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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Parts II

Woo! Dave here, with some more of our "parts". Today, it's our paws. Mine and Zim's in particular. Here is one of mine:

And here are Zim's.

Note I have a dew claw and he doesn't. Some breeders remove them as soon as the puppies are born - sometimes it's done to present a cleaner look in the show ring and sometimes it's done so the pup doesn't catch his dew claw on a bootie - like if he's running the Iditarod or something!

We have no idea why Zim's were removed. Both of the girls and I have them, front ones, and they're the only nails we ever have to get trimmed. We do a lot of walking on sidewalks, so the concrete acts as a giant emery board, filing our nails down. Pretty cool. I don't mind having my dews trimmed, nor does Stormy. Amber isn't thrilled by it, but she figures it's quicker than a brushing! Woo.

You can't tell in those pix above, but my paws are lots bigger than Zim's. Remember the shot of us together in the "The Boys of Summer" photo the other day? You can tell there how much taller I am. Anywoo... here are our paws together:

That's Zim's on the left, mine on the right. Zim is "breed standard", I am from Texas. Woo.

Have a great day, everypup!


  1. Hi Dave from Texas!!

    I don't walk on many pavements (ooops "sidewalks"!) so I have to get my claws trimmed on a regular basis.

    I like the picture of the paws together, how sweet is that?

    love and licks Marv xxxxxxx

  2. Hi, Ao4,

    We asked Mom to leave you a comment when she signed on from work since our Internet connection is still unreliable. We miss you guys. Love the paws. Mom will have to take some more pictures of our parts so we can post them. Maybe we will cooperate this time ... or not.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  3. Marvin: What color are your nails? Do you ever get an owie when they get trimmed?
    There's a lot of brotherly love around here! Woo.

    Dachsies! We miss you three, too! Zim really liked that picture of Roxie's leg - he knew right away whose it was!


  4. oh yes! An owie! Certainly! My nails are sort of pearly grey/black but very elegant.

    I am up here on my Blog because I am unable to eat anything from 8 pm onwards tonight.

    Loving you loads, Marvin xxxxxx

  5. I don't get my nails trimmed much either because I take lots of walkies on the pavement! This is a good thing because I hate the nail clippers!

    Love ya lots,

  6. What cute paws you have!


  7. You guys have such cute paws. I want to hold paws with you guys too. My nails are too small to be trim..

    p.s Zim, I pm you a message in the DWB site. ;)

    ~ fufu

  8. I hate to have my nails trimmed, but the doofus FREAKS!!!

  9. Dave, my darling,

    I love your feetsies! It's ok to have big feet! Mine are huge!

    We all have our dew claws. I like to use mine to scratch my head. We don't like to have our nails trimmed either. But, luckily we get walks every day too to help keep ourss trimmed. I don't understand taking the dew claws off. That would be like the humans removing their thumbs. Maybe it's a conspiracy by the humans so we are less agile!!


  10. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Hey Guys =]

    Thanks for the comment about my picce, hmm and i was just wondering why is every doggie taking pictures of there paws for? im confused, what is going on =]

    lovie from flossy


  11. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Oh and i forgots to say YOU HAVE CUTE PAWS =]

  12. Marvin: We're all sending good thoughts toward Scotland today!

    Maggie: Another side benefit of taking our bipeds for walks!

    Arwen: Thank woo.

    Fu Fu: I would hold your paw! I love holding paws.
    Zim LOVED the email you sent him!

    Joe: We're glad we can avoid the snippers!

    Holly: You really like my feety-feet? Woo.
    Storm thinks you're on to something with your theory about thumbs!

    Flossy: Thank woo! And we're all showing our "parts". We've done eyes and feety-feet now. We're so glad you're "back"!


  13. Mom says I may have a dew claw too! She took a photo today and will show you on our blog.

  14. I still have my dew claws too...but i get all my nails manicures at the spa...mommy cant do it cuz i am just too quick...and at the spa I get treats for being kinda good.

  15. Nanook: Thank woo. Yours are so very nice. My mom would like to hold yours.

    China: Cool! We'll drop by soon!

    MJ: I always get tummy rubs after Mom trims my dews. I LOVE THAT!