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Monday, March 12, 2007

Odds and Ends!

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Storm. We love all the comments everypup leaves us and love leaving comments on your blogs as well! We try to respond to all the comments you leave us - and sometimes, we let you know that we have a picture that explains something or answers something or basically that we think you'll "ha roo roo roo" over. That's what today's post is all about!

First, to our friend Marvin! We saw an email your mom sent our mom - and in it, she asked where we sleep. Your dad wondered if we sleep outside? And your mom didn't think so. First of all - your mom should put down an interesting wager, like a week's worth of doing the dishes or something! Secondly, we have this "all for one and one for all" thing around here. Where we are, the bipeds are. So... basically, if we slept outside, so would Mom and Dad. Ha roooooo! Thirdly, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Ha roo! That's me, the Z-man, and Dave curled up in a husky doughnut. At night, Dave and I get on the bed. I snuggle for a few minutes, then jump down to MY bed, in the corner by Mom's dresser. Amber likes to sleep in the carrier at the bottom of the bed, and Zim has a puffy polar bear blanket by Dad's dresser and the windows. Dave sleeps on Mom or Dad's feet.

Your mom also wondered how Mom keeps the house looking clean? She has help, as pictured at left. That's right - Zim's got his own vacuum. Mom's got 4 of them, and since Zim is so infatuated... she lets him pitch in.

Butchy & Snickers! I can't remember who said they'd show you this picture, and Mom's brain is still in slow-motion with the time change thing.... but I had made a note to show you this little bookmark Mom made - pictured at right. The heart blocks have about 20 pieces in them (or thereabouts!) and were paper foundation pieced. You can tell by the ruler how tiny everything is!
I like the red. Red is my color. My collar and leash are red. It's a powerful color!

Jasper, one of our newer friends, posted pictures of one of his favorite toys. Amber got some toys that looked just like that one time! The person who sent them sent one for each of us. Here is Am with all of them:

Mom never buys us plush toys like that, because we're ... well, basically because we'd rip them to shreds unless it was one-on-one playtime with Mom. Check out the next picture of Ammy:
They're pretty ... but what am I supposed to do with them?

She was afraid of hurting them! And well... she probably would have. She's got great jaws!

China commented on Dave's cool DCU scarf the other day. Dave told her that Zim used to have a BDU one until it met with an untimely demise. I must admit, the boys looked cool in those uniforms! Since China and Madie's dad is in the Army, we thought they'd enjoy this picture from the Ao4 archives:

They DO look cool, don't they? Hey, Holly! You can see the spot on Dave's tummy in this picture! Not unlike yours! (How are your hot spots, by the way?)

Last, but not least ... to our friend Nanook. Nanook was recently neutered and in order to prevent him from messing with his incision site, his parents resorted to putting him into a pair of his dad's undies. He's not a happy camper and is concerned that his fanny looks big. Dave let him know that Mom put him into a pair of boxer shorts just for kicks. (They had cartoon-like Siberians on them.) What really got to Dave was that Zim laughed at him. Zim saw the pix of Nanook and didn't laugh... so Dave assured Nanook that he was good to go.

I know you're all chomping at the bit to see it ... so without further ado, and just to make Nanook feel better, heeeeeere's Dave!

Oh, go ahead and laugh. Dave doesn't mind. And Zim certainly did! Ha roo roo roo!

Have a great day, everypup!

Tail wags,


  1. How COOL! Love your uniforms! I hope my Mom and Papa make me and Madie some too! The Army came out with a new uniform now so Papa is now wearing the new ones...they aren't as cool looking as the old BDU's and DCU's but Papa says they are comfy. Mom put up photos of us helping in the garden on her garden blog, we like helping and digging is FUN! When Mom and Papa do gardening we get to hang out in the front yard with them.

  2. haha those undies look great on Dave!

    Thanks for sharing all of those great photos and I am glad you enjoyed my happy face. Nothing makes me happier than cuz!

