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Monday, March 05, 2007

Day Two of Ao4 Puppy Pix - Amber!

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! You might remember from Stormy's post on Saturday that we're each going to take turns posting our puppy pictures! Today is my turn, since I was the second of the Ao4 to be adopted!

I've posted a couple of my puppy pictures before, with a little bit about how we all got here. Since Mom and Dad got to meet my bio-parents on the farm, I also posted a picture of them and me saying good-bye to bio-mama Nikki. I thought that Preston (from D'Azul Siberians) and I might be related, but we aren't. Anyroo.... here are some you haven't seen before!

Here I am with my daddy - one of the first pix EVER of me! Mom says I look like a little sack of sweet potatoes! Dad says maybe a lemur. But I'm just me - Ammy!

When I got home, I immediately met Stormy and great-brother Booter. I loved BOTH of them right away! Here we are, hanging out on the deck together.I loved doing all the Siberian things with Stormy, but I also loved doing all the Aussie Shepherd/Lab things with Booter. I wanted to be JUST LIKE both Storm and Booter when I grew up! Here I am with Boots:

And here I am with Storm. That's one of her favorite poses.

Here's another shot of me with my Nylabone. I had very strong teeth right from the get-go. You can tell my ears are starting their growth spurt here. One of my nicknames is "Zichick", which is Ukrainian for "rabbit". :)

And here's the last one for now - it's Booter and me from my first Christmas!

He's chewing on one of those rope toys - we used to call them "chickens" because he and Stormy used to play this cool game where she'd sneak into a room, grab a "chicken", start shaking it, then run past him! Oh, no! A fox stole a chicken! And Booter would play the good shepherd and would chase her. It was the first game Stormy ever played! Anyroo..... we don't get chickens anymore, because ... um... I started chewing and swallowing huge hunks of them. Mom was worried about something called "intestinal problems". Oops.
I hope you liked seeing my puppy pictures! Tune in tomorrow for Zimmie's!


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Oh Amber.. such a pretty girl! Love the picture with you and Stormy with her legs in the air. You look like you are smoking a pipe, heheh!
    Hugs, Sitka

  2. Awwww, you were such an adorable puppy! You had great big ears just like I did!

    Of course, I think we red and whites are the best looking Huskies!


  3. Amber - it is me, Marvin, back at long last after a traumatic few days!

    Your pictures are so sweet!

    Jeannie never really knew me as a puppy, I was six months and quite big when she chose me, so she just loves looking at puppy pix.....

    love and licks Marv xxxxxxxxxx

  4. You are so cute Amber! I wish you were here so we could play bitey face!

  5. So cute Amber! I get called Mom's little rabbit too because of my ears, but she's not as creative as your parents because she just says rabbits in english. How boring!


  6. You were such a pretty pup! And I love that grey face on Boots.

  7. Amber, you were such a cutie doggie. :) And you do kinda look like a bunny with those cute ears. :)

    ~ fufu

  8. those pictures were great! you sure are cute!! booter was very handsome!!

  9. That photo of you and Stormy with her legs up is so FUNNY...Momma laughed and laughed!
    What a cutie puppy you were...and still are!!!

  10. ah you are lovely! what beautiful markings you have pretty girl.

  11. Hi Amber, cute cute cute! How old where you when you were first adopted into your lovely family. I guess they have always liked dogs.
    We will be peeking in tomorrow for more puppy pics.
    Jazz and Dixie

  12. Sitka: Thank roo! A pipe?!!? That's funny! Maybe it was! ;)

    Indy: Thank roo. :) I loved seeing your puppy pictures!!

    Marvin: We're so glad you're back!

    Liberty: Thank roo! I'd love to play with you! Do you like to run and run and run?

    Steve: You're a little Zichick, too! :)

    Cubby: Thank roo and thank roo for your kind comment about Booter. He was everything anyone could want in a big brother - and Mom and Dad say he was everything anyone could want in a loyal and true pup!

    Fu Fu: Thank roo - and I did look like a bunny, didn't I? :)

    Joey: Thank roo! And thank roo, too, for your kind words about Booter. I still miss him very much. We all do! I know you understand that.

    Jasper: Thank roo! And Stormy loves to make bipeds happy, so thanks for letting us know your mama was laughing! I don't know HOW she sleeps like that, but she does! And she's teaching Zimmie!

    Nanook: Thank roo so much. I'm going to start BLUSHING!!!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo! I was 4 months old when I was adopted. Booter was about 8 months old when Mom and Dad adopted him ... Stormy and Zim were each about 1 1/2 years old and Dave was about 4. Ever since mom was about 6 there's been a puppy in her life! :)