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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Big Score for the Ao4!

Ha roooo! It's Zim today! We hope you all enjoyed our days of puppy pictures! Thank you to everypup (and Tierre) for the nice comments you made! We'd love to see YOUR puppy pix - how 'bout it, guys and gals!?!? C'mon! Show us your puppy pictures!

Check out our sidebar! See the cool new graphic!?!? Charlie and Opy's dad, Greg, made it and was kind enough to send us the code! COOL, huh?!!? Thank roo SOOOoooo much!

Speaking of Charlie the Big Dog - remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that Charlie and Opy got to have YOGURT and even had a cool video of them enjoying it? I posted OLD pix of us getting yogurt, hoping that Mom and Dad (who have been known to read our blog) would see them and get the hint! Well, guess what!?!?


See... Mom had too many bananas get ripe all at the same time and "had" to make some of her infamous banana bread. I know, I know, she could have given the bananas to us, but she said we get enough bananas every day and don't need more. But here's the cool part - her banana bread recipe calls for yogurt. 8 ounces of yogurt - and gee, what a shame, yogurt comes in 6-ounce containers. Are you doing the math with me? (Yes, Stormy teaches us math, too!) If you need 8 ounces, and you have to add 6 and 6, that's 12 and that means subtract 8 from 12 and you get a TON of yogurt for each member of the Ao4!!!

Here's Storm, enjoying hers:

Mmmm, vanilla!

Here's Am:

Oooh, it's so YUMMY!

Here's Davy:


And here I am again!

Wowzers! Thanx, Mom!

Let me anticipate your question - why did I get a little bowl AND get to lick out the container? Well, it just so happens that I was on KP (I usually am!) and I felt it was my duty to clean it out. Just to help, you know? I'm a great help in the kitchen; Mom always says so.

Thanks again to Charlie the Big Dog for posting his great video! That planted the seed that got the whole thing going for us!

Play bows,


  1. You guys are so cute. Love your eyes.

    Lady and Daisy

  2. oooooh I am so envious of the Yoghurt Fest goin on there in your house!

    I have never eaten dairy products....well there was a very good reason for this - I did once eat a dairy product and it came up the same way it went down!!

    I love your cool new graphic too, Your Mum is so much more clever than my Jeannie, she can only just switch the camera on so far!

    love and licks Marv

  3. Your graphic is awesome! You guys have the best pack name.

    I have never tried bananas or yogurt. Mom and Dad have this idea that we shouldn't eat any people food so we don't get ideas that when they are eating stuff that we should eat it too. (See, when Mom got Wilbur, she let him eat little bits of stuff she was eating and now he's a big pain in the kitchen because he always thinks he should get something. So they don't want that to happen with us.) Anyway, maybe I should try to get some bananas and yogurt if those items happen to appear in our kitchen!


  4. Oooooooh, yum! I used to be able to eat yogurt...well, I do get raw chicken, or beef, or venison every day, so I can't complain!

  5. OOOhhh yummy! We love getting the extras...both of us help out Mom and/or Papa in the kitchen too...whatever the need we are there to help! A little spill? NO PROBLEM! Sometimes they get mad if we get under their feet (I think Madie tries to trip them so she gets to "clean up") but mostly we watch from the entry ways ready to help when they say the word!
    China & Madie

  6. Awesome graphic!!!!!

    That yogurt sure looks good! And it's making me hungry! Sam likes yogurt a lot and sits and stares at dad when he eats it. He's always hoping to get to clean out the container like you do!


  7. Lady & Daisy: Aw, shucks! Thanks! And thanks for visiting our blog!

    Marvin: So... you're saying that you "brought up dairy products"? Ha roo roo roo. Sorry, pal!
    Charlie the Big Dog's dad did the graphics - aren't they the COOLEST?!?!

    Steve (and Kat) (OK... and Wilbur): We don't get much people food at all - but what we do get, mom cleared through the vets. We each get 4 slices of bananas a day (less than 1/4 of an inch thick) and IF we get yogurt, it's less than an ounce. But still - it's GREAT! OK... and occasionally a little salmon or tuna. But not often. Mom gags over the smell. (There's a cool story involving her and mackeral I'll have to tell some day...) We don't eat our treats the same time they do, though.

    Indy: You're eating what's healthiest for you! We want you to be allergy free! Ha roo!

    China & Madie: You two sound VERY helpful! I'll bet your mama really appreciates all you do for her!

    Holly: It's so cool, isn't it?
    Do you get yogurt or just Sam gets it?

    Butchy & Snickers: Charlie the Big Dog's dad ROCKS, doesn't he?
    You guys get the same yogurt!?!? How cool! Do you ever get the flavored kind? Mmm, I love strawberry banana!
    It's been real warm here - in the 60s today. Someone took our snow a while ago and I haven't seen any since. :(

    Play bows, pupper-dupper-doos!

  8. That looks tasty. I think you should get some banana bread too.

  9. oooh yogurt is probably one of the best things ever made. I am so glad you guys got some! you should see when mom opens the container my eyes bug out of my head I get so excited!

  10. Zim,
    I would like to personally thank you for posting the yogurt photos.
    Mama let me have some today and I am in love!

    Well, yogurt doesn't compare to T-Man but, you get my meaning


  11. Yogurt is another thing I have never tried...hummm, I will have to talk to momma about that...
    Love the pics!!!!! YAY, y'all are KEWL

  12. Zim, I love YOGURT too. So happy to hear that all of you got yogurt. :) Did you guys get any of that banana bread too?

    ~ fufu

  13. We had a bit of a coincidental yogurt feast tonight with mum who loves the stuff and then got on the internet to see your current posting!!! Now that's ESP for you!!
    Yogurt Licks
    Jazz and Dixie


    We must find a way to break this evil spell where you human woman has all the things my human woman gets!

    (what next... she's getting a new bookshelf, so watch out)

  15. Yyogie is so yyummy!

    You are so lucky!