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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Froggie Doggie

Ha roo! It's me - Zim! Wowzers, did we celebrate Storm's Storm-aversary in great style yesterday! I got so tired from our long afternoon walk, I could barely run around doing zoomies after dinner! Imagine that! Storm thanks everypup again for all the sweet wishes!

My friend Dixie asked a great question the other day! She wanted to know if "Siberians lie with their legs straight out behind them with feet turned up?" Mom said her beagles used to lay down like that all the time, so I'll bet that's why Dixie asked! The answer to her question is - well, I sure do!

Here I am a couple of Christmases ago, waiting for Santa. See my back legs? Ha roo! That's what we call my Froggie Doggie Pose!

There's apparently an old mushers' tale that this is a sign of good joint health. Seeing as how I've never pulled a sled, I'm not sure - but my joints are nice and healthy - so they could be on to something!

Here is another view. In this picture, I'm helping Mom change the mattress bed-skirt.

Remember, I'm a member of the Working Breed Group! I may not pull those sleds, but I pitch in around the house as best I can!

Oh... remember my Zen of Zim post? That second-to-the-last pose is a Froggie Doggie. It's just that my legs get sorta lost in the comforter. I can even Froggie Doggie it up on the carrier - pictures 3 and 4 on our Bunk Beds for the Redheads post showcase it very nicely!

Amber doesn't lay like this. I'm not sure why. She has nice, healthy hips. Dave and Storm do have some joint issues - and neither of them are Froggie Doggie posers. So who knows? Here I am with Dave, showing him how to do it, in case he wants to try.

He didn't want to try. (For some reason, Mom gave that picture the title "The Boys Plotting" - I wonder why? I have a totally innocent look on my face, don't I?)

So... how about the rest of you? Do you do the Froggie Doggie?

Play bows and thanks for the question, Dixie!


  1. Hey Zim! I love the Froggie Doggie pose. That's the only way to sleep. My mom says she's never seen a dog sleep like that. I say she's just not paying attention! Kat doesn't do the Froggie Doggie as much as me, but she does it sometimes. I also like to sleep in the Reverse Froggie Doggie. That's where I sleep on my back, showing off my tummy, but my back legs are still spread out like in the Froggie Doggie


  2. Hey Steve! I never quite thought of it like that, but you're right - it's an upside down Froggie Doggie! Storm does that - and so does Dave. Ha roo! Storm likes to hold one front leg straight up to the ceiling when she does it. I don't know HOW she manages! She's so cool!
    Play bows,

  3. Yep! Zim! Snap! I lay like this all the time, it used to freak Jeannie out as she said she had never seen a dog in the frog pose before!

    Must be something to do with our sense of great style, Zim!

    love and licks Marv xxxx

  4. Hiya Zim!
    I must try the Froggie Doggie! I'm betting it must feel good on the belly! I'm very familar doing the reverse FD - that's the most comfortable way for me to sleep!

  5. Do you think the Froggie Doggie
    Pose is a red-headed husky thing?


  6. I don't Froggie Doggie but I do lay on my back and spread my legs! It's very un-lady-like but it's just so comfy!
    Love ya lots,

  7. I don't do the Froggie Doggie but Flash does sometimes. You do it better then him though.

  8. I love the Froggie Doggie position...I do that too sometimes.

  9. I'm a big froggie doggie poser! My mom is happy to hear it's a sign of healthy joints.


  10. Hi Guys,
    Firstly Happy Adoption Day for yesterday Stormy. We liked your pics and the story of how you got your cool name.
    And to Zim thanks for answering our question about Froggie Doggie with a posting. You look cute in that postion. Mummy calls it the Superman pose as our front paws are usually straight out too.

  11. Hey, Stormy, sorry we missed your Storm-aversary! We were busy doing ... nothing!

    Roxie does the froggie doggie all the time. We boys tend to have our legs stretched out behind us instead of bent at the knees. We will see if Mom can get some pictures for you. Maybe she can even catch the boys doing the froggie doggie!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. Marvin: You are on the cutting edge of style! Ha ROO!

    Liberty: It's especially nice on a cool tile floor when you're really hot! Cools you off in no time!

    Arwen: I don't think so, 'cuz Ammy doesn't do it!

    Maggie: If it's comfy, I'm all FOR it!

    Peanut: I'll bet Flash does it great! As long as it's comfy, that's what it's all about!

    Jasper: Cool! Isn't it fun?

    T-man: That's what the old musher's tale says!

    Jazz & Dixie! Stormy says thank roo very much! We all had a great celebration! Oooh, I like the "superman" tag! Do you have pictures of you girls like that?

    Dachsies: Stormy says thank roo to you! Is your internet connection OK now? I hope you'll post Froggie Doggie pictures! How cool!

    Play bows, all!

  13. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Zim... No, I don't do the froggie doggie.. but my white dog friend, Mick, he does it.
    Hugs, Sitka

  14. That is such a funny way to lay!! Monty likes to lay that way, especially on the cold linoleum. Dad thinks it's just to chill his, ummm, belly.


  15. Sitka: You should try it some time. It's fun!

    Butchy & Snickers: I can picture you guys doing this! I really can! I'll bet you look totally cute!

    Holly: Yeah, in the Summer, I like to do a Froggie Doggie on the cold tile floor. It DOES cool off my TUMMY! Ha rooooo!

    Play bows,

  16. we are REALLY good at frog legs, but you sure do look good doing it too!

  17. Joe: It's cool & comfy, isn't it?
    Play bows,

  18. Hi Zim,
    I am like Steve I do the froggie doggie and the reverse froggie doggie, Both are very comfy positions, Puppy kisses, Sooky

  19. Hey Zim,
    I froggie doggie but China doesn't she just does the one leg stretched thing!

  20. Sooky: Cool! Can you post pictures?!?

    Madie: Isn't it totally comfy!?!?

    Play bows,

  21. Hey Zim,

    I heard in passin' something about 'They taste like chicken'. That mean anythings to you?


    Freda Ƨ