  3. China: Your mom could make you a cool scarf out of your dad's old uniforms! I think the digital ones look cool - I'm glad they're comfy! I've got to stop by and see your garden pix!

    Joe: Yeah... can you believe my own brother is laughing at me? Woo!
    Amber LOVES your happy face!


  4. Hahahaha! Undies!

  5. Your blog always makes me smile! I just love Dave in the boxers! hehehe I'm sure Nanook feels much better now!

    Love ya lots,

  6. Very funny! Dave is by far my favourite. I just love those undies on him. Why do you think he is the one who stays on the bed. Is he the one charged with protection duties?

  7. Those DCu scarves are nice. Dad hasn't gotten me one of those but he will put his gator neck on me when he has it out. I like to wear it around. I will see if mom can find a picture.

  8. Believe it or not, I have not ripped up my multi-colored ring toy yet!!! I can't believe it either and neither can Momma...for some reason, this thing is lasting a lot longer than she thought....it must be made of super-strong material; because normally, I have soft toys shredded to bits in one day!

  9. I love that pic of your bed. It looks really cool and I bet it's real comfy for all of you. I wanna see Zim's puffy polar bear blanket.

    ~ fufu

  10. Woohoo, Ammy you're showing GREAT restraint not to shred to bits immediately those pretty-lookin'-but-askin'-to-be-chewed coloured doughnuts. I would've.

    I love the close-ups of all your eyes. If I were there beside you all I wouldn't know which one to look at, so I'd be cross-eyed.

    Dave, don't let anyone get you down. Those undies looked dog-dang FINE on you.

    Stormy: le sigh.

    Chow for now, doogs

    Tin Tin xo

  11. tee hee! those boxers sher look funny! i like to snuggle on the big bed and then jump down on my ivy bed for sleeps too... but last nite i sleeped curled up wif my lindsay all nite. sumfin about abby bein on the floor makes me wanna sleep on the big bed!

  12. Well, I am so, so envious of you Four! I am not allowed upstairs, and I have never, ever, seen a bed, a hoooooman bed! Wow! You are so lucky!

    I am telling Jeannie to place her wager now with my Pa!

    Hey, poor Dave with the undies on! Please don't give my Jeannie ideas like that! Christmas dressing up was bad enough!

    ooooh I love your Blog sooooo much!

    love and licks Marv xxxxxxxx

  13. Ok, I'm laughing so hard at Dave in those undies!! Especially since MY HUMAN DAD has the SAME ONES!!!

    Tummy spots are good, but only if they aren't all red and itchy. I have both. We're still working on the red, itchy one!

    Great post, and greater pics!!!


  14. Cool pictures, you guys! I love the "the Boys of Summer" pic.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  15. Oh.....Davey

    --your twin, Harley ;-(

  16. Cubbie: That's what I said! Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  17. Maggie: Thank roo - and I hope Nanook DOES feel better!

    Sophie: Davy is a VERY nice boy and you'd love him even more in dog-son. And he says guarding the big bed is a rough job, but somepuppy has to do it! :)

    Peanut: We'd LOVE to see that picture!

    Jasper: We got to play "chase the colored doughnuts" in the yard - and that was pretty much the end of ours. Rooo!


  18. Fu Fu: I'll have someone take a picture of me on it!

    Tin Tin: Aw... c'mon. You know you want to laugh at Dave. Well... with him, really. He was laughing, too!
    Our eyes confuse bipeds, too.

    Play bows,

  19. Ivy: I love to snuggle. No matter when, no matter where!

    Marvin: Our bedroom is on the main floor. Maybe that explains it?

    Hollybollyboo: Your dad has the same shorts?!?!? Woo!

    Butchy & Snickers: Thank woo. I picked the red fabrics!

    Tierre: Thank woo. That's one of our all-time favorite pictures!

    Harley: Yeah... well... what can I woo?


  20. Dave - you are so nice to make Nanook feel better by wearing human undies!