the scary face he's making!

It's a pretty cool toy, don't you think? No disrespect meant to any kitties.



  1. OH OH I gots a "Suspicious Chicken"! AND a squirrel one too! Mom says I look funny with the big chicken when I'm little!

  2. I wanted to mention that your spring flowers are really pretty! Our garden is blooming too, we like to be out in the garden with Mom and Papa too it's fun.

  3. Ooooh, I like that Big Mean Kitty! But mom won't buy me any stuffed toys anymore...sigh.

  4. Madie and China: Those toys sound COOL! We'd love to see a picture of you with the chicken!
    And thank woo for your kind words on the garden. We hope you'll post pix of yours, too!

    Indy: We only get to play with stuffed toys if mom is playing WITH us. Otherwise, we'd eat them. We just can't help it. Woo.


  5. You guys are the best! Thanks for supporting our rescue!

    Maybe your humans could paint the little Huskies to match you guys!

  6. Such pretty landscaping, with such pretty plants! Our human woman would LOVE to have such pretty landscaping, but since she has us, that's most likely not gonna happen.....at least in the back yard where we can dig on it and the stupid boys will pee on it!

    She does have some nice stuff in the front yard though. I will have to get her to take some pictures of it to show you.

    I like that Mean Kitty! Bummer it doesn't squeek any more.


  7. We used to have a big mean kitty, but he ended up shredded all over the carpet. We are allowed to shred the occasional toy as long as we do not eat the stuffing.

  8. I just love the kitty toy, well not love the kitty, but love the look on its face!

    We used to have a Quince but somehow very un green fingered Jeannie managed to sort of wither it.......!

    Your pictures of the flowers are so pretty, yay! Spring has sprung!

    love and licks Marv xxxxxx

  9. Hah Dave!

    I have a toy similar to Big MeanKitty! It's my Lambikins or my Sheep on the Lamb! I used to have Suspicious Chicken, but I destroyed him long ago!

  10. That Texas stuff is very cool, does you Mom think it grows in Illinois? You guys sure have a bewootiful home & yard!
    Face Licks, M&M

  11. I find that these toys are really super tuff!
    Check out more of these stuffies from the same company - http://www.fatcatinc.com/html_site/dogs.shtml

    Mitch just got a little pink bunny by the same maker and the cotton tail crackles! It's one of his favorite toys!
    Love the Texas Quince! Do they smell pretty?

    Love ya lots,

  12. What a pretty yard!!
    I'd like to get a hold of that mean cat stuffie! I do not like cats one bit.

  13. HaRoo Dave! It's me, Mati - Rocky types too slow. Wow, I would attack that big mean kitty!! rrrrhhhh ... and all those tasty fruits on the ground! Yum! I need to have dad plant some of those! Ciao (sorry no pun intended!)

  14. I love kitty cats.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.


  15. Harrrrr Ao4

    That Big mean Kitty looks like fun to play with. Harrrr we also have pair trees we jump up an pull off pairs and eat them but i bring them on my ship Harrrr

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  16. Big mean kitty is so cool! Too bad I have a real life big mean kitty, Wilbur! :-(


  17. Hi Dave,
    You have a nice big yard with many beautiful looking plants/trees. It must smell quite nice there right now. We didn't know about the Texas Quince. Did your mum plant it especially for you?
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S. That cat has a pretty scary face!

  18. that is a terrifying kitty! whoo whoo!

    You guys destroy your stuffies? I don't. I wonder if I should start...

  19. You guys have a very pretty yard! Those plants look mighty tasty!

  20. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for posting the pic of the "inferior Altheas". Not too impressive right now. I on the other hand am beautiful all year round, if I do say so myself.


  21. HTHNBR guys: You all ROCK! We can't wait to get our carousel - but I don't think we want Mom painting it. Woo.

    Holly: Thank woo. We'd love to see your front gardens! Isn't Big Mean cool?

    Magnum: That's cool that you shredded your Big Mean Kitty! Woo! Mom is afraid we'd eat everything and get sick. She's probably right.

    Marvin: Doesn't he look SCARY!?!?


  22. Liberty: Woo! Those toys sound cool!

    M & M: It says growing zones 3-6 ... so I think you're good to go! We have ours where they get TONS of hot sun!

    Maggie: Ooooh, they make all KINDS of cool toys! I wonder if Mom will buy us some!!?
    I'm not sure if the TX quince smell or not. They have huge thorns on them, so Mom doesn't want me to get too close. And pruning time is after the blooms are gone, so Mom doesn't know, either.

    Jasper: Thank roo! It's fun to play with Big Mean Kitty!

    Mati: Woo. You and your sense of humor would fit in WELL around here! I'd love to rip this toy up - but Mom won't let me.


  23. Chelsea: Stormy likes cats, too. And I think Zim does, too. Just don't trust them, OK?

    Maverick: Do you have real pears? I'll bet they're even better than these - ours are like crab apples --- which are also great once they've been smooshed on the sidewalk for a while!

    Steve: Is Wilbur mean to you and Kat? Maybe you could get a Big Mean Kitty toy and show Wilbur what you'd do to him if he pushes you too far using the toy!!!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank woo! Nah... Mom had the TX quince before I came here ... but maybe she knew all along that I'd find my home here! Woo!

    Nanook: We're very aggressive chewers. We can't help it. We love ripping stuff apart. You should try it - just don't tell your mama who put you on to it! And DON'T swallow the stuff - it'll cause all kinds of bad problems!

    Sparky: Thank woo. "Tasty"? Ha woo. You sound like Zim. He likes to taste all the plants!

    Althea: My pleasure. And you ARE bee-woo-tiful all year round!


  24. Butchy & Snickers: I looked up the Bridal Wreath Spirea. They are a lot like the Snowmound only maybe have bigger blossoms? Very pretty, but I like the name Snowmound. Woo. We have also Little Princess (pinkish flowers), Gold Flame (like woo!), Froebel, and Magic Carpet Spirea. I think that's all the spireas. Maybe. Woo.

  25. Cool toy! All of our stuffies are supervised toys :(

  26. Cubby: Same here. Are you guys "aggressive chewers" like we are?